Monday, November 25, 2013

Crabby Monday

Well, the Broncos (football) lost last night in overtime.
I didn't sleep very good and I've had this killer headache all day, so I'm certainly having a hard time sitting down to write.

I did however just receive my two daily instant payments from Gener8Profit. That should make me feel better. Thanks Jack.

Haven't seen much of anything with Latitude today :(

DailySharePro is working just fine though and completed my surf for the day.

AdHitProfits... I think I need to put them to bed.
Surfing 25 sites daily for 1 cent just isn't worth the time.

ACX: waiting on a payment which is 4 days pending now. Sure would be nice to receive that to pay for a book I just ordered. Also my Advertising URL is still pending since the 17th and trying to withdraw today I get "Daily Limit Reached".

Pnenow Admin seems to think the program is going to come back to life all by itself. I don't see him doing anything to help revive it and believe me, he's had more than enough suggestions from members who want it to survive. But at this stage, who would join and put money into a program where earnings are "on hold" again till Dec. 12th?

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