Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

--- Changes at both Ad2million and McFads today.

--- Carrie should be updating the 'news' sometime today about the Ad2million new rule which started last night after I signed off. From what I've seen, it's not really a new idea and not a big deal like some are making it out to be. But I would like to understand when this new 're-purchase' requirement will be needed. Daily? Weekly? When you get to a certain amount? 

OK, here it is: 
News update 05/15/11 - Second part of Mandatory Best strategy; Alertpay 15-digit reference number required
Second part of Mandatory Best strategy - RE-PURCHASE:We have implemented the second part of mandatory best strategy. After your withdraw is paid, you are required to re-purchase 20% of your available balance. Your withdraw button will not be available till you have re-purchase the required units. If you have NEVER re-purchase, your requirement will be higer than 20%.
First part of Mandatory Best strategy - new purchase :We have implemented the first part of mandatory best strategy on 4/14/11. After your withdraw is paid, you are required to buy back 30% of your paid amount. Your positions will not cycle and your next withdrawal will will not be processed till you have purchased the required new purchase units . If you have NEVER buy back, your requirement will be higer than 30%.

The requirement info will be displayed on the next line of your available balance on your Account overview. 
Important: To continue to have your positions cycle and get paid, you must purchase at least the required positions via Alertpay. 

I like this a lot better, don't you? So we're still putting back 50% of our earnings, BUT it's only 30% NEW and 20% RE-purchase. Fine by me :) 

--- Matthew at McFads also placed a 50/50 rule for our pending 'ad-pack' withdrawals. Well that's ok too since I've been purchasing at each cash-out anyway. The only thing now is I need to do it ahead of time rather than after the fact. So yes, if you have a $100 pending, you need to make a new spend of $50 before you will get paid. Simple? 
PS, Liberty Reserve has been added back. 

--- TAB / TextAdBrokers: nothing going on so no point in speculating. Except when I checked, the clock was running in the negatives again. Ahhhh 



BankokMike said...

I can see Matts post in MMG
But I cannot see it in his WebSite?
How do Non MMG members know what they need to do?
They could just be thinking that Withdrawals are taking longer ...

blondie said...

Matt sent out a member update about it last night. Do you not receive them? I posted it in my blog as well.
FYI :)

BangkokMike said...

Hi Blondie
Yes - I now have that email.
But he had not posted it on his website.
Also Matt does not acceprt Credit Cards in Alert Pay
So you must have the 50% in Funds in your AP account to give to him FIRST.
My Pay out is $144
I have only $54 in my AP.
I sent him an email telling him I am not short of money and asking him what he expects me to do.
I am waiting for his reply.

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !!

I like the new rules for Ad2M !! :)
I agree they could have been clearer in the update, but its not complicated like some are making it out to be,,,LOL
I think we both knew mandatory repurchases were coming, since it was always part of the suggested strategy.
Anywho,,,,,its all OK with me !


Azlina A.H. said...

Just an update ad2million:

Seems like the re-purchase is a daily thing. Yesterday I have to buy 4 positions. Today, I have $109.20 balance and I had to re-purchase 6 positions! Yikes - that's 55% of my balance.

Also today, I received a withdrawal and I was told to buy 6 positions. That's 51%.

I think the staff lost their calculators or their marbles. So much for 20%/30%, huh?

Angelica said...

I agree with you. I like the new withdrawls rules for a2m, it`s better now. =)

dim2x said...

From what I understand of the changes to ad2million:
I got paid $50
I have to repurchase $10(20%)
I have to buy back $20(30%) using my alertpay
pls correct me if I'm wrong. thanks.

blondie said...

Mike, I see that you got it all worked out with Matt since your post. Cool :)

Allan, yes. Better for the members but maybe not so much for the program itself? I'll share my thoughts later on that.

Azlina, well that makes sense if it's triggered on payouts and/or payout requests.

Angelica, yes. Better for us.

dim2x, sounds about right :)