Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BooYah - Six Years Baby!

Today is my 6 Year Blog Anniversary!
Can you believe it? I've been here shooting my mouth off for six years.
And I have not missed my new years resolution yet either. Which was to post something every day this year. Only have 2-1/2 more months to go on that. Wonder if I'll make it?
Anyway, Thank You all for sticking around and seeing what I have to say or complain about on a daily basis. I try not to complain too much... especially when there is money at stake, but sometimes things just need to be said.
So Happy Anniversary to me and I hope you all have a great day!! Hey it's snowing and I'm about to run out for Pizza to celebrate. Will be back later.

Centurion Profits: in case you did't receive Keith's email regarding refunds, here it is:
If you are looking for a refund (first step is between 70-100%), just for security measures and to double check things on my side, please send me your:

CenturionProfits username - 
STP username if you used STP -
Egopay username if you used EP -

Even if you think I have all the details, please do this still.
Our email is:  centurionprofits@gmail.com

CP Admin


It has come to our attention that there is currently a security risk with the Perfect Money payment processor. As such, we have decided to disable instant payments to Perfect Money accounts until the risk has been dealt with by the payment processor and we are confident that our members money is safe. SolidTrust Pay and EgoPay withdrawals are still instant and are not affected.

Thank You,
Kali Mack
KLD Admin


Watching the
Tigers. BRB

(later in the day,
dang they lost)

Pnenow: Admin has a plan and we should be hearing more about that soon. Don't give up. I think we can get it together if we stay positive.


Gord said...

Whoa! Congratulations Blondie!

That's what I call dedication.

When you think of the hundreds...
thousands of Blogs that started
and went kaput in that time.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts
and I look forward to many more
years reading Blondie's Lounge

Love that.. Booyah! thing ...lol


dr.capoon said...

Congrats Blondie on your blog's anniversary. I am much shorter time around, but i did enjoy every single comment ever since!
Some programs I was not involved, was also interesting to read about. Felt like I was in those also (free ride, he-he).

Randy V said...

Wow Judy! 6 years!!!
Time sure flies when you are having fun is what I have always said. Congratulations and looking forward to many more.

The Tigers just can't seem to get the big hit when they need it. I thought with Verlander on the mound that it would be a winner. Maybe tommorrow!


blondie said...

Thanks Gord,
Doesn't take much to tickle your fancy, lol
And you've been blogging just about as long as I recall. Congrats to you too!

Hey Dr-C, one of my newest buddies. Glad you found me or I found you or whatever it was, hehe
Anyway yes, we do have fun here.

Randy, was sitting on the edge of the couch at the end there. Couldn't believe they couldn't get one or two more hits. Oh well, there's still tomorrow like you said.
Hope you're doing great!
Hugs :)

Mr AutoSurf said...

happy buffday to you, happy buffday too you happy 6th buffday blodies blog, happy buffday to you! :)

I honestly don't know how you managed to keep a post a day doing this long lol I can barely get one a week out hahahaha.

anyway keep up the posts I get a kick out of them.

blondie said...

Hey Thanks Mr Autosurf, LOL
What a fun comment to read!

Well life in general is funny, so it makes it easy to share the everyday stupid stuff that goes on.

Congrats on your blog too. Keep it up... you're doing great!!

Cashhunter said...

Thumbs up for 6 Years!!!
Great job you are doing, love to read your blogs.
I'm just a rooky in the world of blog, so respect to Master Blondie ;-)
Have a great day!!!

ld randi said...

congrats for your 6 years anniversary! one of my favourite blogs about online investing!

HermitJim said...

Hard to believe that it's been that long, sweetie! Congrats!

Wow! Time sure does go fast, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a wonderful 6 years, Judy!!!! My oh my how time flies!
I always enjoy not only your program updates, but the funny little things that happen in your life. And I luv seeing Olivia growing up. Keep up the good work, my friend!


blondie said...

Thanks for visiting CashHunter :)

And TY Randi with an I, lol

Hey Jim... your blog is about a week behind mine as I recall. You were one of my very first readers too. Congrats to you ahead of time!

Treebartt, wait till you see Olivia's picture in Wed's post. Yep, she's growing up for sure, hehe


Ivan said...

Wauw, 6 years :D Time flies.
Congratulations Judy!
Your blog has always been fun and positive. It hasn't changed its notion and I am happy you are still around doing your thing.
So many come and go but Blondie's Loung stays since 2007.
Cheeeeers :)))

blondie said...

Blondie the die hard, LOL

Thanks for dropping by Ivan. You are another one of my very oldest online friends.

Appreciate you kiddo!

Cheers :)