Monday, May 9, 2011

Tonight's the Night ... or Not

If you noticed, I finally figured out how to put a pic from my laptop to the new and improved blogger I use. Worked hard on that last night and my connection kept cutting out on me. Anyway, cute pic huh? (Thanks to Paul for sending it) 
We had a really fun day yesterday. Great lunch, a few drinks, got to see the kids and my gorgeous granddaughter who gave me several pictures of herself for Grandmothers Day. Now I need to buy some frames and decide the best place to hang them. But first, wall washing or painting is in order :(  

--- JSS-Tripler: waited till after cycling for the day, then purchased 5 more positions in the Tripler. I'm up to 35 now which isn't too shabby. And from the looks of it, my referrals and their referrals are making good progress also! 

--- Ad2million: just sent another support ticket to Carrie about not cycling on the 6th. I know the rules here and there is no reason why I didn't cycle. Also my next payment is scheduled for the 13th. Will post when paid. 
-- Heard back from Carrie. They did a server upgrade that day and the cycling was giving her grief. Since my ID is near the top of the list, my cycling got missed. I wrote back to her 'case closed and not to worry about it'. At least I know what happened now. Thanks Carrie :) 

--- GBC: received the regular Sunday profit share payment in my account yesterday. Thanks Gord. Now I'm over 70 bucks in there. Guess I need to decide what to do with it eh? 

--- Tonights the night that TextAdBrokers aka TAB is supposed to officially open or launch. There's been so many Yay's and Nay's about it that I'm really anxious to see what happens. If this thing was a hoax, there's some big name promoters out there who are gonna have egg on their face. Almost wish I had waited to see who all was involved before joining and sharing. So in the meantime, let's hope for the best. We've got about 7 more hours to witness it's grand opening.
And what will happen when the countdown clock hits -0-? No one knows. We have not gotten any emails from them giving us any kind of instruction or information at all. So again, we just wait. 
-- Getting word that the launch is DELAYED FOR 2 MORE DAYS! Thanks to everyone who notified me. It's still showing 2 hours when I pull it up. Maybe the update hasn't gotten to my Cow Town yet, LOL 

--- Does anybody here have Windows7 and Skype installed? I'm having a heck of a time getting it to load properly for win7. Called Toshiba (that's what my new laptop is) and they couldn't help. But they did find a phone number for me to call Skype about the problem. But it's not a toll free number. Go figure :( 


Michellene said...

looks like they added two more days to the countdown!

blondie said...

Thanks Mich.
I had no idea until I saw your post. Appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day. I had to comment because it seems we spent it almost the same way. We also both have a son named David and a gorgeous grand-daughter!!! LOL Never realized how much we had in common. I got pics too!

PS: I'm not blonde though...hehe

blondie said...

Wow Tree ... had no idea!
David is a good strong name. I like it. And my granddaughter is 10 months old already. Time flies.
I seem to remember one of your first comments here was when I posted those "Vegas Showgirl" pic's with David's face in them. Remember that? LOL
I need to work on the pic thing some more with this new blogger. It's a little trickier than it was before.
Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember the Vegas pics. That's where I learned your son's name.
And I remember seeing a pic of yr adorable grand-daughter. What would we do without them? lol
Glad you're feeling better too. I get a lot of those days myself now. Its not fun getting old! LOL


BTW I just tried to create a google account. It didn't work, so I'm back as anonymous.

Anonymous said...


I have used skype with win7 on my Toshiba lapee and i use it on my desktop which has win7 as well all works fine ,why dont you try installing it again using admin rights.

Right click on the exe file and select run by administrator,hope it helps.


Martyn said...

Crikey! AD2M is taking off! Amazing stuff. Up to $10/DAY...

blondie said...

Tree, wonder why your google didn't work? You don't use gmail? I thought everybody did by now, LOL

Lester, I tried that, doesn't work. For some reason the download file isn't formatting properly. So no matter how I try to 'run' it, won't work. Thanks anyway.

Martyn you sound excited. Glad you're up to $10 a day now. It is fun eh?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did use my gmail address and it didn't work. That's why I was surprised. I have a hotmail and gmail address.

Not a big deal though. I'll just sign my name so you know who I am. LOL


Martyn said...

Hi judy, yep, excited..I got my original deposit back and the rest is

blondie said...

Sounds good Tree :)
Too often when I get an anonymous comment it's just something stupid and they don't sign their name on purpose, lol

Martyn, So happy to hear you're in the gravy now. YaY!!