Friday, October 18, 2013

TGIF for You

Woke to a snow covered Colorado this morning. Should have took a picture but I got this new camera for my birthday and not quite sure how to download pics to my PC yet. Maybe next time.

30DaysProfit: I had a warning above the banner on my side bar but I don't want anyone new to join by mistake, so I removed the banner today.
Yes it's still paying, selectively, which is OK with me. I hope those who joined from my link or those not at BEP will continue to be paid.

Keystone: is doing just fine and I plan to make another withdrawal tomorrow.

Pnenow: did you all check your accounts there? Were you happy to see that little bit of cycling? Yeah me too. I doubt we'll see any more before next Wednesday so am just chillin till then.

AdHitProfits: still surfing and still being paid. Even if I do only earn a nickel on some days, eventually it adds up to what can be withdrawn or used to buy a mini pack.

ACX: I haven't checked out the new "Media Xchange" info yet. Is it worth it? Heard it was like the premium when it was released. Anybody have a comment about that?
(later) checked it out. good grief. that's all.

You know, this month has not been very productive for me. I was really hoping that the Fall season would bring more to get excited about than it has. Well as George Harrison says, all things must pass. Right?


Randy V said...


Thanks for my Beatles fix for the weekend!

Have a great weekend!


blondie said...

I knew you'd like that one Randy.

Hey, help me root for the Tigers tomorrow, would ya?

Thanks and enjoy your weekend too!

Randy V said...

I was pulling for the Tigers but we didn't get it done. It should have gone the other way but it was a great season.

We will get it next year!


blondie said...

Yep, Next Year :)

Thanks Randy