Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Countdown ... again

--- OK, latest countdown clock for TAB and Hitcrawler:
Now, if you go to you'll get a sneak peak of it all, I think. They haven't given us much information yet, but I saw this link in the forum so am guessing that could be the place? If not, then This waiting has been annoying so I hope we see something productive soon.

JSS-Tripler: such a breath of fresh air. And to think, I gave my sponsor a hard time about it before I joined. Silly me, it's turned out wonderful!! This morning I received another payout from them and bought myself 5 more positions. I don't have a lot compared to some but I do play within my own comfort level to keep my sanity. 
For you newbies in the Tripler, the JSS-SynergySurf works like a "wallet". You fund that first, then you can log into the Tripler and buy your positions from there.

--- Ad2million: oh goody! Look what I just got:
Date: May 14, 2011
Amount Sent: $125.00 USD
Sender Name:
OK then, off to make a new purchase. 

--- On Thursday I asked Gord to buy me a new $40 board in the K-Game, which he did, and today I cashed out my account balance in GBC. I've gotten into a regular habit of purchasing one $40 board per month and withdrawing what's left. Working out great for me!

--- I miss John. He would have helped me figure out my new computer problems for sure. This is harder than I wanted it to be. Everything I try to download is either a corrupt file (firefox) or not a valid Win32 application (skype). (big sigh) Cheers JS, am thinking about you. 

--- Update from McFads
"I never seen so many people confused in my entire life as I read in forums about the 50/50 rule and you wonder why I stopped posting in forums geesh ,ok here is the deal we will make it easy for everyone here now all prior and future cashouts have a 50/50 rule you must repurchase 50% of your cashout before being paid now and yes if you now have a pending from 4 days ago this applies to you I\'m sorry to be so harsh but all the members are trying to avoid the 50/50 rule and this way it makes it fair to all members ,I have also enabled LR so feel free to upgrade thru LR now and on a side note if I don\'t get enough members support I will simply close the site and Issue refunds to all non-profit members with in 60 days
PS: Please don\'t send in support tickets or PM\'S on forums reguarding this issue I have made my mind up
Sounds like somebody pissed in his Cheerios today. 
Well, it is what it is. Guess we should thank those who complained or sent in multiple support tickets. Idiots! 

The End :) 


Azlina A.H. said...

There seems to be a new repurchase strategy required for ad2million to continue getting paid. That is ON TOP of the forced new purchase strategy. is live but I'm not sure of its' relationship with

Have a good weekend, my dear.

Marc Ed said...

Thanks for your update about JSS Tripler and Ad2Million. I'm a member of both sites prior to becoming a regular reader of your daily blogs, and it's good to get updates from you. I saw your blog link before in the Ad2Million home page, so that's how I found you. I know I'm not allowed to promote anything here, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a new triple program very similar to Ad2Million and JSS Tripler that was just recently launched. It has a little over 1000 members already. I'm a member already, but I figured it be great to see daily updates from you regarding the program if ever you join. I have contacts with the admin of the site through a common friend. Please let me know if you would like to get more details about the site. Thanks! :)

hammadkhan said...

HI BLondie,
I hope u will help me in this matter,
I have been paid $ 22.00 on 2011-05-11 in ad2million and immediately purchased the required number of positions.
And before that payout i also have another payment which is still in pending , so now i have been paid once and 2 payments are pending.
Today when i login to ad2million, I read that I have been required to repurcahse 1 positions and withdrawals disabled has been written.
I dont understand why is this.When i got my 1st payment of 22 dollars i immediately purchased 1 position and after that all of my payouts are on pending so why i m required to repurchase 1 more position, and other thing is that my balance is 7 dollars and it says that i m required to repurchase 1 position in order to cycle further, but how can i repurchase when my balance is less than 10$
plz reply me.

Sider said...

Guess with the new 50/50 rule it's now safe to join McfAds?

blondie said...

Thanks for the heads-up on ad2m Azlina. Am thinking about it now.

Marc Ed: that's what my gmail account is for. Just don't send unpersonalized spam. Thx

hammadkhan: you should still continue to cycle in ad2m and once you're at $10, you can repurchase. I read that it's just the withdraws disabled until repurchasing is done. Not the cycling. Check again.

Sider: you would think so, but I wonder how many people will now 'wind down' their purchases rather than adding to them or keeping the same flow. I'm rethinking it myself.


hammadkhan said...

Nice to see ur reply, I m feeling relax now :)
I m waiting for tomorrow to increase my earnings beyond 10 dollars so that i be able to repurchase the required 1 position.However I did purchased 1 position from alertpay but still requirement stands.
So have to wait for tomorrow :)
Thanks again