Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Hump Day

From the top: 
--- Just bought 5 more positions in JSS-Tripler using my earnings plus RC. I got into this later than some, Apr 3rd, so the first ones bought won't be expiring for awhile. Remember these do expire at 150%, which is a smart number. Here's a nice update from them: 
Purchases of new JSS-Tripler positions continue at higher levels needed for healthy growth. Monday was a new record, and Tuesday a close second. JSS-Tripler membership has now grown to 3,285 -- more than 100 new members a day!
That's just one of the 20 paragraphs they normally send, LOL 

--- Ad2million: over the 19K member mark. Wonder if we'll have more changes after we hit 20K? Hell I'm surprised that I'm still earning on my first positions bought on Aug 26th. Well, am not gonna dwell on that. As long as everything is growing and paying, fine by me. 

--- Don't forget that the new TextAdBrokers is On Hold for a few more days. 

--- Am trying to download Skype (again) as we speak. Wish me luck, LOL 
Also am in the mood for housecleaning. Now that doesn't happen very often, and I have lots of dust to prove it, so I best get my butt in gear and seize the moment. 
*Much later in the day ... after yet another skype crash and burn, finally googled Skype for Windows7. Found a good blog where I read about problems just like mine. Seems that Win7 can't handle the newest Skype. So now I'll try to download an older version (since the 'chat' is all I use it for anyway). Argh! It's been a long journey and I need to see the end of it now!! 

--- One last thing: my apologies if your comment didn't get published on Sunday or Monday. There was a 'window' where I couldn't get to my blog or the comments section, so it was as frustrating for me as it was for you... maybe even more. But once I could connect, I saw a lot of the same type of comment, so decided to pick and choose which to post. 
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the comments here! But too many questions just can't get answered that fast. Remember I have my gmail account listed under my picture. That would be a faster way to get answers if I'm online. OK :) 


Martyn said...

Hi Judy, You mentioned something about your positions expirering? I don't remember reading anything about that, is there any way of finding out? Thanks

blondie said...

Hey Martyn,
No there's nothing about it to read. I was just thinking that they should expire eventually to keep more money in the system. So it was just me thinking out loud :)

kiancholo said...

hi blondie,
carbon profits is no longer active anymore?


blondie said...

Nope, Carbon is gone :(
I really thought it would last longer than it did but I suppose it just ran it's course. They all do you know.
Take care!

Azlina A.H. said...

Hi blondie,
As we all prepare for textadbrokers' grand return, I wonder if you've heard of anyone still getting refunds from synergy money?

blondie said...

I haven't heard much about Synergy lately except rumor has it, the Admin's computer is broke. Maybe that's why he's been so quiet?