Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let My Hair Down Today and ...

Trotted off to the grocery store.
Spent 116 dollars on... cat food cans, pouches, bags of dry, kitty litter, kitty powder (to help the box smell sweet), peanuts for the squirrels, generic cat food for the skunks, hamster food for the mice (outside) and... toilet paper! Doesn't seem like this was a 'me' day for shopping at all but more focused on the critters. Ah well, they love me.

OK so just a quick post today... received payments from:
LatitudePay and KeystoneLoans

DailyShare: could have cashed out but might purchase tomorrow instead.

BioFuture: payments have been sporadic today. I have not requested any and would rather wait to see what's happening.

ACX: don't forget to change your password. If you click on "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions, you should be able to do it with ease.
Tried several times today to get a withdraw request in. Finally, just a few minutes ago, I did get one submitted. WhooHoo!
Now I can really let my hair down!

PS, check in with me tomorrow. There's a relatively new program out there that hasn't gotten much attention yet. But after chatting with the Admin, I think this may be the quiet one that goes the distance.

(Might want to listen to this song in the morning.
It's a good wake up song, trust me)
(pps, thanks to my son who used to bless me with this song shaking the floor boards in the morning each time he played it to wake his ass up. Miss you kiddo.)


Henry said...

Hi Judy...It was more like a 'keep me awake' song :) just listened to it at 01:07am!!!! Enjoyed it.

Biofuture...well, I guess that it probably will be summed up by this video link

Shirley was the love (lust) of my teenage years - the sort of woman who women are wary of and hold close to their husbands - and see through the beguile....bit like HYIP's!!!

The party's over, it's time to call it a day...You've burst our pretty balloon and taken the Moon away (thanks Bruce)

But I was lucky and got through, so I cannot complain - I suspect that he had nowhere as near as many members as his stats showed and just was washed over by a tidal wave of withdrawals.

But then...what do I really know? Thanks for the tip and I made $19 out of it and a lot more in excitement.

I'll be back tomorrow...

...take care and I loved your account of the critter shopping...(I do exactly the same!!!)



blondie said...

Oh no Henry.
I think I just blew up my speakers listening to it too loud, lol

Your song may be right on, hope not but hard to tell at this point.

Isn't it funny about the critters. My dishwasher broke months ago but hey, I can wash dishes by hand, right?

Have a good night and hope you can sleep now, lol

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

been waiting 4 days now for my withdraw from ASX not looking good


blondie said...

No shit?
I'm waiting on one from the 12th. Hope it doesn't get cancelled like the last one :(
Good Luck!

ld randi said...

Hello Blondie!
while we wait to see what happens with Biofuture, i'll go a little offtopic and give you an advice about cats' litter boxes: if you want to reduce the smell, add some dry pine (or fir) needles to the regular litter... i know that also other leaves produce the same effetc but i have experimented only with pine needles as there are lot in my area... and you can have them for free just collecting them from the ground :-)

blondie said...

Hi Randi,
Not off topic since I started it.
Thanks for the tip. Now I should look for some pine trees in my area where I won't get arrested scraping them up from the neighbors lawn ;)

I'll have to remember that maybe I can get some from the local places that sell trees at Christmas.
Have a great day!