Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ma and Pa Pumpkin

BioFuture: another successful payment received today. Tomorrow will be our one week celebration for this program. Whoo Hoo!

Keystone: got two more instant payments from KLD today!

Pnenow: we're trying to figure out the 'testimonial rules' if there are any. Admin says there are no "rules" but if you've been withdrawing without submitting testimonials, you may have to do a few to get caught up. I have no problem with that as long as we keep earning and getting paid.

AdHitProfits: did my daily surfing for a 2 cent credit which makes me wonder if I should continue or not. I know it's a great program but it seems people have lost interest in it.

ACX: well, I knew this was coming:
Your Solid Trust Pay withdrawal request for $50.00 has been cancelled.
And now the site is down for maintenance so can't even check to see what's happening :(

How's this carving for an amateur? No, not me.
My son made it for Olivia who loves Lightning McQueen.


Cashhunter said...

Not looking good at ACX. After last week all my ad packs are expired and still waiting to get my new ad panels from the xpressshift. Look like they are running out of funds to pay us back.

Cashhunter said...

But the good news is BioFuture making a great start. Withdraws are paid fast and the site is stable. Many thanks for telling us about BioFuture. Thumbs up for you :-)

blondie said...

Just checked in at ACX and it's not pretty.

BioFuture yes. It's doing very very good right now :)