Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today Could Be Better

The day is not starting off like I'd want it to.

Was expecting a payment from 30DaysProfit which has not arrived yet. Will be 48 hours pending soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is just a temporary delay.

Just read a new update in Pnenow. Not sure how to wrap my head around that one either.

Keystone: well at least I know when I hit the withdraw button there, it will be paid Instantly (if it's STP or EgoPay). Will be doing that in a couple of hours.

AdHitProfits: surfing daily and earning a small amount.

ACX: was wondering why they're focusing on the new promotion rather than the new withdraw feature. Maybe cause they need more money in before they can kick out 25% of our earnings to us? Well, it's a thought.

The Ricans: skyped Richard Cannon a few days ago but it doesn't look like he opens his skype any longer. I suppose his skype could be full of crap messages which he chooses not to read. Mine was just a polite question but I guess he'll never see it.

Had to end my post with a little humor though...

"I may not always go for older men.....but when I do.....I will tell them that I have touched the International Man of Mystery's ass!!! — at El Tapitio."


Anonymous said...

She is just too cute, Judy. I could smother her with kisses! lol You must be one happy grandma.


blondie said...

Yeah she's a pretty girl for sure. Amazed that she's related to me, lol
But glad she is!!
C'ya Tree