Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clarification of the Ad2M New Strategy

A reader of my blog asked specifically about his account in Ad2Million, and received the below as a response. Didn't answer his question but maybe it'll give us a better idea of how this is going to play out. (Thanks Bill for sending that). Looks like a generic response written up for those who ask: 

Total 50% Re-Purchase Requirements.

A. There are 2 Parts involved for each Withdrawal Request.

1. The First is the Mandatory position purchase through AlertPay which amounts to 30% of the total withdrawal PAID to the member. You will always have available funds in your AlertPay account to purchase the required positions as you will not be requested to purchase new positions until AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN PAID on your withdrawal request by ad2million admin. This 30% structure is all automated. If you fail to complete this simple AlertPay task your account positions will cease to cycle until such time as you complete the purchase request. Trust that this is clear.

2. The Second Part involves the member making additional position purchases internally using your account balance. An indicator will appear that reads WITHDRAWAL BUTTON DISABLED. This feature is also automated and requests that the member purchase the remaining 20% from their account balance which runs the total on both withdrawal parts to the required 50% number. If you dont have ample funds in your account balance to make this purchase DO NOT WORRY as your positions will still continue to cycle and your account balance will continue to grow. When your balance is large enough you can then purchase the requested positions. Your WITHDRAWAL BUTTON will appear again allowing you to make further withdrawal requests.

The above is ALL NECESSARY in order for this program to remain strong and function smoothly over the long haul.

So I'll report when my next payment comes through because this is obviously not working with those percentages yet. Hang on, grabbing a comment... 
Just got paid again a few hours ago. I was asked to purchase 50% of my AlertPay cash out and 1 ad position from my cash balance. The funny thing is, I purchased 6 ad positions using my cash balance a few hours before I got paid. So, it meant that my earlier purchase did not count towards the 2nd mandatory requirement.
Thanks for the update Roberto :) 

--- Is TAB/TextAdBrokers gonna be a bust? A scam from the get go?? You know I don't use that word loosely but things are NOT looking good from where I sit. Of course the TOP Promoter is still telling folks to wait and see what happens. Well sure he is. He's made tons already just from RC and doesn't want to look bad. I did make a few dollars between the 'income' they gave and a little RC, and with most of that I bought another position. Duh. 
But as they say... It's not over till the Fat Lady Sings and I don't hear her singing yet. So maybe all this wait time WILL turn out OK? If not, I apologize for telling you about it and certainly wouldn't have if I didn't think it was real. 

--- McFads: tomorrow I believe will be when my next 12x12 expires. So I'll wait for that to happen, then request the payout, then go back in purchase a new ad pack for 50% or more of my pending payout. That's the way to do it with the new 50/50 Rule. 

--- JSS-Tripler: just requested another payment from them. As I mentioned before, I am reeeeeealy enjoying this one! 

--- To the bone heads sending SPAM to my Alert email, STOP wasting your time. I don't even open your stupid ad's. I just click Report Spam, that fast! If somebody wants to talk to me, they know how. If they have to be sneaky about it, they're probably promoting a SCAM anyway. Idiots! 

--- Hey it's Raining! Yippee!!! 


Sider said...

Matt at McfAds should have adopted the A2M strategy of cashing out first and then purchasing back 50% from what has been PAID! Makes more sense to me that way, don't you think?
I mean, think about it...you have to always keep some cash in your AP or LR to purchase and then when you get paid you still keep part if not all of it again in order to meet up the requirement of next payment (which normally increases). So, no profit :(

blondie said...

No Sider, I do not agree.
First off, you're comparing apples to oranges.

Once Matt pays you, assuming you have only 1 ad-pack in McFads, what's your incentive to come back? Nothing.

Once Ad2m pays you, you've still got money in there working for you and you want to be paid again.

Matt doesn't have ad packs that NEVER expire. Ad2M does so Carrie is also holding your money hostage until you put some back.

And for me personally, I always keep some AP around just in case I need it for something, LOL

Ingrid said...

Does Mc fads qiuted his job?. My pack expired 16 may and I invested 50 % back but I still cannot ask withdraw? Any news about this Blondy? Is he gone on holiday or so? Greetz Ingrid. I don't get a ticket answered also strange

blondie said...

No Ingrid, he didn't quit. McFads is still open :)
As a matter of fact, he just sent an email to all members that said:

"Hello Blondie
we are still working on some script issues I have fixed most accounts that had not matured right now if you expect to earn RC you must have a active adpack looks like the script is not reflecting this to past upgraded members and is adding RC to there accounts still so please have a active adpack if you request RC,also RC are not paid instant please refer to our FAQ

If your adpack is NOT showing expired yet, you cannot withdraw. Keep checking the site for when it shows as Expired. I know he was having a problem with that part of it.

P├ętaK.. said...

Thanks for posting the Rules, v. clear and easy to follow.

PetaK. .

blondie said...

You're very welcome PetaK :)

boblocsin said...

Hi Judy,

I was asked to purchase again 1 ad position using my cash balance. The following seems to be the procedure:

1. The 2nd mandatory repurchase starts when you get paid.

2. It is a daily thing after it gets started - 20% of what you earn for the day

Point to ponder: If rounding off is reset every time you re-purchase, you will not have any cash balance to withdraw if you have less than 50 ad positions.

When you combine the 1st and the 2nd mandatory rule, you need to reach 100 ad-positions to have some cash left after getting paid.

Try to reach 100 ad positions as fast as you can by using all your daily earnings. This has been the strategy I had been pushing since I started promoting Ad2million last February. If you had not been doing it, this is the time to follow the strategy.

Gord said...

G'Day Judy,

Looks like the 50/50 rule is becoming a trend. A few programs I am in have adopted the rule. Fine by me and if it extends the life of a program...all the better.

In A2M I'm just following the stratgey that the Missus puts in my backoffice. If she wants me to do a jig in my boxers to get paid... I can comply...no problem.

Good to see your Blog back in action after Blogger had a hiccup a few days ago.

Keep it real.

Rain! Everyday this month except for one and that's just a memory.


Martyn said...

Raining? You should be living in Scotland, it never stops here..

blondie said...

Boblo, I disagree.
First, she's not treating each account the same. So how could anyone suggest a strategy for all to use?
When she placed the new repurchase rule into effect, I repurchased at that time. I have NOT had to repurchase since.
Also reading in the forum posts, people are still having to buy NEW 50% of their payout, and not 30%. Then they have to repurchase as well.
Kind of puts a damper on any profit you earn. Anyway ... I'm expecting another payment by the 20th. I'll report on what happens after that.

--Oh Gord doing a jig in his boxers. Now that's something to look forward to. LOL

--Martyn, it's very dry where I live and we pay a LOT for water. So any rain that comes through is very appreciated!