Friday, October 11, 2013

Got Lucky

Checked my Lotto numbers this morning from Wednesday's drawing and I got 4 out of 6 right! Unfortunately it's not a million dollar winner but a nice $46. Well, at least it's enough to stock up on cat food for a few weeks. Thanks Colorado Lottery!

Keystone Loans Division: remember me saying how fast my payout was yesterday? Now I know why :)

Dear Members,

I'm very excited to announce that for the past 12 hours we have been testing the instant withdrawal feature and it has been a great success. From now on all withdrawals will be instant!

I wish you all a great relaxing weekend and thank you kindly for your support!

Thank You,
Kali Mack
KLD Admin


CenturionProfits: just removed the banner from my side bar. As members are aware, it's closed and refunds will start soon. The update was quite long so I won't post it here but if you did NOT receive it, let me know and I'll forward a copy to you.


gene said...

Way to go Judy. I keep winning a free ticket or two in a lotto here. Nice to see some real money now and then.

Still waiting on ACX to get things updated so we can see where we are at.



blondie said...

Thanks Gene :)
I've been playing the same numbers for as long as I can remember, so when I win something, it's a big plus.

ACX, I agree with you... it's rigged.
Hope their new method will be better.
Cheers :)

ld randi said...

congrats Blondie for your lotto winning and for the decision of using your winning for cats! i'm a cat person too.
i always read your blog but lately i am quite inactive in online investing... after the liberty reserve disaster things seem even more unstable than before.
well, it will be better.

blondie said...

Hi Randi,
Always good to hear from you whether it's about programs or cats :)
There are some good programs out there even though LR is gone.
Personally I never trusted LR anyway. But that's just me.