Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ACX ReStart... Already?!?

Didn't we just have a restart in September?
Well if you've logged into your ACX account today you will see that we just went through yet another unexpected restart.
And this time, they didn't just "restart" our current ad packs. They took all the money in our Ad Pack and Ref Balance and put it into our "Wallet" where we can only spend from. Good Grief! I did spend. Bought quite a few new ad packs and praying for a miracle.
But there was one sentence that I did enjoy reading in their update and that was:
Going forward ALL withdrawals will be available for
100% of Daily Sales Commissions, not 25/75 as was
mentioned earlier!

So now the question becomes... will we really be able to withdraw when we want to? Yes I know it's changed to $50 minimum but still, am curious to see how long it will be before there is some kind of restriction or road block in the process.

I'll be back after I do some surfing and stuff.
Trying to shake the anger of that restart but it's hard.

Keystone: don't forget to surf. I'll be doing my regular cash out tomorrow. Love it when things go right :)

Pnenow: tomorrow should be our first cycling day for the new plan. Can't wait!

New HYIP that I mentioned a couple of days ago: Coming Soon!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was shocked about the restart too. Don't be too excited about the withdrawals, the problem is, they moved the whole balance to an "ACX Wallet" where we cannot withdraw from. We can only withdraw from Ad Package Balance, Referral Balance and Panel Balance. And these are all zeroed out in my account....So there's nothing left.

ACX turns to be the biggest HYIP scam in the history of the Internet. I hope nobody falls for their brain washing emails and invests more money.

(really pissed) ulurtz

blondie said...

Yeah I'm pretty ticked off too.
Had quite a bit of funds in there that they wouldn't let me withdraw... so now I know why.
It's a sad day here :(

Cashhunter said...

Not the news that i wanted to see when i logged in at ACX this morning.
I buried my money that was in CP in silence when the site went dark. I embrase the money that came home after the transformation form CP to ACX. I don't think we gonna see any penny coming out of ACX. Let's try to forget this en look to the programs that are doing well for us.

Bobs.in.Sidney said...

Well I am glad to see everyone is excited and jumping for joy over the latest restart with our lovely ACX, a finer program the net has never ever seen, infinitely ooops indefinitely sur stain able.

Maybe another lovely restart next month again, what do you thinketh?

Say no more!



blondie said...

Cashhunter, oh I'm sure we'll be paid from ACX once again. It's not my only program and I see no need to ignore it as long as it's alive.

you just never know what's going to happen in ACX land.