Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JBP Site Unvailable... Now is Back... Now is Gone

--- Tried to check in at JustBeenPaid, but the site is down. No biggie and I'll try again later. I don't stress about these things anymore. I've learned to be careful with my money and patient when need be. 
-- Yep, it's back now. Figured it wouldn't take too long :) 
- 5:00 PM MDT: Site is offline again. Guess it's just gonna be one of those days. Not to worry and we'll just hope it's back to normal soon. 

--- Another extension on TAB and HitCrawler: http://tabsoldout.com/
Thanks for the update Jack. Not sure what to think. Argh! 

--- Why does my cat always want to sit on the mouse pad? 

--- Finished grocery shopping (eck) and now trying to learn how to download a Video from my PC. Other than that, nothing else exciting going on, so see you tomorrow. 


imran said...

its back again may be some technical fault . always follow golden rule

blondie said...

Yes I saw that too and I always do :)

Jack said...

More days added to hitcrawlers,,,,This time with an explanation.

Susan said...

Why does your cat always want to sit on the mouse pad?

1. Because it bugs you and you can't get anything done.
2. Because he gets attention that way.
3. Because it is just about the right size for his rear.
3. Because he can.

Hi Blondie! Miss you on Skype. Hope you can get it going soon. It's hard trying to keep Gord in line and we need you, LOL!

blondie said...

Thanks Jack,
That doesn't sit well with me either.

Susan, LOL
I miss our group chats too.
Get a 2 by 4 for Gord until I can get back, LOL
(ps Love the cat explanation and ur right, it's all of the above)

Jack said...

I had hired someone to write articles for me, was foolish to pay up front then later to find out she was scamming me.
She used the same exact excuse to put me off. I am not saying that this is the deal with tabsoldout,,,just saying:)
I just know that if this is a scam, they will have made a lot more people all the wiser as once bitten twice shy:)
Thanks Blondie, You're awesome!

Jenkins said...

hello, I'm having problems trying to log into tripler, wondering if it's the same for you, thanks :)

blondie said...

I hear ya Jack.
Am trying to stay neutral right now and see how it all pans out.
That's about all we can do.
No point in rocking the boat :)

blondie said...

Hi Jenkins, yes same here.
Same error I got this morning. Maybe whatever they fixed isn't totally fixed yet. Poor guys :(

Azlina A.H. said...

Hi Blondie,

I assume your skype name is blondiejudy. I would like to add you to my list of contacts if it's ok. I'm azlina007


blondie said...

Sure Azlina that's fine.
But I don't have it installed yet on this laptop.
Maybe soon :(