Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cycling Changes in Pnenow

Here's the latest news in Pnenow:

Cycling changes;Our current purchases are not reaching the average of 2% daily. Starting today(10/8/13), our cycling will temporary follow our original method. The method is that every new purchase from STP or EgoPay will cycle 35 positions. This cycling method will continue till our membership reach 2,000 and the average purchases from STP and EgoPay meet the 2% daily requirement. You are still earning 2% but in a slower pace until we reach our potential. 

I read it and said OK, that makes sense. The front page* has always shown the cycling in this format but Admin decided to kick start the program by giving us 2% daily instead. No complaints about that :)

When a purchased position is purchased, a total of 35 positions will be cycled and each position will receive $0.4 ( 2% ) commission. Since the cycling process is 35 times faster than purchasing, the cycling process will continue to accelerate when more positions are puchased. Therefore, 100% of positions will continue to cycle and cycle again. We adopted this wonderful concept to control cycling positions with amazing 2% cycling plan with 200 to 150 max times cycle.

Now that membership is growing and those bonus positions have been paying out steadily, I can understand why a change needs to be made.

From the note in the member area, there are now over 5,000 positions. So roughly 2K needs to cycle out daily. But is 2K still coming in daily?

Experience tells me if more is going out than coming in... of course a change needs to be made. I would much rather cycle my positions every other or every third day than to see the Admin give up.

For example: my early positions have cycled 23 times.
23 x .40 cents = $9.20 x 2 (ad2m bonus) = $18.40
Now there is also an upline RC that is paid out and that is $2.00

OK so those early positions are pretty close to a break even point (for previous ad2m members) and everything from there on is profit. For non-previous ad2m members, it will take a bit longer.

Then I go and check out the forums and am shocked at the reaction to it. Especially from seasoned members, that's the worst part. Sounds to me like they would rather continue collecting their daily 2% and have it crash and burn before it's time, which would also leave newer members at a loss.
Well, if that's how they feel then they should just quit now. No point in torturing the rest of us with their negativity.

These posters have no idea how much has come in or gone out, yet someone accused the Admin of 'holding back'. Well yeah, he was holding back by giving everyone 2% daily whether that was coming in or not. Then changed it to M-F. And now another change to actual funds coming in. All sounds reasonable to me.
Almost wish I didn't read forums. Sure makes me think differently of some of those members.

Sorry for the rant at the end here but I just had to.
Night Night :) 

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