Friday, November 15, 2013

New (sort of) Program - Gener8Profit

Gener8Profit: opened on Nov 6th. I joined today.
Only 220 members so far with 102 of them active. So although it's been open for 9 days, it's almost like brand new :)

What I like about this one is even though it's a high daily %, it expires at 120% so no one can go too crazy or take advantage of it.

I first heard about it when the Admin contacted me. I checked the site and looked around my favorite forum to see what's up there. Had a few brief email chats with Jack (the admin) who promptly answered any questions I had.

You ever notice how sometimes you look at a site and go ewwww... that one just doesn't feel right to me.
Well, this one had the opposite effect. Not trying to make brownie points with the Admin but something just felt really comfortable when I looked it over.
Oh there you go again blondie, you and your gut feelings, lol
Yeah, I rely on that a lot.

So I'm not trying to wine and dine you into joining here, just telling you that I have joined and I plan to have a nice long stay with them.

Admin updates have been excellent so far and he even quoted a Beatles song in his update today. Now you know that got my attention!

OK, here's the nitty gritty of it if you're interested:
- accepts STP (just added today) EgoPay, PM and OKPay.
- pays 8% for 15 calendar days (120% ROI).
- no compounding allowed but you can purchase from account balance.
- min spend is $10 - max is... a lot.
- earn 7 days a week.
- earnings are credited 24 hrs after your deposit.
- min withdraw is 50 cents.
- no fees to spend or withdraw.
- payouts are sent within 24 hours.
- free members cannot earn referral commissions.
- RC is 4% (I am assuming on new deposits only).

That's about it and of course all that info was found under the FAQ tabs.
So like I said, I joined today and am looking forward to checking my account daily and deciding exactly how to 'play it'.
Hey, TGIF !!

back in a bit with updates on our other stuff

Later in the day:
Dang it. Today got away from me. Been super busy.

Was paid today from LatitudePayFast as always :)

Other than that, just laughing at the ACX news.
What was that all about? 'We screwed up and now have to do a rollback?' What is this... Walmart? lol

Dinner's in the oven. See you guys tomorrow.

One really late PS: I'll talk about BioFuture tomorrow.
Yes they are removed from my side bar :( 


Cashhunter said...

Hi Blondie,

Some strange thing happend at BioFuture.
I was stuck at 77% to BEP and then also my withdraws stayed on pending. yesterday my earnings stopped cause my deposit was removed. Saw on the forums the more people suffered the same. Amin didn't answerd my mails so for me it was game over with BioFuture leaving with a loss of $23. Then this morning out of the blue i received a mail from STP that i received $50 from BioFuture.
On the forum more people got surprised with this.
Hope you also got some so you also passes BEP.
I wonder what happend with admin cause we still hear nothing from him.

But happy to make a profit finally :-)

Have a great weekend!!

blondie said...

Thanks for the note Richard.
You about summed it up. I think the same happened to most members and in that order.
Glad to hear that you got one last payment to take you over the BEP :)