Monday, May 16, 2011

What Triggers It?

--- Trying to figure out what triggers the mandatory RE-purchase message in Ad2Million. Not sure if it's payouts and/or a new payout request. Am working on getting clarification now. 
I did re-purchase yesterday and am not required to do so today. But someone else said they were required to on both days. So that's why I need to know. 
*Update: I just requested a payment and nothing changed. So perhaps only when you're PAID do these rules go into effect??? 
**One last thing: had a record breaking day with RC notices today. So what does that mean? A lot of members are doing what needs to be done to continue playing. I don't blame em. It's been a great program so far so why turn back now? ;) 

--- JSS-Tripler cycled about an hour later than the norm. All is good. And PS: I hope this lasts a really long time. It has been a blessing to me so far. Thanks to Fred, Carl and All members :) 

--- Am seeing a lot more payout posts from McFads since Matt brought LR back into the picture. Now don't forget about the new 50/50 Rule since you will need to buy a new ad pack with at least 50% of your pending payout, in order for it to be paid. 



Randy V said...


I got the same message from Ad2million. It said I needed to purchase a position so I did...or I thought I did. Nothing was taken from my AlertPay account so I didn't know what had happened. It said the w/d was disabled until I bought the position. I also believe my balance is less than it was before I bought the position. If you find out anything, let me know.

Have a good Monday!


blondie said...

The "new" little note about re-purchasing is RE-purchasing meaning from your account balance.
When you're PAID is when you'll be asked to buy more going through your Alert Pay.
The thing is, you weren't able to Request any new withdraw's until After you did that Re-purchase.
Anything more, I'll update about later.

Lori said...

The "new" update says after you make a purchase. 20% of what's left in your earnings "has" to be be used to re-purchase positions. :0(

blondie said...

No Lori, it says:
"After your withdraw is paid, you are required to re-purchase 20% of your available balance."
So I guess we should keep our Balance low and request payouts often?
Still confusing though.

boblocsin said...

Hi Blondie,

Just got paid again a few hours ago. I was asked to purchase 50% of my AlertPay cash out and 1 ad position from my cash balance. The funny thing is, I purchased 6 ad positions using my cash balance a few hours before I got paid. So, it meant that my earlier purchase did not count towards the 2nd mandatory requirement.

I don't really mind purchasing more that what Carrie requires. Spreadsheet analysis shows I will earn more if I repurchase 5 days earnings weekly (AlertPay purchase and cash balance purchase combined).

best regards,


blondie said...

Thanks for the update Roberto :)
I'm going to use part of it for today's post.