Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Day Pnenow Reminder

Woke up to snow and frost on the ground, dead flowers and dead tomato plants. Oh well, that's it for my summer.

PneNow: last day for the ad2m bonus renewal positions. You have until midnight EST to get on it.
ad2m renew end TODAY (10/05/13);
Ad2m positions renew TODAY 10/05/13 (Saturday). The cut-off time is 24:00:00 EST time zone.
Act now to take advantage of great promotion offers 

PS, don't forget both STP and EgoPay are available now.
7:00 PM my time, bought another batch myself. Noticed the lucky numbers when I logged in and said 'must be a sign'.
Total members now: 777

30DaysProfit: received my first payment while I was sleeping. 30DP has gotten off to an excellent start as far as I can tell. Thanks to everyone who joined and thanks to the Admin for being so fast!

Keystone Loans Division: another full week completed, this time with the site being up and running all week. Yippee! Also received a payment overnight that was requested just yesterday. Thumbs Up :)

Centurion: still no email update to members? (sigh)

AdHitProfits: sat down yesterday to do my daily surfing. Feeling crappy as I have all week, was prepared to surf 10 sites then... what? I have to do 25 now to receive credit for the day. Ahhhhhh ok but not sure how long I can handle this. Maybe if I had thousands in here, it wouldn't be so bad but with my little spend, it just doesn't seem worth it.
I did however change my marketing ad today. Let's see if I get any good hits on that ;)

ACX: I saw a Green Light for STP earlier today. Tried several times to get my withdraw request in but NO GO. My friend told me he thinks it's rigged. Well, that could be since the 'regular' members are having NO luck :(
They did say something about another option coming for withdrawals that do not involve the green light system. Can't wait to hear what that could be.

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