Monday, October 28, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays...

It is rainy here today, cold and dark.
Current temp: 36F, even the cats don't want out.

BioFuture: stats are looking good but says they opened on the 25th. Mmmm, was the 24th where I live. Anyway, received another payment today for a little RC this time, which is very much appreciated. wub.gif

Keystone Loans Division: don't forget to surf and our earnings start up again tonight.

PneNow: requested a payment last night and was received early this morning. Thanks Chung :) We should be cycling again tonight also.

AdHitProfits: had trouble getting to the site earlier but finally did and was able to do my daily surf there too.

ACX: I still need to re-read that update but have a feeling it's going to give me a headache :( Ahhhh Monday's.


henry said...

Karen Carpenter - The Best!


blondie said...

Sad song but she sure did have an excellent voice.

Hey, I thought you'd be in bed by now. Return email coming later or in the AM.

Cheers Henry :)

Henry said...

I've stayed on your sit and listened to all the videos that they put up at the end of each vid ... If I had a time transporter that could take me back to the 60's and 70's and even the early 80's, I would board it and just Enjoy!!!

Hope you're just fine!



blondie said...

Hold a seat on that transporter for me, would ya?

Hope you're doing fine too.
Nite Nite