Thursday, October 17, 2013


Did I forget to blog today?  :o
Sorry been busy with offline stuff.
Tomorrow I should have more free time since there's a storm coming in and I don't have any plans to leave the house.
Later (wave)

Oh I know, re: Centurion Profits: Keith is still working on refunds so please be patient.
"please be patient.. i am doing as many at a time as I can whenever I get a chance between work and home life smile.gif
Thanks all!"

PneNow! You guys might want to check your accounts tonight. Admin did a test run of the .5% cycling and you may be surprised.
To the best of my knowledge, this won't be run again until next Wed. the 23rd. So enjoy your test run earnings.
Also, you will be required to submit a testimonial before any additional withdrawals are paid. Hey, not hard to say Thanks once in a while IMO.

Enjoy your evening. I'm watching the Tigers baseball game.
Cheers :) 


Henry said...

Hi Judy...Just got two pendings from 30days!

Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train...



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
I'm really happy to hear that!
Saw your post in the forum too which also made me smile.
Cheers :)