Monday, May 23, 2011

Back To Work :)

Checking on my programs this morning, which unfortunately I neglected the last few days, and I couldn't be happier!

--- Missed seeing the note from JSS that told me my JSS-Matrix position was FULL and I made a fast $60.00 from it! Whoo Hooo! Decided to buy 3 more Matrix positions with that money and hope to see them getting filled up also.

As far as the JSS-Tripler goes, saw some nice cash sitting in my account balance. Will purchase more positions with that and cash out a little in the process. Gotta keep the ball rollin, ya know?

One month ago, JSS-Tripler membership reached 2,440. Today, the number is 5,094. So membership has more than doubled in a month.

--- brb, replying to some very nice emails

--- Headache: TextAdBrokers: had to ask my sponsor what was going on with it since I just don't have the energy to check myself, LOL. And he said: 

Still all on hold ... I checked out Hits Crawler and went through the motions of buying an Ad.. when you register you get a free $10 although that was the promotion on TAB as well.
Anyway..can't do anything with that and you have add with PayPal (no Alertpay) to get an Ad going.
So... that's where it stopped.
Until Tab updates again about Alertpay and stuff...nothin' happening there.
I suppose some who do know what's going on will get ads going there in the Hit Crawler and commit with PayPal but....  that's not what I enlisted for.

And I agree with that. Besides, PayPal is so picky about who they support and who they won't. I'm not going there either. 
So we wait :( Unless you've given up on it, and I don't blame you. I only bought the one position so I'll wait it out and see what happens next.

--- Chivalry is Not Dead! My friend Gord deleted an account he had in a program that tried to slander me. My Knight In Shining Boxers! hehehe

--- Speaking of that, received my Sunday profit share in GrandBankClub yesterday as always. Thanks ;)

--- Will update on McFads after my support ticket is answered. My older positions did expire, but there was a small problem.

--- A little birdie told me that new program, that I mentioned a couple of months ago ... is back on track and getting closer and closer. Please Stay Tuned !!

--- Gotta go. A storm is coming in and there's a Squirrel in the tree waving. Seriously! He's looking into my room and stretching his arm out. Looks like he's trying to get my attention. Later :) 


Steven W said...

hey blondie

Was that from the JSS booster?? ive been in JSS for about a year.... I used to do the booster every week and made a killing. i Stopped when it started to slow down. Haven't tried it again since the addition of the Tripler that brought in a ton of new people to the program. Did you notice alot of people participating in this?

blondie said...

Hey Steven, yes a lot are participating in the Tripler.
I got the $60 from the JSS Matrix though, not the booster portion (IF I understand it right). I saw a lot were adding Matrix positions so I bought 1 myself a week or so ago. And it's already cycled through.
Hope that answered what you were asking.

Steven W said...

ok.... your referrals must have filled them. I have about 30 positions that have been sitting in JSS for over a month

blondie said...

From what I read, those are starting to move faster now. And you're probably right, my ref's helped with that. I'm a lucky lady :)

Gord said...

G'day Blondie,

As a final note on A2M...I seen
a post on MMG that sort of summed
up that I was cracked walking
away from my positions and

Well..sometime it's not always
about the's the principal
of the thing.

Knight in boxers..I had to wear
something...get's cold inside
that shiny suit and not thinking
about when I have to bend over
or walk with all those metal

Be talking in a higher tone
pretty quick.

The old song comes to mind...
Don't worry... be happy!

Got to have a truck load of that


blondie said...


Mat said...

Good News, is back up and running :-)
Wish you a great day,

Ingrid Holland said...

textadbrokers is back!! blondie check o happy day :))

steve said...

Hi blondie,
I've register in JBP 1 month ago and having seen some good comments from you I decided to give it a try and but some JSS-Tripler position. But I'm not so sure about the JSS-Booster. Is it worth buying position there without referrals or not? Is there any other program that i can register below you that is worth like JBP or A2M let me know with your link.

clyde (

blondie said...

Mat and Ingrid,
Thanks for the heads-up on TAB!

Honestly, I never tried the Booster so I have nothing to share about that. I'd have to check the forums and see what others are saying.

A new program should be coming soon that will be much like the Triper and ad2m. Keep an eye on my blog posts since I will update as soon as I know more.


Steven W said...

the booster used to work really really good ive had 8-10 positions cycle in and hour before. It restarts every week!. Participation slowed down a few month ago though. I need to check a conference call and see how its doing again. I heard it picked back up

blondie said...

There you are Steven. My 3rd comment for today just didn't realize it was on yesterdays post. LOL

Please let us know what you find out about the Booster. Am wondering myself if it's worth it or not.

Take care :)