Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's a Chilly Chili Day

The last few days here have been in the high 70's to 80 F. This morning I woke up to 34 degrees and Snow! Not sure if it was the sudden temperature change, but when I got up, I felt like Desi saying to Lucy: "I tink my head is gonna splode!" Seriously, some major head damage today. A couple of sinus tabs followed up by 2 Aleve's did the trick. Oh and yes, having Chili for dinner. 

--- JustBeenPaid / JSS Tripler: site was giving me grief yesterday and this morning, but all is good now. Seems a server upgrade was in order there. Also shocked when I checked my account balance. One of my referrals referral bought 73 positions in the Tripler which earned me $36.50 and my referral $73.00. Now that's something to write home about! LOL 

--- Ad2million: still chugging along just like always paying that 2% daily. You all know there's one forum I visit regularly, right? Well besides seeing all of the payment posts there, some of the ad2m members are complaining about having to write a testimonial every so often in order to get paid. And I'm just shakin my head thinking "how in the hell were you brought up?" Were you not taught to say Thank You when you receive something good? Well, maybe those individuals are not grown up yet and shouldn't be playing in these programs if they can't cough up a TY once in a while. Sheesh! 

--- So when is TAB launching now? Let me go check. OK, looks like 6 AM my time on Friday. Yeah like I'm gonna be awake and logged on for that, duh. Well I hope it does launch and I'll catch up with what's happening after a coffee or two. Sure hope we get some information and/or instructions on what to do next. Can't believe the lack of communication so far. Maybe tomorrow the 'news' on the site will change. Or is that just wishful thinking? :/ 

--- Just sent Gord a note to use my Account Balance to buy me another $40 Board Position in the K-Game (run through GBC). He doesn't mind doing it that way and it saves on AP fees in the process. Thanks Gord and I was just kidding about the 2 by 4. We all know you're an Angel :)  

--- McFads: is doing very well and I received a nice RC payout today of $26 and change. My current 12x12 doesn't expire for another week so am looking forward to that too. Thanks Matthew, members and downline :) 

--- Speaking of Matthew, one of his friends is opening a new program soon but we don't know anything about it yet. If you're a McFads member, I'm sure you'll get the email from Matt the same time I do. If you're not, I'll post here about it and let you know if I join or think it'll be worth it. K 


sylvain said...

i blondie i am a newbie in ad2m and i can tell you that is a good one and beleive me i will write something for carie.i did read same on forum and thinking like you

blondie said...

Hi sylvain,
Yes some of those posts on the forum just show that they're punks looking for attention maybe.
Hard to say why anybody would complain about such a simple request.
Take care :)

Lori said...

Blondie, I do the same thing every time, re-purchase, do a testimonial, and sometimes re-enter some of the earnings. I mean really! Ad2Million - Carrie treats me great ! Pays a day or two early! I love it! :0)

blondie said...

There ya go Lori.
It's just too easy isn't it?
Why people complain about having to say Thank You is just appalling.
Thanks for the comment :)
Good night

Unyime Tyger said...

Dear Blondie,

Last month you mentioned that there is a programm like AD2Million that will be launched this May.

Just checking if this is out yet.

Please keep me posted.

Best regards


Martyn said...

Hi judy, Thanks for being there, Thanks for all your good advice.Thanks for reading Doesn"t take much, does it?

boblocsin said...

Hi Judy,

Just dropped by to tell you my cash out sched for 13 May got paid around 9 hours ago. We've got a great money maker in Ad2million.

best regards,


Naphtali said...

ROTFL! You called the whiners in our favorite forum Punks! Judy your Detroit roots are showing! But I do agree with you 100%. It only takes a couple minutes to say, "Thanks".

blondie said...

Tygress, Not yet but will post and alert when it's ready.

Martyn, you're just a Thank You machine today eh? lol

Hi Roberto, good to hear. I got one too and will post about it later.

Greg, what can I say. I write what I'm thinking but that was the censored version. LOL

Go Wings!
Should have a new pic for that soon. Stay tuned :)

deb520 said...

Did you receive the update from CashTwist ? Too little, too late. lol

blondie said...

Yes I did Deb, Thanks.
They're never the first email I open when I get here, lol
You know I tried hard with that one but when it's dead, it's dead. Maybe others are having better luck than us :(