Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paying, Pending and Waiting

30DaysProfit: just opened yesterday and it's getting a warm welcome in the forums. Always a good sign when experienced players are quick to join. As for me, seeing it's early popularity I made a new spend today also. Thumbs Up!

PneNow: received a payment today that was requested yesterday. Bravo! Sure takes some weight off my shoulders.

Keystone: after surfing decided to let my earnings ride until tomorrow. Will req a cash out then which I know are paid quickly so no worries here.

CenturionProfits: just marked them "on hold". I currently have 3 pending pay requests (1 of them from last Friday) and have not received any updates as to the STP double payment issues. Sure would appreciate the Admin or co-admin letting us know the status.

ACX: sitting here blogging waiting to hear a green light ringtone. What are the chances???

How's the weather blondie?
Well it's 70F here today and sunny.
Supposed to start raining in a few hours.
Getting cold tonight, rain will turn to snow, high tomorrow 47F. Guess it's time to bring out the wool socks.


Henry said...

Hi Judy...Joined 30days with $250...good luck to us all


blondie said...

You're too good to me Henry.
Thanks a bunch and YES...
Good Luck to All of Us :)