Friday, May 20, 2011

Sit Tight ...

--- I'm getting a lot of questions about the JSS-Tripler program. So let me take a few minutes to write up the steps on logging in and purchasing Tripler positions. Give a holler if you need help, OK?

--- Anyone notice Ad2million's banner is gone from my site?? 
Story coming soon.

--- Got a long letter from TAB - TextAdBrokers about what's been happening. You should have received it to your Alert Pay email if you also joined and bought in. Guess I should go read it now. (Sry I just got home from a grocery store / cat food run).

Gord, you're a sweetheart. Was just sitting here thinking "what should I write about TAB?, then I read your blog post. So knowing that you don't mind one bit, I'm going to borrow it. I just haven't had enough time today to think about much. Thanks :) 

"Well... I almost fell off my office chair. I also received an update
from TextAdBrokers and apparently their hosting gave them the
boot for going against their terms. I've seen this before so I know
the headache that can cause. Lost data is the biggest issue and 
they expect to recover that. Meanwhile, they suggest registering
on their HitCrawler site. I'll have to look at that again before adding
any more information about it. Presently there are many complaints
gone into Alertpay where members want their funds back and
that could hamper the whole operation if Alertpay decides to act.

On TAB's defense they did communicate with Alertpay and explain 
their technical issues and now it's wait to see how that all plays out 
over the next few days and probably into next week where it's a holiday
weekend here in Canada where Alertpay is based.



tony said...

hi judy,looking forward to your STORY on ad2mill , for me i have been involved since day one,and it has been a good payer,but i have supported the program too with referrals and reinvests,now its just the right time to move on to better opportunities,let ad2mill play out and move on to the next one,thats how it goes in this hyip world,some i think dont accept that,just my opinion,dont doubt most think i am totally wrong :)Have you ever thought of adding a chat box to your blog? good work judy,cute grand daughter!

blondie said...

Hi Tony,
I launched ad2m back in Aug. So I guess you could say I've supported it and brought in lots of referrals also.

Chat box? No. I have enough trouble keeping up with comments sometimes.

Yes my grand daughter IS cute, thank you.

Have a lovely evening.

Tara's blog said...

Hello Blondie this is my first comment on your blog however I frequent this blog..I am patiently waiting for your post concerning Ad2million..Sorry to hear about what happened.Enjoy your weekend

blondie said...

Hi and Thanks Tara,
Tomorrow I should be back to 'work' here and will have time to write.
Have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you noticed or not Judy, but I joined your JSS Tripler a few days ago, but I caught this terrible flu/cold and have just not had the strength to read up on it and see exactly what I have to do.
I just saw you posted something about writing the steps involved, so I'll wait for that. lol
Sorry, but I still feel crappy.

I'm also anxious to hear your Ad2m story.


blondie said...

I did notice Tree and wondered what happened after that.

Hopefully tomorrow is OK with the steps. I was just logging off for dinner, tv and bed.

You won't believe it when I tell you about ad2m. But I have ideas that I may throw in just to make it more interesting, hehe

You get some rest and I'll catch you tomorrow.
Can't remember your email addy but I'll try to find it.
Night :)

Ingrid Holland said...

I am really curious what you have to tell about ad2m??!!! greetz Ingrid

Anonymous said...

I am really curious about what you have to tell about AD2M Tell!! ?! :)
Greetz Ingrid

Anjki said...

Hi Judy. I'm looking forward to your story and I hope its good news. Or else I don't think I'll be able to sleep at night. I mean there had been too many changes in ad2million ever since I joined. And the money I spent for the investment already cost a lot here in my country.

blondie said...

Story coming today about ad2m.
It's NOT good news for me. It's just a story of how my account got DELETED.

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy

Just sent you an email. All went well. I am now, officially a member of JSSTripler! Some people will probably say, "took you long enough" LOL. I never really looked into it before. Hope it does well and lasts a long while!
Thanks for all your help.


blondie said...

Thanks Tree, yes I saw that.
Have got my head wrapped around my blog post for today, so as soon as I'm done, I'll answer your other questions.
Cool :)