Saturday, November 2, 2013

Taking Advantage of a Nice Day

Been waiting for a nice day here and today is it!
Warm and not windy for a change, so I decided to take the opportunity to switch out a couple of windows in the house.
No, not the entire frame, but I do have one slider where the frame is bowed and breaking away from the glass.
Since I can't really afford a new window... decided to measure them to see if I could switch out the bad one for a good one and put the bad one in a room that is not used much (the cats room, lol).
Well I am happy to report that it worked and now my bedroom should stay a little warmer this winter.
Alright, enough of my ho-hum day.

Been checking around here on the net, in between washing windows, curtains and drapes and everything seems up to snuff.
I see plenty of payment posts in forums from BioFuture, Keystone and Pnenow, which are always good to see.
Congrats to all who got paid today. (clap)

So now it's decision time...
Will I play hockey?
Will I play golf?
or bowling is meant for me.
Que Sera Sera, what ever will be, will be.


dr.capoon said...

I know a much better solution to get warmed during these winter days. Besides, that "solution" could in his spare time do that windows exchange instead of you Judy.

blondie said...

Say What? lol
Naw, I enjoyed it and also needed the exercise. Felt good having an idea that actually worked!
Cheers Dr.C

Cashhunter said...

Just got home from playing national bowling league. We sure could have used her in our team today ;)

blondie said...

And I'm sure she would have been happy to play too... after her nap that is, lol
Better luck in your next tournament.
Cheers :)