Thursday, May 19, 2011

Morning :)

Woke up to see Snow covered mountains today. It rained hard here yesterday, had some hail too. And me like a dummy, forgot my gutter was plugged. So I asked the higher up for 15 minutes of no rain so I could get outside and unplug that gutter before it totally flooded around the house. Well believe it not, I got my wish. It stopped raining long enough to get the ladder and do my thing. By the way, that was real hard on me. I am afraid of heights and I had to climb up 6 ladder steps, twice, cause I forgot the gadget to unplug the gutter the first time. Geez :(   

--- Purchasing another 5 spot in JSS-Tripler today. I'm spacing them out so that when they start 'maturing', I won't be stuck buying too many at once in order to keep the same cash flow coming in. 

--- I'm gonna borrow a post I just read in the MMG forum for Ad2Million
"It makes sense to me now as well !!
So depending on your AP purchase and repurchasing habits, prior to the mandatory requirements, the automated system will adjust your AP purchase and repurchasing requirements now. So, we will revert to 20% and 30% once we've purchased and repurchased to an acceptable level. Sounds fair and have no problem with it.

Yep agreed. Thanks Allan for saying it so clearly :) 
I logged in today and was asked to re-purchase 6 more positions. And that's fine. I had the funds available and I don't mind helping with the program. Also received a nice RC today, Thanks to my downline!  
Your direct referral has spent $ 370.00 and
you have received a direct commission of 
$ 37.00!

--- Was surprised to see an AP payment from GrandBankClub today for one of my 40 board k-game spots moving through the game. Thanks Gord for the $25 buckaroos! 

--- Waiting on McFads to "mature" my non-surf plan so I can make a new spend and request a payout. But I'll be patient as Matt checks it out. 

--- I was asked by an Admin to promote his Surf Site today. I checked it out and noticed that he's been banned from the forum for "multiple usernames". Well that didn't sit well with me, LOL. Ummmm I think I'll pass. 



Will Beaver said...

Thank you Blondie for all that you do to try to bring some clarity to the subject of withdrawals from Ad2Million. I have never known anything quite so confusing! Even though I have made regular withdrawal requests, the last one was received on 1st May, and according to the timetable in my backoffice the next one is due on 31st May. So there's a gap of a full month! I think it's because of the various changes that occured in the payout schedule, but I've given up trying to understand it. After 31st they should come along regularly, and if that happens I'll be very happy! (:-) Will

blondie said...

Hi Will,
Yeah, no point in trying to understand. Just go with the flow and follow the instructions is about all we can do.
Happy future payments to you!
I'm looking forward to a few myself.
Take care now :)

allanz said...

Youre welcome, Blondie !! After i read the note posted yesterday, all of a sudden a light went off in my head and i understood what was happening in our accts.

Regarding the surf site you were asked to promote.....i think you made the right call. When people use multiple usernames, theyre obviously trying to fool people for one reason or another....not a great beginning for a site.

blondie said...

Thanks again Allan for simplifying it for me (and others). Happy cycling to you!

Yes, I get approached from time to time to 'promote' something, but if it looks bad, it probably is.

Later (wave)

Jack said...

I got this tweet from a guy I know on Twitter as he too shelled out some cash to hitcrawlers.."Latest is that Google is trying to stop them with legal action and they're fighting back. That's the story. More in few days."
Take from it what you wish,,as I don't know...
Thanks Blondie!

blondie said...

So the plot thickens at TAB.
I don't know either.
Thanks for the report Jack :)

danish said...

Re: ad2millions
Hi Judy,
For the first time I am really ticked at ad2m.
I just had a withdrawl paid. The request for that withdrawl was made before the rule changes. So...the facts. Withdrawl was made/& paid for $49. In order to continue I had to pay for two more positions through Alertpay. So be it, have had to do that before. BUT, then I had to re-purchase 3 positions from my account balance. That's another $30. So I get a $49 withdrawl and then have to buy $50 in positions to continue???
WTF is this?
It's not as if I haven't been re-purchasing positions on a continual and regular basis, I have...from the time I joined the program back in Aug. 2010.
I have sent an e-mail to support with all of the above facts.
I loaned my grand-daughter some money to get started in this so that she might accumulate some cash to help her with her University expenses in the fall. At this bloody rate, she'll end up owing them money. I have quit promoting this program.
End of Rant.
Dave Robertson

blondie said...

Sounds like a legitimate gripe to me. Wonder what kind of response you'll get from ad2m? I'd enjoying seeing that too, if not here then in a private email. OK
I can't say much else right now but may to able to soon. We'll see how it goes. And you know, when I get talking, I DO talk.
Cheers and hope your evening gets better :)

danish said...

Will keep you updated as to their reply...for sure.

Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Glad you got your gutters done and be careful on that ladder. It sounds like you have a variety of different weather. I thought we had a big variety too but you might have more.

I think Ad2million is really confusing too and I'm glad I have you in my corner to straighten me out. As long as they pay and it keeps cycling, I guess I can't complain.

Have a great weekend!

Randy V

angelina said...

Do you think Ad2million or JSS Tripler is a better program ?

angelina said...

What do you mean TAB is fighting it ? They want to run or stay open ?

blondie said...

Thanks Randy,
We're the State that runs air conditioners and snow blowers on the same day. You just never know around here what's next.

Angelina, I'll answer your question to me later. And I'll let Jack answer the other one IF he comes back.

Jack said...

I received a letter from TAB..Has anyone else received it?
If not, it is quite long but detailed on what has been happening..
Blondie if you have not received it, let me know and I will forward it to you.

blondie said...

Thanks Jack,
Just got home and about to read it myself.

angelina said...

Hi ! Do you think Ad2million or JSS Tripler is a better program ,money wise ?

blondie said...

I'm not a member of Ad2million any longer. Will write about it today. JSS-Tripler is doing GREAT! FYI

angelina said...

Thanks !!!