Sunday, May 22, 2011

Will The Real Hacker Please Stand Up?

Well after reading this morning that I'm a Hacker, I couldn't help but laugh. 
For those of you who are members in Ad2Million, I'm sure you can't miss the latest headlines. 

So let me think about this for minute ... 
- Carrie asked me to Launch ad2million for her. 
- I did that, and it took off very well. 
- I purchased and repurchased and cashed out. 
- Answered questions right and left from members in my blog comments, emails and in the Forum (for almost 9 months) who didn't understand how it worked or what to do next. 
- Brought in over 300 members and had over 300 positions. 

Hang on ... am drawing a blank now. 
Ummm Nope. That's about covers all of it. 

Is that how you're playing the game too? 
Does that warrant being called a hacker? 
I think not, and if ad2m were a real business, I might actually be angry about it. LOL 

So by being removed from the program, well, let's think about that too. 
She gets to keep the RC from 300+ members. 
She doesn't need to pay any of my pending withdrawals (that I had worked very hard for). 
And she's got a list of some very good promoters (who had signed under me).  
Now ... see the subject line again.  

I've been blogging for over 3-1/2 years now. I was here before ad2million started and I'll be here after ad2m bites the dust.

Of course I make money online. That's what I do. But I have never in my life hacked anything or anyone. 

Now if Carrie feels the need to blame others for her programs problems rather than listening to members with an open ear, so be it. But this nonsense of calling me a hacker is just ridiculous. 

I honestly don't have any more time to waste on this. I have more important things to do than react to such silliness. 
Although, it might help a LOT with my Alexa Ratings, LOL 

I'll be back to regular real work here tomorrow. 
Have a great evening :) 

Reminder about comments here: am sure ad2m admin and staff are reading my blog. Be careful what you post so you don't end up being a hacker too. hahaha 

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