Friday, May 6, 2011


How you doin today? I'm OK I guess. Didn't sleep well again, too many nightmares that wake me up like a panic attack. Hope tonight is better. 

--- Requested a payment from JSS-Tripler today, which am sure I'll receive tomorrow. I've been going back n forth with them. Once I get to a certain level of earnings, I cash-out. Next time I purchase. Next cash out etc. It's working great as I'm building my own account plus putting money in the bank. 

--- Ad2million: seeing some big payments posted here and there. One of them for over $1,000. Nice!! My next one is 'due' on May 8th. Will let ya know when that comes through. 

--- MaFads: had to ask Matt today Not to pay me so fast. Last time he paid faster than I could click 2 different withdraw buttons! So today, I wanted to make sure he waited so I could get paid my Expired Non-Surf plus some RC together. Well, saving 25 cents in AP was the reason. They get enough of my money already.  
PS, I did get paid and put it all back in for a new non-surf plan. 

Not feeling very talkative or opinionated today. Maybe am just too sleepy to give a rats ass. Going out to get some fresh air and try to wake up. 


celticboy said...

Hi Judy, sorry your not feeling your normal chirpy self...heres wishing you a fabtabulous weekend, take care

blondie said...

Thanks Brian,
Feeling a little better now after being outside for a few.
Nice and windy today :o

celticboy said...

Hi Judy, afraid i may have been a naughty boy over at MMG (speaking my my mind about A2M)
Sorry Judy, but at least it should raise a few laughs (grin )

celticboy said...

By the way Judy, when you replied "nice and windy" was that you or the weather? in that mood

blondie said...

I read your post and I smiled :) Other than that, no comment. Sometimes I wonder why people write what they write. Not you necessarily, hehe

Windy outside. While walking into the stores, I twisted my hair so that it didn't blow around. Ended up looking like a candy cane cause it's different shades of blonde and ... lighter.

hammadkhan said...

Hi Blondie,
I want to ask abt the jss tripler. I have not invested in it yet.want to ask that does it works same as a2m.and also when we withdraw in tripler , do we also have to reinvest back or what ....
I find the justbeenpaid website very difficult, they have very difficult navigation.It looks a newspaper where u dont know what to read and what not to.This is the only negative i see for tripler.and ways reply :)

blondie said...

Hello Hammadkhan,
In the Tripler, you do NOT need to repurchase with 50% like in ad2m.
You do earn 2% daily, up to 150% ROI and minimum cash out is $20.
Yes the site is very cluttered with information. If you need any further directions, let me know in an email.
Have a good weekend :)

deb520 said...

Thanks for that Blondie. I looked and looked and could not find the min. withdrawal = $20. Off to change my spreadsheet. lol

Hope you slept well last nite.

hammadkhan said...

sure i will ask abt the tripper ,,,
DO let us know when u receive payment from trippler so that we make sure that trippler pays faster than ad2m :)

blondie said...

You're welcome Deb :)
I don't recall reading it either but learned when I first joined.

Updated todays post about being paid from the Tripler.
They pay very fast right now and I've been paid several times.

Bo said...

Hey deb,
I was wondering if you could send me that spreadsheet of yours? :)
Especially if it is something like the one spreadsheet i saw for ad2m for best strategy!

blondie said...

Bo, Deb may not check back here again. Are you still in MMG? I know she's a member there.