Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Program Opened

But I'm kind of in a hurry right now so will write it up in a bit.
It's straight forward and short term.
Play smart and safe and I'll be back a little later.


OK I'm back. Hungry, but I'll write before I go eat.
Like I mentioned this is a straight forward program and the details of each plan are right on the front page.
- Pay Processors: STP, EgoPay and PM.
- Earnings are posted to your account each 24 hours after deposit.
- Withdrawals are not instant but will be paid quickly.
- Only one account per IP address allowed.
- There are no deposit or withdraw fees.
- You can make new purchases from account balance.
- Principal is included in your daily earnings.
- and for those who promote, RC is given 2 Levels deep.

So that's the short version of the FAQ's. If there's something I didn't address, please check the faq link for your answer.
Now this is the program that I heard was coming a few days ago so I did jump in as soon as I saw it was open.
Hoping for a nice long run here and good luck to us :)
Remember though, spend only what you can afford to part with. You know the drill. Cheers!

Keystone: received my daily earnings (as always) and will cash out tomorrow, or maybe Saturday to save on fees.

Pnenow: as promised, we cycled last night for .5% of each position we have, and will cycle again tomorrow night.

AdHitProfits: off to do my surfing now and still earning daily.

ACX: was happily surprised this morning when I got a withdraw to go through. It was from the Media section of the original ACX site (not the ClickPaid one). But of course, when I tried to w/d from the Ad Pack side: "daily limit reached". So at least there is a little progress there.
Oh and did you notice the new withdraw limits? (sigh)

You all know how my mind works by now. 
BioFuture = BF = Best Friend. Well?


dr.capoon said...

I am in. Let's hope for the best Judy and all other players that join us here!
We'll have a nice run with this one, as I have understood it.

I am in some kind of need to participate in some successful program at last, since all those disappointments lately. Simply to regain some joy in these games.

blondie said...

Thanks dr.c :)

I hear ya.
My little book where I keep track of things has been pretty bare lately. Sure needs some dollar signs that show plus not minus, lol

Cheers and Good Luck!

Henry said...

I'm eager to join...It's just the question I asked you once before about dynamic v static IP's and the fact that mine changes each time I go online.

I think you said that yours did also, but I've also sent a support ticket...just to be sure


blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Yes mine does change all the time also so I don't think it'll be a problem. But glad you're asking Admin, just to be sure.

Also am glad you're still talking to me after that last one :(
You're a sweetie,
Thanks :)

dr.capoon said...

Mine IP is changing all the time. Still I had no issue with it.
It has different IP, but all are inside a group of first three numbers. So it indicates in some way that I am having a dynamic IP, and no admin this far has blocked me, as far as I don't get a referral from my group of IP's.
In other words, I am simply not advertising my links among friends and I am left to play. If someone wants to play I am simply giving them Blondie's link or some link from forums. It cures the issue.

blondie said...

Good info dr.c and I didn't know you did that. Thanks for sending them my way, for the times when you have.
Cheers :)

ld randi said...

hi Blondie!
after a log break from hyips, I joined this new program with a little deposit!
good luck to us all!

Cashhunter said...

All in, lets make it a longrun!!
It's my second new program for october..let it be just as succesfull as the first one so i can call October my lucky month :)

blondie said...

Hi Randi, Thanks :)
Yep, I hope we all do well.

CH, agreed.
Positive thinking for the month of October and moving forward.

Henry said...

So frustrated...I'm working in Belfast (back home Sunday) and I've left my Trust card and all the codes I need when I log on (you've guessed it) with a different IP. Now for us UK residents, there is now only one processor "STP" that does not need the expensive route of exchangers and so I have to wait 'till Sunday to join...but it's short term and the 4-5 days late in depositing could make all the difference to the outcome...

I alternate between going lighter than I intended or going for the 'big one' White Biotech (that's the gambler in me)

So I won't know until I sit down at home on Sunday

(I'll just make sure I'm not drunk at the time!)

Hope you're well


Henry said...

Oh yes...I heard from 'Bruce'at Biofuture, who said he was aware that many members did not have a fixed IP but to be on the safe side, I should drop him an email with my username


blondie said...

Good support from Bio :)

I sent you an email Henry. Hope I sent it to the correct address.