Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kicked Out of Ad2Million !!!

Grab your coffee, soda pop, beer or wine, (hint: long post). 

You know, sometimes when I speak, I don’t just speak for myself. I get a lot of emails and blog comments. Also read a lot of what folks are saying in the forums. And I DO listen to them and care about their concerns because we’re all members of the same program.

So was it wrong for me to voice my opinion, here in my blog, about wanting to understand HOW the new strategy in Ad2million was going to affect all of us? Would we all be treated the same? Would some have to ‘buy back’ more than others? What exactly is the script looking at when deciding each person’s fate?

Well Carrie at Ad2million didn’t like me asking those questions and voicing my opinion. Remember, it’s not just for myself, it’s for everyone. And I felt the need to speak out for all members wanting to know how their account was going to work!

Going back in time, she’s the one who asked me to Launch this program back in August. Which after 4 days of going through the site, making sure all the pieces of the script were working properly … I did. We launched! And we had a very good launch too. I did a long write up about it in my blog, I got several of my friends involved (who also marketed) and I started the thread for it over at the MMG forum. Then it took off like gang busters!

Now I care about these people. I care about ALL the members in this program. So when I see something NOT working the way we were told it would be done, I speak out and question why?

Changes are fine in any program if it’s going to help the program and the members enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time. But I also like to UNDERSTAND what those changes ARE and HOW they’re going to affect EACH MEMBER! Is that too much to ask? For me? For you? For 22 thousand members?

Well apparently Carrie thought so. She didn’t like me asking how the script determines what? Perhaps I caught her in a fib? Perhaps she was trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? Or maybe she wants everyone to be a little puppet and do as told. Don’t ask questions, just do what I say. Well forget that! If I want to ask questions I will. And I did. And she got pee'd off and DELETED MY ACCOUNT!

Now let me tell you HOW that happened.

On Tues, her new strategy was out there. But it wasn't working as written. So I wrote a blog post on Wed. about it. Published it, then a thunderstorm came through so I had to shut down for a couple of hours. When I returned, I had several emails from Carrie. She didn’t like what I wrote and asked me to CHANGE my post. Now I normally wouldn’t do this, but considering it was her, I did.

The next day, Thursday, I changed it again because she STILL didn't like it. Late Wed is when I found the missing piece to the puzzle, and Thursday's post (thanks to another member) made it more clear. An additional paragraph to the ‘rules’ which if I had seen sooner, I would have known. Oh OK. Now it makes more sense. So I published that in my blog as well saying that I understand it more now and all is good.

Thursday evening, she starts ragging on me again. Why? So I asked, did you even READ my blog post today and notice how much I changed my Wed post?? Hello?

Next thing I know, I can’t log into the site. Password Incorrect. OK, that’s weird, so I asked for my password to be sent to my email. It came and I see that it was changed. Not by me. So I logged in and changed the password myself. After that, I can’t get to the site AT ALL. So I put it to bed. Next day it loads BUT my email address is invalid. So that’s when I got to the point of saying out loud “you witch, you deleted my account!!!”.

Before I say more, go read my Wed post. I cleaned it up pretty good. Then read my Thurs post and tell me if you think that was worth deleting me over.

Now her reasoning (according to the email she sent me) was 1) she didn’t like the smiley face I put in after I said I got paid from the Tripler, and 2) well I dunno. What do YOU make of this: “I can not tell you what to do with your blog. But, you get paid or NOT at ad2million has so much to do with your blog.”

Now how you figure that? I don’t work for her. She didn’t pay me to Launch the program. No one paid me to promote it. No one paid me to go to the forum every day to see how things are going there. No one paid me to answer all the support type questions I get in my email or blog comments.

Speaking of Forums, be careful what you write there. I noticed her 'support staff' lurking the other night. And I also know there are members expecting thousands of dollars in payments who I’m sure wouldn’t want their account deleted either for ‘speaking out’.

Which brings me to payments. I had a $295 payment due Yesterday. Good timing for her to DELETE my account, wouldn’t you say? Hahaha

Well you know what? I’m not a fking puppet and I’m not going to kiss her ass. I already bent over backwards to fix my Wed post for her. Guess that wasn’t good enough OR she had already decided to ditch me and just needed a reason why.

Why else would she do that? Ummm I have well over 300 referrals. Maybe she wanted to keep the RC for herself rather than giving it to the one who worked for it for almost 9 months.

Speaking of ‘working’, a long time ago I asked to be her support person. She replied something like ‘you are the only one I would consider when needed’. Then she hired “Don”. What does that tell ya? Perhaps she’s got something to hide? Well I dunno, just thinking out loud.

So anyone who joined Ad2Million under blondie or blondie23 (yes I had 2 accounts, both signed under ad2m, but that’s a story for another day) you can now report to Carrie as she is your upline sponsor.

Now, I’m not trying to bash the program. I’m really not. I know for a fact there are members who have purchased and done NOTHING but RE-purchase figuring that was the best way to get ahead and make a few bucks. But now that it comes time to start withdrawing that money … first there is a delay in payments. Then more delays. Then new RULES around it. Hell I waited 7 weeks for that $295 to come. And now that it was finally due, she decided to DELETE my account.

So again, I’m not bashing the program. I’m questioning how it's being run. She had so many suggestions from so many members trying to help with the longevity of it. But she listened to none! How can anyone be that stubborn and hard headed? You CANNOT continue to tell people that they are making 2% per day when very little or nothing is coming in. Why didn’t she set our positions to expire (maybe after 300%)? Why didn’t she start the monthly Membership fee as some suggested? Why didn’t she lower the % of what you can earn daily? Why didn’t she lower the RC’s she’s handing out? And last, WHY did she allow BIG Promoters to Join, put in small funds, get a LOT of referrals, then cash out ONLY for all the coming months (until now)???

The mandatory “Rule” should have been in force a long time ago, OR something else maybe not so drastic (as listed above). I couldn’t tell you how many times members have sent her a ‘suggestion’, but always the same response, ‘We’re doing Great! No changes are needed’. So I hope it's not too late for the 30-50% or MORE buy back rule??? Well again, I dunno.

I hope everyone who is playing this “GAME” treated it as a game and did get into profit quickly. I’m quite sure the folks I brought in near the very start have done well here. I have done well myself. But even for this program, as much as I trusted it, I still did NOT spend more than I could afford to lose and I DID get into profit quickly. Always gotta be careful with that ‘seed money’, big or small. Ya know?

Well I doubt that this blog post will have any effect on the program. I hope it doesn’t. I hope you all do well and it lasts a long time, I really do.

I just needed to share how I got shi* on after doing so much to support the program and especially its members. And if I ever see Carrie (or Chung) coming back with that script again … ohhhh I’ll let you know. That’s for sure.

Have a great day, OK!
I will have a wonderful day myself :)

PS, don't post any comments here. Especially if your gmail is the same as your username you-know-where, just to be on the safe side. I'm already kicked out so I don't give a rats ass. But I don't want to see anyone else getting shi* on who doesn't deserve it. 


Anonymous said...

What a B#### !

Anonymous said...

OOh that is hard just to kick you out because you have an opinion... Why does ad2m take it as an insult? From cricism you can learn it don't has to mean that you hate ad2m.. Maybe there were other reasons to get you out off the picture I do not know but it sounds all so very hard just to delete your account because you disagreed with an issue.. my gos you have feelings too.. hugs missy :/

celticboy said...

Judy, like the late, great Humble Pie,don't worry, because for you i would walk over gilded splinters

celticboy said...

As a nice coincidence, as i write this i am listening to Boston..livin for you...some small town combo from the past i believe ?...ha ha ha

Profit Hub said...

Blondie, I am so sorry to hear about your situation with A2M. You'll be fine, there are other programs that will continue to earn for you and you know just how to find them! Onward and upward for you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
deb520 said...

Hackers that can't get skype to work ! Beware! You'll be missed very much!


gordboehler said...

Hi Blondie,

Just canceled my way out of A2M after I read the written attack on your reputation.

I know you were there in the beginning and gave A2M the initial boost and people made a lot of money.

I was supporting the program but when Admins personally attack members and attempt to judge those that have something to say... no one is going to have that right over me.

That's the second time this week where the ExoticFX Admin went nuts and blamed members for his downfall.

These people still have a lot to learn on how these games play out online.

Get in early and make money till they peak. There is nothing one member can do to save a program that begins to slide downhill.

The ditty about the only program standing is also false if they can read.

Onwards and don't let anyone get you down Blondie... you've shown a lot of people how and where to make money. I am one of them.

Outta mind I say..back to business.


blondie said...

It gets worse Missy. Read todays update, LOL

Brian, always nice to see you.

Hi Gwen and Thanks. You're right!

Deb, hehehe. That was a low blow. But I still can't figure out HOW to get skype going.

Gord, my Hero in Boxers!
About fell off my chair when I read that. Not to worry. It was a good laugh :D
And you KNOW I'll definitely have something to say about it.

Cheers guys!

Anonymous said...

OMG you, a hacker?! Anyone that knows you and your computer problems would know what BS that is, not to mention your integrity!

Wow, she's really grasping at straws isn't she?

I'm sorry to laugh but the thought of YOU being a hacker is absolutely hilarious! I'm totally cracking up at how absurd that is!

Kudos to Gord, he's a good man. :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

***Heads up.It was posted about the removal of Blondie from the site. Now that has been updated and removed.I wish that this had not happened to you! Blondie just keep showing us what works..We will follow you!

blondie said...

Hey Kiddo Thanks!
Your comment alone cracked me up!!

No, it's not removed. You just need to click the link to "Read All About It" Just like the newspaper headlines, hehehe

Azlina A.H. said...

We still love you, Blondie!

Anonymous said...

ad2million's site has been suspended and I haven't made any withdrawals yet! I have $150 in it and I'm afraid I've lost it! Waaahhhhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

ad2million's site has been suspended and I haven't made any withdrawals yet! I have $150 in it and I'm afraid I've lost it! Waaahhhhh!!!!

blondie said...

No try again.
Just go to
and see if you can login.
I heard that's what you need to do.
Good Luck