Saturday, October 26, 2013

Good Morning

BioFuture: Our first update received last night:

BioFuture has had an EPIC first Day! The Stats as you can see are sensational. We know we have to thank you all for the extraordinary response.

Let me now assure you that this blockbuster opening was exactly what we had in mind to achieve when we put our advertising wheel in motion. And more importantly I want to assure you that our first week will be fully devoted to keep up, tweak and fortify our campaign so BioFuture can capitilise on this phenomenal start.

The HYIP industry is unpredictable, members are constantly striving to "keep ahead of the game" and it's becoming increasingly difficult for even good programs to make it beyond the first cycle. We understand that there is no sinister motive on either side, the driving factor is profits or "winning" if you like. The last time we checked that was perfectly alright. Our job is to ensure that BioFuture stands apart from the rest, we are here to win your confidence because that is the only way to "breakthrough" the arid climate facing the HYIP industry. The answer is clear, we are going all the way. We are not here to pay for 2-3 cycles, BioFuture is thinking BIG. Our classification may be "Mid-term" because of the reasonable rates offered but our intention is to go long term!

Inspite of the hectic schedule, you will be bound to have someone on live support for most of the day. You are welcome to drop in for a chat or request support.

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans
BioFuture Admin

AND just received another payment too.
Not instant but damn close!

Keystone: just received two more instant payments!
Thanks Admin :)

PneNow: didn't cycle last night as we should have. Sent a note to Admin to see what's going on.
-- Just Cycled! Maybe he forgot to do it last night or was unavailable. Anyway, nice to see our .5% earnings show up today. Thanks Chung :) Also submitted another testimonial so that I can place another withdraw.

AdHitProfits: off to do my surfing. OK done.

ACX: didn't they say payouts from the Media side would be sent in 24-48 hours? Or am I high? Still staring at this one waiting for it to change...

Solid Trust Pay$50.002 days agoPending
OK, where's my Black Cat and my Magic Wand when I need them?

And we thought the "Green Light System" was bad. Now we have to deal with "Daily Limit Reached" again. So frustrating :(

Hey, I entered a contest today to WIN $100,000 worth of Gold or cash instead. Wish me luck. I sure could use it.


geneseasyways said...

Hey Blondie Judy! Now back to ACX, you cannot believe everything they say, can you? Shhhhh. I should not sayeth this. lol

Back to more of the same, eh!



blondie said...


I knew my black cat and magic wand would bring me something. Little did I know, it would be YOU! lol

Oh I don't believe much these days and seeing is believing. So keeping my eyes wide open and hope to see that payment soon.

Getting daily limit reached all the time now. Same with you??

Henry said...

Hi Blondie,

Sitting up with a Merlot and thinking of what I may or not do tomorrow, when I get back to home...

Whatever, I appreciate your experience and good advice with the programmes you enter and tip us about.

All the eagles have stopped flapping about MMG at the moment - perhaps they think they have won, but with a bit of heart, the freedom of choice and risk may prevail...

...thanks for the good're a brave lady!



blondie said...

Thanks for the late note Henry.
Was just getting ready to log off for the night.

Give me a holler in the morning (my time) and we can chat about the program then.

Brave lady? Well... I've been called a lot of things but brave is a first, lol

Enjoy your Merlot
Cheers !!