Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Normally a good day for me. But today, not so much. 
Blogger has been down for over 24 hours. I see they've restored everything now, including my last post from Wed, but the comments are missing. Bummer, they were good comments too. Guess I'll have to find someone else to call a "punk" in the near future, LOL 

Even though Olivia got all dressed up for the Red Wings game, wearing her Daddy's Jersey from the 'old days', they lost in game 7 last night. Well at least she enjoyed one of Detroit's famous White Castle burgers in between periods. 

--- TAB-TextAdBrokers: no idea what those guys are doing. The count down clock has changed again. Another explanation on the site as to why. I'll keep my thoughts contained until I hear more. 

--- JSS-Tripler: I'm having a ball with this one. Watching my earnings grow as I re-purchase and cash out. Definitely my # 1 pick right now :) 

--- Ad2million: over 21K in membership and still cycling and paying. Even though payments are a bit slow, if you request on a regular basis, you should be paid on a regular basis. Just remember, you have to make a purchase after you're paid, and your member area will tell you how much or how many. K 

Got home the other day and saw a big tree limb broken and pointing down on the front lawn. Wondering how that could have happened. Then I saw the fat squirrels jumping around in the tree. Hmmmm You think I'm over feeding them? I do give them UNsalted peanuts though, so that can't be it, right? 


leimer08 said...

Can you access the Ad2Million?? I'll try to access them since yesterday and up to now. I can't access the site..

blondie said...

I've been in it a few times today with no problem.
Maybe clear your browser, re-boot then try again.

Michellene said...

Looks like is up an running to some extent and there is a message on TAB that sounds promising!
Hope things work out soon!

ps: the picture is cute!

imran said...

Is that your granddaughter lovely pic, cute cute baby girl....

boblocsin said...

Hi leimer08,

I check my back office in Ad2million several times daily. The site had always loaded properly since 14 April.

If you access Ad2million from a bookmark, then delete that bookmark and make a new one. Google search Ad2million and log in from there.

I heavily promote Ad2million because I want to create a group which are aggressive in repurchasing. I provide support to my referrals regarding my repurchase strategy. That is why I take a look at my back office several times a day.

best regards,


Azlina A.H. said...

Regarding TextAdBrokers, I'm been reading up on the various forums and it seems that some people are getting refunds on their positions back into Alertpay.

If they are really scammers, that is certainly a strange thing to do, don't you think?

Just my 2 cents worth...
We'll see what happens tomorrow

blondie said...

Hey Mich, Thanks
Actually saw the link in the forum before I read your note. Appreciated!

Imran, yes. That is my grand daughter and yes, she is cute :)

Boblo, thanks for the added info.

Azlina, yes I've read about the refunds also. Still scratching my head over that. Not sure what the reason could have been.