Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Thinkin ...

- Please don't post comments in blog posts that are almost a month old. If you have me bookmarked, make sure it ends in .com and nothing after that, else you won't see any new posts from me which make it hard for you to keep up. Thanks :) 

- Was busy all day yesterday with the flowers and the grass and all that fun outdoor stuff. Looks pretty darn good today, even though I'm beat. 

- I've decided enough is enough. It's been a week since Carrie at Ad2Million decided to play games and try to slander me. So I've asked her to remove my name completely from the site. Now, whether it gets done or not will tell you something about her nature. I've done nothing wrong and I can prove it. Besides, don't you think showing nothing about me would be smarter than what she wrote?, especially since 1) it made no sense and 2) people know me a lot better than they'll ever know her. 

- Checked my totals at JBP-JSS Tripler today and realized I've made more in less than 2 months than I did in another cycler during it's first 4 months. And I got into JBP later than some, so am quite happy about all that! Thanks for paying for my flowers Fred, Carl and members. They look great! LOL 

- McFads: received a small RC payment today. Tomorrow my next non-surf will expire and I am prepared for the 50% purchase rule. Have been surfing again too, just to get back into the groove. 

- GlobalSurfPro: I used STP in that one and STP has been offline for a while. Noticed it's coming back slowly so I'll probably receive the payment I requested once it's all back to normal. Remember this is brand New IF you're into surfing. If not well, wait for the next one, LOL 

- Going to see the baby tonight. I hear that 'ah-oh' is her word of the week. Wonder if my camera will work on this laptop? I'll try it, IF I can get her to sit still for a picture. 
Later :) 


Will Beaver said...

Hi Blondie, I've been somewhat "out of the loop" for the past few weeks as I was on vacation and then had a very nasty cold that laid me low for a couple of weeks. Just getting myself back together now. I was amazed and disgusted to see the way you were treated by the admin of Ad2Million after all you did for her, especially in the early stages. It looks like jealousy or spite to me, and reflects very badly on her. Certainly you've done nothing to be ashamed of. Quit the contrary! Anyway there are plenty other fish in the sea, and I'm glad to see you've moved on. Certainly she should remove the references to you from the website. Just thinking that it may not be around that much longer any way --- my pendings have been moved on another five days, Best Regards, Will.

blondie said...

Thanks Will and I do hope you're feeling better now :)

Am hoping my readers keep me informed about the site since I'm not a member and can't view the back office.
But if I remain in her News, I feel I have no choice but to post daily about the program.

It still puzzles me why she would try to hurt me when I did so much for her and the program.