Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day and Thanksgiving

Happy Columbus Day to my U.S. friends and readers and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends as well.

My head hurts today. I think I think too hard sometimes and when that happens, I can't think anymore... but trying.

30DaysProfit: just requested another payment which I'm sure will arrive soon.

Keystone: don't forget to surf today in order to get tonight's earnings.

Pnenow: thinking and brain storming with friends and Admin.

ACX: what are you guys doing with that? Spending your earnings cause you can't withdraw it or saving it up for when the new w/d system is live. Just curious.

Yes, the Broncos won yesterday but then I made the mistake of tuning into the Tigers baseball game when I got home. They were up 5-1 until the 8th inning when the Red Sox hit a home run with the bases loaded and tied the game. Then in the 9th the Tigers lost. Oh well, back to Detroit for the next one.

Oh hey... come visit tomorrow. It's a special day for me.
Thanks in advance!!


Brian said...

Hi Judy,
Happy celebrations to all in the Americas.

I have a very active downline in ACX so I am using my Affiliate comm to buy adpacks and saving my adpack comm to WD some of it plus buy a number of Media adpacks. I am planning to join the 70/25% WD option so the more adpacks I have the better.

Have a great day.

blondie said...

Sounds like a plan Brian.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you're doing well :)

Randy V said...

I watch all the baseball games and I was upset about the way the Tigers blew the game. The Tigers are fine as long as the starting pitchers are in the game but when they go to the bullpen, they are in trouble. By the way, Drew Smyly is from Little Rock and played against us when I was coaching and is a fine young man.

Hope you are having a good week!


blondie said...

Cool story about Drew Smyly Randy. Funny how you know all these celebrities :)
Thanks for dropping by and hope you're having a good week also!