Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Just got home and found an update from
LatitudePay in my inbox:

Dear LatitudePay investors,

Our program is officially 1 day old. We are extremely happy you have chosen to include Latitude Pay in your portfolios, and we are looking for a fruitful mutual cooperation with you.

We are truly trilled about the success the program had in its first 24 hours after opening, reaching almost the top place for the fastest growing program:

Thank you for the contribution everyone is expressing towards the overall success of the program.

Please remember that having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, and there are strict consequences for abusing our system. Members who try their chance by registering multiple accounts for the purpose of self-referring or RCB cheating will have their accounts suspended without prior notice. This is written in our FAQ and it your responsibility to read it before joining. If you see members complaining, the reason is that they had abused our system.

Below you can find our forum, Facebook and monitor links:





As for me, my deposit matured earlier today so I cashed out my earnings and re-spent the principal for another day. That's the way to do it.

DailySharePro: happy to see the daily % increasing. Started off with the minimum of 1% daily, then was 1.1% for a couple of days and today's was 1.2%. Good stuff and don't forget to surf.

That's all for now.
Off to see if I can get another withdraw to go through in
ACX. ..... nope. Had to change passwords in both systems and the one where I have more than $30 gave me the "Daily Limit Reached" message. Maybe I'll try again later if I have the energy that is :(

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