Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TAB Updates etc

--- Those who don't get the "redirect" from the TAB / TextAdBrokers site, please see this: http://tabsoldout.com/
Also Peter Bennett (who was the #1 sponsor last time I checked in TAB), had this to say: 
Tom wrote: "Here is what Peter Bennett said in his blog (below) today which refers to two support ticket replies about who the owner of textadbrokers is...."http://www.internationalpassiveincome.com/Daily_Blog.html
(Thanks Tom for sending that to me :) 
And... thanks for all the comments and information that you all sent. I'm not going to freak out nor get excited until something else actually happens. And no, I didn't join this under P. Bennett. He's doing well enough without me. 
So let's just look forward to Friday. That's what I'm gonna do. 

--- Got another requested payment from the JSS-Tripler today along with a $15 commission auto-sent from them yesterday. Cool Beans :) 

---  Ad2million: meant to mention this earlier but I was so balled up here, kind of slipped my mind. The very first purchase I made there on Opening Day - Aug 26, 2010 has cycled more than 250 times now. Meaning I've gotten back over $50 on that first $10 spend. Honestly, I was kind of hoping Carrie would 'expire' those positions, but ... I'm not the one running it so hope she's doing what's best for the program. 

--- Got a $10 Moose Boost payment from GBC. Gord didn't ask me to 'kiss the moose' this time so I'm thinking after the next payment is when the Moose needs more love ($). Ex: we get paid twice from the $20 moose boost, then the rest of our earnings come in through the weekly profit share. 

--- McFads is fine and dandy from where I sit. Am about 3/4 through another 12x12 non-surf and have been cashing out some nice RC's in the meantime.  Thanks you guys! Also remember NO MORE Liberty Reserve there. AP only. 
Still wondering what he's going to do about the "pending" LR payments. Will post when I know more. 

--- Had $1 sent to me the other day from ShowBizHits. Guess someone who joined under me upgraded and I made a dollar in PayPal. WhooHoo! 
Speaking of PayPal, thanks Deb. You know why ;) 

--- Had quite a few comments here from Sunday and Monday that I'm not going to publish. They were all pretty much the same thing that said or asked the same thing. I'll keep you updated as I hear things about TAB. In the meantime, remember I'm just one person / blogger, not a forum and cannot be here 24/7. Would like to, but my body needs sleep sometimes. 


Jenkins said...

the suspense is killing me... must...watch...LOST...to get my mind off of it :)

blondie said...

LOL, isn't there a new "Good Wife" on tonight too?
Hey, Friday will come fast, I hope!

Bo said...

Hey blondie,
have you ever been into the program club asteria?

blondie said...

Bo, nope.
And am not joining now either.
Night :)

Martyn said...

Hi Judy, ref ad2m, do you think it is worth repurchasing positions, when we have to purchase with new money when we withdraw anyways? I would have thought new money would be better for the program...what do you think, O wise one?

blondie said...

Hi Martyn,
Well, re-purchasing builds your account without spending out of pocket so you can earn more.
And yes, I would have to think that 'new money' would always be better for the program. Perhaps that's why Carrie made the rule that she did for our withdraws.

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !!

Any news on that new program you eluded to a couple of months ago? Just wondering,if you now, if they have a timeline to open for buisness,,,,,,if not, it opens when it opens LOL


blondie said...

Hiya Allan!
No, no news for awhile.
I'll check again today.
I know, money is burning a hole in MY pocket too!
Peace :)