Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm OK, You're OK

Pnenow: there is a new write up in member area that goes something like this:
News update 10/10/13 - Clarification;

We are NOT changing our 2% daily cycling plan. After 4 weeks of opening trial run, we simply need a little more time to grow our membership to be ready for the aggresive 2% daily plan. We will resume the 2% daily on 11/05/13. Don't panic!

Between now (10/10/13) and 11/05/13, the cycling will go by the "one new purchase from STP or EgoPay will cycle 35 positions" method. Please stay positive, take advantage of our promotion and submit your testimonials.

I'm not going to comment at this time because I believe there are a lot of members who are now offering suggestions for improvement to the Admin. So I'm just gonna chill and see how this goes. Of course if I think of anything helpful, I'll send Admin a note as well. And you should do the same :)

Keystone: requested a payment and was paid almost instantly! How the heck did that happen? Must have caught the Admin at his desk just itching to press the approve withdrawal button, lol
Don't forget to surf!

ACX: sitting here waiting for a green light.
What are the chances? (whisper: slim to none)

Centurion: supposed to hear from Keith tomorrow. Stay tuned.

30DaysProfit: was just getting ready to write about them and here comes a newsletter in my inbox. Good timing.
Hello blondie

I would like to personally welcome all our members that have joined 30 days profit over the past week since we have been online.

We are excited to report that we are progressing just as we had envisioned. The stats speak for themselves and are extremely encouraging.

Started: Oct 2, 2013
Running Days:8
Total Deposited:$ 12,632.94
Total withdraw:$ 3,044.24
Total accounts:154
Visitors online:19
Newest Member:cashrain
Last update:Oct 10, 2013

We are experienced enough to know that the HYIP market is volatile and success can neither be taken for granted nor guaranteed but we are rather astute at reading signals and we predict that 30daysprofit will be a success story. We look forward to serving your financial needs for a long time.

Technically, we are happy to report that there have been no glitches reported. We deliberately chose to go with the GoldCiders script because it is widely used in the HYIP industry. Later on, we may move to a custom script and build a better site.

There have been only a minor case of 2 members who had the wrong payment proccessor details in their profile. One has corrected the mistake. Member roberteb, please correct your STP ID from an email to your username so your withdrawal can be paid. We kindly request that all members have their payment processor information updated in their back office before making a withdrawal.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge all members that post on discussion threads on the various forums. This is very responsible behaviour that is beneficial for one and all. It gives a good HYIP program an edge over the competition. Keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely,
Pat Brown


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