Tuesday, December 31, 2013

365 Days - 365 Posts - I Did It

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2013 (364)
and today makes 365

Not trying to pat myself on the back but I did it!!
Have not missed one day of blog posting all year!
Yes, that was my New Years Resolution for 2013 and I still can't believe that I actually accomplished it.
So Cheers to me and Thanks to everyone who's been around this year reading my: some good, some not so good, and some nonsense posts :)
I do appreciate every one of you and wish you all a fantastic
New Years Eve!

TUEPS: main page has a new professional look today and I like it a lot. Maybe it will help grab the attention of others searching the web.
As for me, I did purchase some positions yesterday which cycled last night, plus I was fortunate enough to have a referral do the same. Happy to report I earned enough to request a payout, which I did and will let you know when I receive it :)

Pnenow: site is supposed to go down tonight.
If there is any information you need from it, be sure to copy or screen print before it's too late.

DailySharePro: earned another 1.3% for today. This just never gets old, lol

Thinking about ACX... (problem after problem)

Speaking of singing, I heard that Billy Joel was going to ring in the New Year tonight on the Dave Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve Show. I might stay up to watch that but no promises. Wonder what song he'll sing? Any ideas?
I was thinking Piano Man but that may be too calm for the occasion. Well, you may be wrong but you may be right. (wink)

Monday, December 30, 2013

TUEPS - Tulips - Two Lips

First I need to ask: Do I have a blog reader who goes by username "joy333"? Please send me an email or comment if you're here. Thanks

Pnenow News from Admin:
"tomorrow 12/31/13 will be the last day to access pnenow. Anyone who join TUEPS and has left over from pnenow, they will get a position to get started. The pnenow site will be up, but it will re-directed to TUEPS site."

OK, moving on to TUEPS:
Been watching since Dec 11th. Been cycling since Dec 13th.
Admin gave me 2 Positions to help me get started in Tueps since I was a paid member of Pnenow.
After several discussions with the Admin I've decided to let go of any ill feelings I had towards Pne, change direction and give TUEPS my best shot.
I think the plan is very good and wish it had been used for Pne in the first place... but it wasn't.
If you recall, Pne gave away too many 'freebie' positions for those who were members of Ad2Million ages ago, which obviously didn't work out for the best.

So here I am, starting in TUEPS with a clean slate today. Besides the two positions I was given, I will be adding a few more as soon as I'm done writing this note.
Feeling Lucky? Yeah maybe.
- Have already cycled 7 times on my gifted positions.
- It's almost the New Year and time for resolution.
- Along with STP, EgoPay has been added as a pay processor and 
- soon we will see a change to the site. Can't tell you what it is but I think you'll like it a lot!

For those who are not signed up yet, here's the plan:
  • Opening to 50th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • 51th day to 100th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • 101th day and on - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
As always, give a holler if you have any questions and I'll get them answered for you as fast as I can :)

Back after lunch. I'm starving!

DailySharePro: received a healthy 1.3% for today.

ACX: Yeah these guys are high all right,
and I don't mean that the way they said it...

"Let's End 2013 on a High Note with an ACX XpressShift"

They told me I didn't qualify for a Media Shift BUT they moved my earnings to the XSwallet. WTH is that all about? If I didn't qualify then my account should have been left as it was. Talk about a headache!

Our apologies. You were not qualified to participate on this XpressShift. Your Media Packages were not converted, and you did not earn FREE XpressShift Panels this time.


Last day for the ShowBizHits Promo.
See yesterday's post about all the 7's :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Sevens

Seven's always catch my eye. Lucky numbers?

Had some time to kill last night so I decided to go do a little surfing over at ShowBizHits Traffic Exchange. Right after I logged in I got this giant advertisement with a bunch of 7's in it. What could it be?

Well, they're offering 7,777 Site credits, 77,777 Banner credits and 77,777 Text ad credits all for... $9.77 via PayPal. That's a smokin deal if you ask me so yes, I went ahead and bought all those 7's.

Wanted to share with you but wasn't sure how long that offer would be available, so I asked Lisa in the chat window while I was surfing. "A couple more days" was her reply. So today and tomorrow it should still be there just in case you're interested.

ACX: I've surfed the site yesterday and today. In the MEDIA side, I have not received any DSP (daily sales profit) for either day. Anybody else having the same problem?

Speaking of 7: I've cycled 7 times so far in TUEPS and tomorrow is another cycling day. And just so you know, EgoPay will be added as a pay processor soon.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Company for the Weekend

I'm expecting Louis and Jake and pull up any time now. The kids are going away for the weekend and can't find another dog sitter. Well, they're good dogs but I don't have a fenced in yard and I have two cats. One of the cats can tolerate the dogs but not the other, so should be a busy weekend making sure they all keep their distance and behave themselves.

Cancel the above. They found another dog sitter and forgot to tell me. Ah well, the cats sure look relieved now :)

DailySharePro: surfed and earned 1% today. Decided to do a cash out request and was PAID 12 minutes later! Right On!

Pnenow: check your old account again today.
Admin realized there was a glitch and you should be able to see all the positions (and cash) you had before the site stopped moving. Also if you have at least $20 in there, go ahead and request a cash out. (You may still have to write some testimonials so be prepared for that.)

Looking at my referral list in TUEPS, if you were a paid member in Pnenow then you already have 1 or 2 Paid positions in Tueps to get you started. Yes I have 2 myself and they have been cycling since Dec. 13th so I've already earned $5.60 on those.
So what's the plan Blondie?
Well, I've been giving this more thought and will share with you soon.

ACX: did my surfing tonight but didn't receive any DSP on the Media side. Guess they could be getting ready for another Restart / ProfitShaft. I'll try again in the morning but this is just wrong.
PS, the URL I submitted more than 24 hours ago is still NOT approved. Sheesh!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Freaky Friday

Been trying to download a video from facebook to youtube for hours. Making me crazy! Asked my Son to send it via email instead. I think I remember how to do it from there. We'll see.

DailySharePro: another 1.4% today! WhooHoo!

I'll be back in a bit, I think.

ACX: just added another URL for advertising.
They say it is taking less than 24 hours to approve.
Can't wait to see how many days this one takes :(

Pnenow: Admin says the site is still up waiting on members to request their withdrawals. Does anyone still have money in there ready to request? Get moving on that if you do.

Olivia did get a new Bike with Training Wheels for Christmas. Here's the video I was working on earlier. Cheers!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

I don't know about you but I feel like Santa does today.
Even though I did the majority of my shopping online, I'm glad it's done and can relax a little now.

DailySharePro: was really happy to see a 1.4% earning for today. I'll cash out this weekend like I always do.

ACX: my mother always told me, if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. Well, I think I have to make an exception here since it affects all of us.
I don't know what ACX is thinking with these bi-weekly profit shifts but it's quite obvious that they're trying to kill off the old members little by little. Each time there is a shift, I have less and less to 'play' with.
Now I'll admit I haven't put in any "fresh" funds for quite a long time, but still... it's a crappy way to treat everyone involved.
I still have several thousand locked up in my wallets which cannot be withdrawn. That money was at one time my earned profit. Now it's just numbers on a screen.
So unless they make some serious improvements to the program, I don't see it being online much longer. Even the newbies will figure out eventually what is going on and wish they had done more research before joining.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Was busy again today doing some last minutes things, but wanted to be sure to wish all my friends and readers a Very Merry Christmas (Eve for me right now).
I realize some of you in other parts of the world are already celebrating Christmas morning so didn't want to wait until tomorrow to wish you well.
Am certainly looking forward to 2014 and hope the New Year brings us everything we hope for. Surely it's gotta be better than 2013, right? lol

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Hey, at least she's not afraid of Santa this year.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dear Santa...

Yeah me too Kitty.
I want new owners to take over ACX that actually know how to run a program without the profit shifts so that members can finally get paid when they request it!! Growl...Hiss!

DailySharePro: another nice surfing day and earnings in my account. Such a pleasant experience compared to the 'other' program. Thanks Admin and keep up the good work ;)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Football

Going to be out this afternoon to watch the Bronco game. I'll check in when I get home to see if anything exciting happened while I was gone.

Was not surprised today to see my TWO pending withdrawals at ACX Cancelled! I can't write here what I said out loud, but trust me... it was NOT pretty!

Just got home and checked my account. Got hit with a (minor as they call it) 70% profit shift in both ACX and the old ClickPaid ACX. Also checked my withdrawals page. Out of the last 3 requests I made in each, they've ALL been cancelled! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wrapping Day

I seem to have the same problem year after year, and then I wonder why it takes me soooo long to get presents wrapped.

5 PM my time, I'm done for now. Have 2 more big ones to wrap which I'll do later. Yay!

DailyShare.pro: surfed, earned, requested withdrawal and was PAID! Thanks Admin :)

TUEPS: been giving it more thought lately as to whether or not I should 'crank it up a notch' and add some funds.
The Admin seems to be much more focused on this plan than his previous.
After you log in, if you check the "Latest News" link from the top left corner, he's been updating there on a regular basis.
Well, this is a bad time of year for me (and many others) to spend money when it's not so available right now. So I'll just sleep on it and see if I have any visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

ACX: guess I'm stuck on that number for the weekend. (sigh)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Down To a Dozen

Counting today I only need 12 more blog posts to complete my New Years Resolution of not missing a day of posting all year. Crazy huh? Well, unless I disappear between now and Dec 31st, I should be able to make it. YaY!

I'll be back later. Just wanted to say HI :)

Added this morning to Wednesday's blog comments, an additional reply from Chung, the admin of TUEPS answering a few more questions.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can't Wait till January

This has certainly been one messed up month.
I know we're all busy with the Holidays and all, but our online programs are really turning that 'black December' myth into reality.

DailySharePro is still looking good and working great from where I sit. Will be doing my regular cash out in a day or two.

12DaysofXmas: have seen reports of late payments. I normally request in the evenings but forgot to last night. There's not a lot of chatter in the forum and that's not a good sign either. Hardly any payment proofs shown and a handful reporting very late payments.
Well dang it! I was really hoping that this one would make it through the month at least, not to mention thinking that 12 days was certainly doable.
I hope you were 'careful' with your spend like we always remind ourselves to be. We also have to remember that everything we play in this niche is risky. Sad but true and I do hope you've been cashing out on a regular basis to lessen the blow, if in fact it is done.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I call it a night:
ACX... this is my pending withdrawal and hours waiting for it to come. Told ya... December is messed up!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TUEPS Comments...

Since these comments are in Monday's blog post (which you may never see), thought I'd bring them to the top here so that you can get a clearer picture of a members (dr.capoon) point of view and the Admin's response to those. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy :)
* Added: comments just added to the bottom of this post from dr.capoon and the Admin.

dr.capoon said...
PNENOW - episode 2 ?!

At least this one will not start with liabilities from the past failures of his administration, which was the main reason I didn't fund my account in PNENOW.

However, still doggy looking site will most probably not attract many (excluding one 720 banner), therefore the future is questionable.

Plan is not 100% clear to me. Do those positions ever mature, and if yes - when?

Success key control factor #1 - Cycling Frequency
- Opening to 50th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

First 50 days cycling period is in fact 112 days long, which gives us almost 4 months to get there. It seems this time, he will take all the time he needs.
Not really attractive

Success key control factor #2 - Position purchasing
- Only new purchases have a limit. No limit on repurchases.

If I have understood this one, it is just the opposite to longevity of the program.
Fresh funding is limited while repurchasing (that produces most liabilities)is without any restrictions.
factor #2 is not a success key control at all

Success key control factor #3 - Max times_cycled (matured) 
The only part, that might attract despite doggy site and holes in success key control factors is a greed, and this offers us in fact 525% in three stages (that might take a full year, but still it is 525%)
However, having in mind those first two "key controls", I can't see this being achieved.

The worst drawback to all of this is the fact that we have to count on only 2/3 of funds to get wherever we intend to. As admin takes immediate 20% for his expenses, and there is a 10% commission for sponsors, we need almost 50% over our initial funds to reach BEP, and that is huge in my opinion.
If we start with 1000 members with $100 each, we need another $45.000 just to reach BEP for those 1.000 members that have started. Meantime admin will have close to $29.000 for his needs. Too much in my opinion. If he wishes this program to succeed, he'll have to cut a little his earnings here. Otherwise, we might witness stalling again.

Well, sorry for this long one but you asked for our thoughts.
December 17, 2013 at 6:24 PM

 tueps admin said...

TUEPS admin answers to dr.capoon comment

1.Yes. The date positions will mature at 100 times cycle. If purchase at 1st day, then the position will mature on 2014-08-01 as our plan.
The mature date is variable before the 5 cycling days per week start (in about 94 days from today. Also when the mature times cycle changes will change the mature date also. The mature date will shorten by both factors.

2. The 50 days pre-launch is not to favor admin. It is a necessary time for program to grow steadily.
In 50 days, if you start with few positions, you will earn enough to make withdraw and invite people as proof that we are a paying program.
In fact, in 50 days, you will cycle 22 times exact. Further more, if you start with 3 positions, in 50 days, you will earn $26.4
Promoting is very difficult task. Especially MLM businesses. These type of businesses is only less than 1% of all other businesses.
I determine to stick to the plan. To achieve that I need enough grace period of time for members to get the words out. Especially, the words to reach out of MMG circle.

3. The purchase limit is in fact the most important factor of 3 factors. This factor is related to the 1st factor. Which it is related to the promoting or the growth.
It is a no-brainer to understand. If there has no restriction, one members with extra large fund, let's say $10,000. And the average is $100. It will require fund from 100 members to just pay back this member to even. It will require 200 members to just pay back double of his amount. It is an extremely risky to have members at the very beginning. Once the program has set the pace of the growth, the restriction will have not much effect like you (dr. capoon) said.

3. You are agree. Then, you have understand the ethic of on-line marketing. To last, you grab some and put it back some. Without feeding backward, the growth can not fall backward as well.

4. If you read the faq page, the admin expense is only 10%. The 10% is admin reserved for raining days. I do not care other programs do. That fund must be available to cover up the raining (slower) days. Even the 10% admin expense, some of them is used to special award and etc. Which, some of them pay back to members also.

5. The normal operation is 80% distributed back to members. It is not 50%.
You can not do the simple math with MLM businesses. It does not work the way you described. There has one very important factor - timing that you are not aware of it. You simply are trying to post the dollar amount that admin will keep. Which it is not the way you are thinking.
The 2% earning is a compounded method. It is not a straight line calculation. Then earning is accelerated by the positions number and time. If 1 position bought, yes, in 2014-8-1, the return will double. If more than 1 position bought, it will more than double by a few factors.

"It pay forward" is the calculation that you posted. TUEPS will concrete with the "It pay backward" method. Which TUEPS has 2 options to feed the fund that we need to keep it from stalling.

Thank you for posting your opinions or comments. Hope my comments answers will help you to understand TUEPS. TUEPS will provide the best and long lasting earning plan. I promise blonde to stick and keep the plan. The 3 control factors is the necessary assurance. You may not see the quick profit (if there is) to your pocket like others. You will see much bigger and stable profit to you and with no-shame to tell others.

TUEPS admin
December 18, 2013 at 10:36 AM

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Black December

Just hanging out paying bills today.
Not my favorite thing to do but I do like having heat, water and watching TV whenever I want to, so what choice do I have?

12DaysofXmas: looking at the positive side of the recent change... if you joined them early on day one, you should have already received 60% of your spend back before the hourly rate dropped. Now at 2.4% daily, it might just go by faster than you think.
The Admin(s) didn't take the easy way out by any means. They chose to stick around and create a plan that should make us all whole again. For that I give them credit and hope to see Santa well into the New Year.
Almost forgot, I was Paid from 12D again today! Thanks Santa!

DailySharePro: smooth surfing and 1% added to my balance.

ACX: while sitting here paying my bills today I thought.. how nice it would be to get those 2 payouts I have pending at ACX.
Yeah well, dream on blondie. They're doing another RESTART which might cancel those requests once again. But my oldest is still counting at 97 hours pending as I write this. So I won't write it off quite yet but it sure doesn't look good right now.
Withdrawals available Daily and processed in approximately 24-48 hours.
$50.00  100 hours  Pending


Oh it's a full moon night. Great, all the crazies will be out, lol

Don't get dizzy now.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Need To Change My Song

12DaysofXmas needed to make a major change today which I understand completely. As much as we all loved the .5% hourly, it was too much too fast. Now the Admin(s) could have let it run dry and/or packed up and moved on, but they didn't. Instead they made the change to .1% hourly for 60 days. To me, that was a much better option and I hope you agree.

"We have been in consultation with our finance expert, James King over the last 24 hours. The picture we have of where 12daysofxmas.net is going is not what we had expected. Not meaning to be blunt but we are heading for the rocks if we don't make changes right now.

Obviously we have been seeing the trend over the last 3 days and we waited just a little longer to see if we weren't being too hasty, fencing James off until now.

There are going to be big changes but let's do a short analysis. The 12x12 plan is highly coveted and everyone loves it but it needs a lot of work. Members really need to step up and bring something to the table. We went without monitors and big ads because we wanted to give everyone a fat chance to earn big but beside a handful of dynamic members the main body of members remain passive.

Now, we told you we intended to keep going for a long time and we know many of you want the same. So we are adjusting the plan. You will now earn 0.1 hourly for a total of 2.4% daily for 60 days.

There are a few positive changes though. You can now withdraw 4 times a day. Also we will be changing our pay schedule to every 4 hours from 7am est to 7pm est. The rest of the time will be at James's discrection as he does need to eat and sleep.

Its to be expected that there will be some of you who won't like this update but we have to think of everyone else who is serious about wanting that extra income.

The Referral and posting contests are still on. Except the Referral contest will end next Monday. The prizes will be awarded as results are achieved throughout the week.

Let's now all breath and unite behind a common goal to give our beloved Santa a major hand. This program is here to stay!

Happy Holidays!
admin team"


Pnenow: glad to see the "buy positions" and "repurchase" buttons have been deactivated. I know the admin would like to see everyone move over to his new site TUEPS, but I honestly don't know if that will happen.
Hey at least he flipped the bill for some professional banners this time, lol.
So I'm watching it closely for now and will decide later which direction I should take. Anybody else have an opinion on that?

Was watching a Poker Tournament tonight that was filmed here in Black Hawk, Colorado. They mentioned "Lady Luck" which made me think of Kenny Loggins. Well... being the Holiday season, thought you might enjoy this one as it sure brings back memories for me.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunny Sunday

12DaysofXmas: I'll come back with my song when I figure out what to use for five.
Just noticed my 'earned total' is already half of what I bought in with. Nice :)

"It has come to our attention that some members may be confused by our name and design. The concept is that we will bring Christmas to everyone no matter what time of the year it happens to be.

12 Days of Xmas will not be closing down after 12 days.  Our plan lasts for 12 days but each new deposit extends that period.  You are very welcome to re-deposit any time during those 12 days or at the end if you wish to continue earning from us.

Let's make the whole of 2014 full of Christmas joy!
Admin team"

I googled 5 golden rings and look what I found. Now I don't need to change the words for that day at all. Cheers!

On the fifth day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me
Five Golden Rings!
Four days of fun
Three cash outs
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly!

Not sure how much longer I can sing though after having those 5 Golden Rings, haha

DailyShare.pro: surfed and advertised and got my 1% for today. Also received the cash out that I requested yesterday. Thanks Admin!

ACX: is sure giving away a lot of money after cancelling my (and others) small withdrawal request with no explanation.
Tsk tsk.
"This Week's $1,000 Winners Announced at ACX!"

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Weekend

Before I get to writing, to: PurpleColumbine
I cannot reply to your emails. They are being rejected by your server. Meant to tell you a week ago when it first happened, but forgot.

On the fourth day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me

Four days of fun
Three cash outs
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly :)

Was paid again this morning as usual.
Thanks Admin!

DailyShare.pro: surfed and earned 1% today.
Felt I had enough built up for a cash out, so requested one.

12DaysofXmas again:
"This is a quick weekend update.

No winner will be announced for the Testimonials Contest, we apologise for informing you so late but the response was less than we hoped it would be. We would still welcome them coming though please!

This update was to have come your way yesterday but there was just so much to do and personally, it is a very busy time of the year for us as it is for you all. Hopefully the following contests will make you forgive us.

As you are all aware we are operating without any monitors/expensive advertising. We prefer to keep the money in the house! There is an even more important reason, if every member steps up and engages them self, that's an extremely powerful movement that money cannot buy and we'll all get far better results than "cold ads" and impersonal monitoring services.

Referral Contest Cash Give-away:

Any member that has more than 10 active NEW referrals starting today will win a cash prize of $30.

Any member who has 5 referrals from their old downlines convert to active status will win a cash prize of $15.

The contest starts now and ends Monday midnight EST.

We hope all you promoters that take up a lot of our time contacting us on chat, PMs in FB and skype take note of this contest and the second one. Instead of asking for $2 deposits, sign up for free, you don't need to have a deposit to earn and you earn a neat stash. What do you prefer, $2 or $5 or hundreds of dollars?

Posting Contest Cash Give-away:

Now for the second contest (a little birdie suggested we replace the testimonial one with something like this) So this is a posting contest. Every day we will choose 3 exciting payment posts. Those will win $1 each. If the same member gets picked 5 times, they will win an extra $5.

One final note. Some who have had their accounts disabled have mailed us and explained their actions, so we have decided that depending the severity of the situation their accounts will be suspended for a set amount of days and then reactivated. Those who were blatantly out to cheat will not have their accounts unsuspended.

That's enough to keep you and us busy for now! Santa will get on his sleigh and bring more profits your way.

Have a fun-filled weekend.
Admin team"

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

I've never been superstitious about Friday the 13th. It's just another day so no reason to worry any more than I normally do, lol

Now that I think of it, this day usually brings me something good, so no fear here. Bring it on!

On the third day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me
Three cash outs
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly :)

Yep, received 2 more payments while I was sleeping so a total of 3 now. This sure is going nice and fast and the Admin is doing a fantastic job!

"We have received some concerns over payouts and would like to address this first. We will be doing payouts every 12 hours at 7am EST and 7pm EST. Sometimes this might take a few minutes more as we scrutinize over the withdrawals in there to make sure cheaters and rule breakers do not take advantage of our members.

With that said we have found many who have violated our Rules as per our terms and/or FAQ page. We have disabled their accounts and will not tolerate such behavior from any member!

The following users have had their accounts disabled.

(me: I am not posting the list here. It's in your email if wish to see it)

Admin Team"

DailySharePro: surfed and earned a comfortable 1.3% today.

(left blank cause I thought I was gonna have something else to say, but maybe not)

Oh I remember now... Those who have joined

TUEPS.com might want to Log Into your account and find the "click to activate" button. I see members with positions ready to cycle BUT they are inactive. So go do that right now before you forget!!

ACX: didn't even get a courtesy email telling me WHY they cancelled my withdraw request.

Let's Celebrate Daily Withdrawals:
Now that the most recent XpressShift is done, we are seeing
withdrawals taking place every day, and members are reporting
them online.  We hope you all will post on the ACX social
media sites when you get your withdrawals, because that will be
an encouraging sign for anyone who might still be waiting on
the sideline.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2nd Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly

(Newsletter sent at 5 A.M. my time today)
This newsletter marks the 24 hour mark after 12 Days of Xmas has launched and we have our second round of winners. To qualify for our third competition we request that all our happy members submit a testimonial to be displayed on our site. The best 5 will be chosen by admin team so make them unique and special. To enter please send a new email to 12daysofxmas.net@gmail.com with the subject "Testimonial" and be sure to include your username!

Our winners for the second competition are as follow


Congratulations to all of you! Please send in your links as soon as possible for them to be added to our homepage!

Admin Team


DailyShare.pro: running smooth as a baby's behind.
Will be cashing out at the weekend.

ACX: I am expecting a payout tonight based on the time frame I've seen from others. Keeping my fingers crossed and I'll let you know.
In the meantime, tried for another and this ugly message appeared again:
The Daily Withdrawal Limit has been temporarily reached for this pay processor.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12DaysofXmas Open

12DaysofXmas: On the first day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me 
One-half percent ho-ur-ly!

Yep, opened early this morning so we're off and running. TG I have good friends in different time zones so that I did not have to get up at 5 AM to make my first spend.

This seems to be a pretty close knit group of players who all want the best for everyone and since the Admin is not paying for monitors, it leaves more for members to enjoy. I like it.

5:00 PM MST Admin update: (psst: I was one of the winners. Lucky me for having such a great bunch of friends/referrals.)

It has been 12 hours since 12 Days of Xmas has launched!
The winners who have responded had their links updated on our home page. It is not required to advertise 12 Days of Christmas and we welcome other opportunities. The next winners will be announced in 12 hours from this email and the new activity announced.
Admin Team

And earlier in the day:
We have successfully launched just a few minutes ago and would like to congratulate the following members for winning the 1st of many contests we will be having daily!


Together just these 5 members shared 12 days of Xmas with 101 members!

For tomorrow's contest we will be awarding the top 5 members based on the amount of active referrals they have. Don't worry if you are not good at referring because we have an opportunity for everyone to participate!

The winners are kindly requested to reply to this email with the img and url links for the banner they want displayed on our home page.
Admin Team


DailyShare.pro: smooth surfing again today :)

ACX: I have no words to describe my feelings at this time.
Well, no words that would be suitable for my blog post.
** Saw a payment proof in a forum that said they were paid after 71 hours. FYI for those waiting.

Pnenow: if you have not logged into your account today, you might just want to do that. There is quite a write-up about a new program and new plans that you may or may not be interested in.
I did register just to see what he was planning but have not funded anything there. Just watching for now.
PS, if you are out-of-pocket in Pnenow, get registered to the new one and send the Admin a note about it. Not sure if anything will come of it but just trying to be helpful.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Gonna Be A Rough Morning

I have some of the funniest friends and colleagues.
Just had to steal this picture from the forum today...
(thanks gingersnap)

This clock is for
12DaysofXmas that opens tomorrow at 7 AM EST which is 5 AM my time. Yikes!

Do I need to be here right at launch? No I don't think so. Especially if my poor body doesn't want to cooperate.

Since I've been chatting about this one for a week now, I won't go into detail again. Just want to remind you all of the things you've learned over the years about how to play to win. You know I worry about everybody, including myself and would like to see us all make a good profit here. It will be fast & furious so play smart, enjoy the game and Good Luck to us all.

About 7:30 PM my time:

Dear Judy / blondie,
We have just opened account funding as we get ready for the launch of 12 Days of Xmas.
Admin Team


Here is a very long and interesting One Month Update from


DailyShare.pro's 1st Month Celebration Announcements
We're extremely happy to announce our first month celebration of DailyShare.pro, and would like to take this opportunity to summarize major milestones we achieved this month, and how we will continue to offer great our unique investment opportunities for our members in 2014 as well.

Deposit Rate Increases, Investors Make More Money.
Over the past 30 days, we've seen major progress in terms of attracting investors from across the globe to participate and advertise in one of our advertising campaigns to expose their website to “hungry” and “targeted” audience to BOOST their online sales, as well as trade in BitCoins Fund to earn at least 1% percent share from overall online revenue from DailyShare.pro, every day.

At DailyShare.pro, we create a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the investors, the advertisers, and the owners. Our advertising plan allows our members (FREE and PRO members) to attract more visitors to their advertised websites as well as earn significant amount of profits by investing in our BitCoin Fund, every calendar day. Our flexible advertisement plan managed to attract thousands of new advertisers from around the world to expose their website and drive plenty of free customers who regularly visit our site. Along with advertisement plan, our Bitcoin trade program also helped our members to earn significant amount of profits, at least 1% daily, increasing up to 1.2% to 1.5%, depending upon the Bitcoin price. Mini Guide Added.

We also like to inform our DailyShare.pro member that we've created a user guide that explains our membership and investment plan, and how you can utilize these features to attract plenty of free traffic to your business and increase online conversion. For example, if you're haven't become our members, the guide will explain the benefits of our two membership – FREE and PRO. With these membership options, you can begin to invest instantly on advertising and Bitcoin Fund as well as advertise your website to attract people who are interested to what you have to offer.
Click here to read our guide.

Looking for another Payment Option.
Although our technical teams have successfully integrated most of the popular payment systems on DailyShare.pro, including SolidTrust Pay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, and Bitcoin, we're still looking to add additional payment system just to make it easy for our members to fund and withdraw their money/earnings.

With all these major payment option, you will not have to worry about whether you will be able to pay or withdraw your money/earnings through DailyShare.pro.
Bitcoin Fund Performance Leads Its Peer Group With 4,847% Return.

Last week, Malta-based brokerage firm Exante decided to wrap up 2013 by releasing the Bitcoin Fund performance on Bloomberg Fund Analysis section, and the fund performance stats came with a staggering 4,847% return, making it among the most successful among its peer group, whose closest funds performance was 33.7% and 25.4%.

So, what is Bitcoin trade and why should you care to use it and how to do it? Bitcoin is an e-currency, or rather decentralized digital currency that is used all over the world to purchase products and services, online.

Bitcoin is popular because unlike traditional method of payment methods, like bank cheque, and wire transfers, it is relatively fast, cheap, and secure.
In the last 30 days, DailyShare.pro already saw its highest daily bitcoin %, up to a whopping 1.4% when the bitcoin price went up. Although we earn more than 1.4% from our trades, but we keep it in reserve and this is how it should be. Not it is safe to keep it in reserve, but it will also offer you long term of benefits.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone.
Before we wrap this news, we would like to wish DailyShare.pro members a very warm and happy Merry X-MAS and happy new year. We have had a busy December, where our investment plan - advertisement package and BitCoin trade - helped many investors and advertisers make easy and solid profits. We thank all for their genuine love and support to make DailyShare.pro a huge success.
Just like in 2013, we'll continue to provide you a user-friendly environment for investment opportunities. In the coming year, we will expand our service by helps investors all around the country to expose their business to thousands of targeted audience as well as earn daily profits through our BitCoin trade programs

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter
To learn about how to invest your money into our advertising plan and BitCoin trade, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We'll keep you up to date with our tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize your online earning through our advertising plan and BitCoin trade program.

Thank you,
DailyShare Management.

Monday, December 9, 2013

No News?

No news is good news, right? 
Well at least that's what they say, whoever 'they' are, lol

12DaysofXmas: getting anxious for Wed AM launch!

DailyShare.pro: smooth surfing today and building up my account balance.

ACX: managed to get over $30 in my Ad Pack balance so requested a cash out. Crossing my fingers that it won't be 'cancelled' this time.

Pnenow: is supposed to cycle us again this coming Thursday the 12th.

That's all for now.
Was just enjoying some forum reading for another program that I'm not in. Sometimes it's fun to read, especially when trollers start posting and won't quit. Sheesh.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Arrived home really late last night and TG my old Jeep got me here. Good thing I had nowhere to go today so was able to sleep in. I'm just not used to these late nighters anymore, lol

12DaysofXmas: here's a fun update from last night:

Christmas is a time for sharing and that is exactly what we are doing this year. 12 Days of Christmas isn't just another boring program. We aim to make this Christmas fun and exciting for everyone! To achieve this we have added 5 banners spots to the home page that will be awarded to members for certain activities. The first round will be given to the top 5 referrers at the time of launch.

We have plenty other fun activities planned daily and wish to see all our members partake and have fun this Christmas!

Admin Team


DailyShare.pro: surfed and earned and cashed out!
Thanks Admin :)

Saw this while surfing and thought it was too cute not to share.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

60% Wipe Out

Still way below freezing here.
Was -11 F when I woke up with a wind chill of -23 F.
That's freakin cold!!!
To make matters worse, am babysitting tonight and not looking forward to the drive home since it will be late and even colder. Just hope my old Jeep can handle the freeze of the trip.

Everything is quiet here today. I suppose folks could be out doing their Christmas shopping and what not.

The 12DaysofXmas program is gearing up for launch on the 11th. From their Facebook page:
If you haven't registered yet I would suggest you do as soon as you can. We will be making an announcement in the next 24 hours that you will like very much

DailyShare.pro: surfed and earned 1.0% today.

Gener8Profit: saw a couple more payouts posted in the forum so it's not dead yet. Perhaps paying those not in profit or at BEP? In any case, that sure is a nice gesture on the Admin's part.

ACX wiped out 60% of my current ad packs and sent them off to grow up to be panels one day. They also cancelled my pending withdrawals, put the money into XSwallet where all I can do is spend it. Here we go again :(