Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frustrating Day

On a personal note, went to the store for some Thera-Flu. I remembered it worked way better to help me sleep than NyQuil. Guess what? They don't make it any longer. Had to choose an alternative.

Well that's OK. Off to "Long John Silvers" for a nice fish lunch. The building looked empty when I got there, then I saw the big sign that said "Coming Soon - Dunkin Donuts". Damn. Guess I'll have to settle for a McDonalds fish sandwich.

Got home and turned on the Bronco football game. Somewhere in the 3rd quarter, my Cable went out. Found the game on the radio and realized we were missing a great game. But the good thing is, the Cable did come back with 2 minutes left so at least I got to see the Broncos Win!

How you doin today? Better than me I hope.

On a business note, glad that Sunday's are a little quiet around here cause it's really too late to write about anything anyway.

I did hear that Centurion Profits will be sending out an update soon.

30 Days Profit is doing great and I requested another cash out today.

Keystone is good. Pnenow is good. Both will resume earnings tomorrow.

Guess that's all for now.
Have a great night and I'll catch up with you tomorrow, assuming I can get some sleep tonight.

Wait Wait... Just in: PneNow!

News update 10/06/13 - Great news: Promotion positions for all members;

Promotion positions for all members;
Many of ad2m positions never been renewed. We now offer15 promotion positions (with 25 max_cycle) to all existing and new members. Every ONE new purchase from STP or EgoPay will activate ONE promotion position. This offer will continue till our membership reach 2,000(Our fist goal). 


Anonymous said...

Man oh man did you have a bad day. If it's any consolation, and obviously this doesn't help you right now, but thera flu will be back. They had some FDA issues at their Nebraska plant apparently, and once that's taken care of, distribution will continue. Big chains took it off their shelves for the time-being, but it's being spotted in smaller pharmacies here and there.

blondie said...

That's good to know, thanks mm.
Maybe it'll be back for my next cold although I hope never to get another one :)