Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hmmm Tuesday

Centurion Profits: Keith just posted this note in the forum and thought it may interest you as well:

Hey All, 
Still here. STP is majorly slow which is a first for me. Usually they get back pretty quick from my experience. 

Anyways, please hold tight.. If for some reason this is not taken care of soon, I do not want you to be waiting forever (as that is not fair to you), I might just have to start refunding everyones money back to BEP. At least no one loses that way. Frank is also not the admin I thought he was - he is lazy. I will never again work with another admin as I think it is just a pain as I cannot incorporate some more good ideas that I want. So perhaps I SHOULD refund everyones money back and just concentrate on my own again. I don't know. 


But nonetheless, If I do not hear from STP soon, I will let you all know. Thank you for your patience and kindness. Be back soon! Thanks all!

Keystone: requested a cash out and was paid within minutes!
YaY and Thanks Admin :)
PS, don't forget to surf Monday through Friday.

PneNow: member count is 813 and I'm pleased as punch with how this is going. Then again, knowing this Admin for as long as I have... wouldn't be surprised to see this cycler still around after others have fizzled out.
Don't forget about the new promotion positions with a 25 max cycle bonus. I think that was a great idea for those who were not in ad2million. See the news update in your member area if you missed it.

30DaysProfit: requested a cash out today and made an additional spend as well. It's not quite a week since this opened so I think we're still good to go.

ACX: did you guys receive their update about the new way to withdraw? LOL It's not very clear at this time but they say they're still working on the details. Now you'd think nothing could be as bad as the green light system but don't bet on it. Not just yet anyway. Waiting for clarification.

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