Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SNAFU plus a little more info re: ad2m

You do know what that is right? 
Situation Normal All F'd Up. lol 

Ad2million: after posting the rules yesterday, I was hoping all accounts would be treated the same so that we really would know what was going to happen after we receive a payment. If I had KNOWN there would be an addition to what I posted yesterday, I wouldn't have lost it this morning.

But you know, a program of this magnitude should not be a guessing game. We've got thousands of members in it now who would All like to know "how to earn money?". And what do you tell them? 'Follow the Instructions'.

Don't get me wrong. I love this program BUT I'd like to know what's going to happen after I receive a payment. That's only fair.
PS, of course I'll still "go with the flow", just wish I understood it.
PPS, if you read my blog earlier, just chalk it up as one of Blondie's PMS moments, LOL 

***Just got back online after a thunderstorm. 
Besides the information I posted yesterday, which I thought was very clear and right to the point ... let me add this today (from Carrie) and perhaps it will make more sense: (then I can chill out a little) lol 

"NOTE: If you have never re-purchased or re-purchased very few positions prior to our mandatory requirement coming into effect then your percentage requirement may be higher than the 30% mentioned in Part One. EXAMPLE ...A member has made several withdrawals over time from the system but has neglected to purchase any or very few new positions in order to balance the withdrawals. For these members the percentage will be higher until such time as the system gets back in balance. Make sense? Our automated script determines the correct percentage for each members account.

Keep the program simple. Just follow the instructions that appear on your account screen and you WILL MAKE MONEY.

The above is ALL NECESSARY in order for this program to remain strong and function smoothly over the long haul.



--- Moving on to things I understand more ... JSS-Tripler paid me a $5 sponsor payment last night and my withdraw request of $43.50 this morning. Now that's what I'm talkin about :) YaY and Thank You! 

--- Waiting for my Ad-Packs to expire in McFads today. Once they do, I'll request the payment. Purchase new at least 50% of my 'pending'. Then I should be paid within the written time frame. Thanks Matt (ahead of time). 

--- Well lookie here:
Top Sponsor with over 200 referrals has sent out a SCAM warning about TAB/TextAdBrokers. I could add one more RED FLAG to his list, but I won't (roll eyes). At least he gives instructions for contacting Alert Pay to file a dispute, if you choose to do so. 
Me? I'm just gonna hang out and see what happens. I knew the risk of the $25 going in and I didn't overspend my budget. So I'll continue to update if I see anything happening, or not. 


Lori said...

Blondie, I agree with you! I was so surprized and bewildered.

blondie said...

Lori, I just added another piece to the puzzle today. :)

Tommy said...

hi, I was wondering why you weren't involved in the HYIP types of programs? I was looking on your favorite blog lists and clicked the first one, Beaver's passive profit, to me the HYIP programs seems very confusing and have no idea how they function :)

blondie said...

Yeah, Will Beaver's a good guy. Everyone in my list are good people.
HYIP's take a long time to earn and I've not had good luck with them.
Too many of them these days are SCAMS and we all end up losing.

imran said...

Hi Blondie,
I have raised Transaction dispute for TAB in alertpay.Thanks for your post it had helped me much. I am fed up seeing there countdown timer going on and on.

Frank said...

ciao Blondie, su Ad2million è permesso dal regolamento avere più di 1 account? thanks, Frank

Bo said...

Hey Blondie...
So I just got paid from ad2million...$49 and I had to buy back 1 position and since my account balance was $156, I had to repurchase 3 new positions.


imran said...

hi ,

Now TAB has again increased there time now i am sure they are SCAM

blondie said...

imran, thanks for the update and I do hope you get your funds back from AP.

Frank, English please.

Hey Bo, that sounds like an OK deal. Cool :)

angelina diantonio said...

How long do we have to get our funds back from TAB ? I found this link : Is this textads ?

blondie said...

I don't have a clue what's going on with TAB other than it's not looking good.
As far as doing an AP Transaction Dispute, I think you have 30 days from the time of your spend.
But in 30 days, who knows how much of their account could be cleaned out IF they are in fact just Scamming.