Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween and remember, don't eat too much candy :)

AdClickXpress: noticed the ghouls the goblins were out last night at ACX and ate up all our funds.
Another Restart (or profit shift as they call it) wiped out 90% of my Ad Packs and Media Packs. Now they did however leave the cash in my account but moved it to a Wallet where all you can do with wallet money is spend.
Yeah, they really socked it to us this time :(

At least BioFuture looks good and is one week old today!
Congrats to Admin and all the members. (clap clap)

Keystone: surfing and earning daily (M-F) as normal. I cashed out yesterday so will wait a few days before doing it again.

Pnenow: we did cycle last night (or this morning) and am happy to report that I've earned enough to request another withdraw. But first, need to be sure my Testimonials are up to date, lol.


Henry said...

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


blondie said...

Thanks Henry,
Hope you had a fun one too.
Cheers :)