Friday, October 4, 2013

One More Day for Pnenow Bonus Spots

Sure wish I felt better. I'd have a lot more to say.
Nothing much as changed since I wrote yesterday so what I said still applies. One important thing I want to mention though... 

PneNow: we all know the offer for renewal of ad2m positions expire after this Saturday, but wasn't sure of the time frame so checked with Admin and he said: "Sunday morning EST time."
So we've got all day tomorrow to purchase new positions and still receive the bonus ad2m position one on one.
Also remember only positions purchased on Saturday will cycle on Saturday and Sunday, and positions purchased on Sunday will cycle on Sunday. Then back to regular cycling of all positions starting again on Monday.

Hey it's been snowing today off and on.
Sure a big change from yesterday.
Cheers :)

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