Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Surf in Town

--- For you surf fans out there, I joined GlobalSurfPro last night after getting a heads-up of it's opening from a good Monitor friend of mine. He tells me the Admin is a lifetime member of the MMG forum so am hoping to see him pop in there to post. 
To get right to the point, the details are: 
- 3 Plans - all are manual surf 
- Surf 15 pages on a 15 second timer 
- 2.9% x 40 days - min upgrade $10, cashout daily
- 2.9% x 45 days - min upgrade $50, cashout at expiry 
- 2.9% x 50 days - min upgrade $100, cashout at expiry 
- Up to 5% referral commission 
- Advertise 1-7 sites 
- Pay Processors are STP, LR and PM
- Get 100 credits for joining 
- Cashout 3 times a week 
So there you have it. Simple and straight forward.  
Officially Opened TODAY. Was in soft launch yesterday for testing. 
Was a little confused when I saw the 'wallet' in my member area, so I went right into "Upgrade" to buy my spots. Worked like a charm. 
I personally went with Plan 1 (the daily cashout) even though I used STP and the fees are higher than the others. I don't plan to cashout that often and I had more STP sitting around than LR. 
OK then, take a peek if you're interested and I'll BBL.

Oh one more thing, I was having a problem viewing certain parts of the back office and mentioned it in the MMG forum. Next thing I know, the Admin is writing to my gmail wanting to help me figure out what's wrong. Wow, what a nice guy! Now that's what I call good Customer Service, and I didn't even have to ask!

--- JSS / JustBeenPaid sent me a $15 Sponsor Payment for my referrals upgrading their JBP Membership for 3 months. 

Thanks Guys! Appreciate ever one of you!
Also received an RC notice of my referrals referral buying 48 positions in the Tripler. So you see, even if you don't have a lot to start with ... if you can grab a referral or two and they 'do their thing' ... it's pretty awesome! 
PS, payouts are still happening in 24-36 hours :) 

--- McFads: getting back into the groove of surfing there, even though I don't "have to" yet. Once my current 12x12's expire, I will need to upgrade into a different plan, ALL of which require surfing now. So might as well chalk up a few more 'credits' and get back into the habit... while struttin my stuff of course. (stuff = advertising :) 

OK am otta here. Need to go buy some plants/flowers for my front yard. It's looking kind of drab and needs some of that summertime color. 
Have a great day! 


Tygress said...

HEllo Blondie,

Is this the new program you have been talking about?

Please let me know.

Best regards


blondie said...

No Tygress, this is not the one I've been waiting for for months, lol
The other one will not be a surf.
Take care :)