Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprise Surprize ... TAB is Back

--- Was shocked (to say the least) this morning when the first thing I do is read Blog Comments. Had 2 notes that TAB was back in action, and a nice note from my Sponsor also telling me the News.
So I read the email that TAB sent to me and was just now able to log into the site. I kept getting the countdown clock, but after a clearing of my cache and cookies, all is good.
Remember it's www.textadbrokers.com for current members.
Well, let's see where it goes from here :)

--- JSS-Tripler: bought 5 more positions in the Tripler yesterday, along with 3 positions in the Matrix, and had a sweet $90 payout sent to me today. Not sure how long perfect can last, but I must say this has been perfect so far! Special Thanks to everyone who's joined me in this!

--- McFads: Matthew got my account straightened out yesterday and promptly sent me a payment of over $70 after I upgraded for another round in the non-surf portion of the program. Thanks Matt! Always a pleasure doing business with you. 
UPDATE from McFads: 
I will be removing the 12x12 non surf plan we are having to many issues with it not maturing on time those who have a 12x12 will still earn until they expire .I will be adding another plan 9x15=135% to replace the 12x12 you will have to surf to earn so please surf daily and can cashout daily I will keep everyone updated as I get info from my Tech Guy

the 9x15 plan has been added you may now upgrade this way please remember to surf and it pays daily as well

--- Received a note this morning from a long time reader (and follower) of mine who honored me by saying that My blog, Gord's blog and a few others inspired her to start her own. I took a peek at it and was quite impressed. Her name is Nina Redza from Malaysia and it sure looks like she's got a good handle on everything in this crazy business we do. 
I've just now added her blog to my side bar along with the others to make it easy to find in the future. 
Now remember Nina, these things take time. I recall blogging for a month or two and finally had to ask "is anyone out there?" Was happy to get my first few comments to my blog and since then, it's been fantastic! Good Luck to You and all your endeavors! 



xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

Hey Blondie ... I was also double wrapped when I got an Alertpay notification "Money Recieved" ... from who? Text Ad Brokers ... my pending payment from before the site went down. Came through only hours after their last email update. Can only be happy with that. Sometimes not jumping to the worst conclusion and just waiting it out does turn out to be a positive thing :-D

Keep smiling beautiful lady


Sider said...

Hi Blondie, about that update from Matt, you know i only joined because of the nonsurf plan and now with it gone i should be closing my account when ever it matures cos i dont have time for surfing. Problem is with his 50/50 rule i am stuck!
Just wondering what to do???

blondie said...

Well, I had 3 comments here and clicked to post them all. But only 2 went through and the 3rd disappeared. Am sorry to the 3rd person.

Good to hear payments are going out on TAB! Nice surprise eh? LOL

Sider, I'll get back to you in a minute.

blondie said...

OK back.
Sider, you only have to surf 10 sites on a 15 second timer each. And it's AUTO surf. Only took me a few minutes and I have a slow connection.

Yeah, with the 50/50 rule, you may be stuck and just need to wind down until there's not much left.

Sider said...

Most times i am always on the go and browse with my cell phone. So...ok well i'm gonna give it a try (on the phone).

blondie said...

Cool :)
Hope it works out for you.
I don't even have a cell phone. Old school here, hahaha

Sider said...

Well, no biggie afterall. Was able to surf on cell phone...was pretty fast too. Just that i'll miss some days...not bad.
Gotta go.

blondie said...

Well Sider, you don't want to miss any days surfing. I believe the expiration date does NOT change if you don't surf. So, if you don't surf, you don't earn for that day.

Nina Redza said...

Thank you for acknowledging me on your site, Blondie.I most appreciate it! I'll definitely keep at it and hope to garner a faithful group of followers like you do. It does help to have a couple of mentors for guidance.

Am really excited about TAB resuscitating again. I also received profit from them today and I withdrew only this morning.I'm buying a few more slots when it's available!

Ingrid Holland said...

well matt has not paid me since 17 off april and I never get answer. :(
I did 50% back rule

blondie said...

You're very welcome Nina and Thank you also :)
Us honest bloggers need to stick together, LOL

Ingrid, I know he's having to do those one at a time. Have you sent in a support ticket about it yet? Be sure to include your username and he should reply quickly.