Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

--- Happy Memorial Day for those who celebrate it :) 

--- JBP/JSS-Tripler: I returned the duplicate payment I received yesterday and got a nice Thank You from the staff there: 
Thank you.  I'll forward to admin to let them know.
We really appreciate your honesty.

Great to be with a program that appreciates it's promoters and does not stoop to name calling or deleting them when they ask questions or have problems and are trying to help their downline. 

--- GBC: received my regular Sunday profit share from Gord. My account balance continues growing. Yippee! 

--- McFads: waiting on a completed ad pack to 'expire' before requesting my withdraw and making my new spend. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: has added Alert Pay as one of their pay processors! Pretty sure that should bring in a whole new crowd. Thanks Kent for listening and acting on the members requests :) 

--- TAB: am going there now to figure out what to do next. lol 
OK, in the member area of TAB, there is a link to create your account at Do that first. 
- I registered as an Advertiser only (for now). 
- Domain name: used my blog address. For those without a blog or website, not sure what to fill in there. I'll have to check on that. 
- From there on it was pretty straight forward. 
- Then I went back to the "Ad Claim Form" at TAB and filled all that out. 
Guess that's it for now. Let's hope this is all real, LOL 

--- I just had the best laugh reading the posts in MMG for that ad2m program. I swear I had nothing to do with any of those posts. But reading them was quite enjoyable today :) 


BangkokMike said...

Hi Blondie
You and your Members here need to be aware>
You need to sign up as a Publisher in HitcRawler and get your Referral URL so you can sign up Advertisers.
You get 10% Commission from any Adverts they pay for.

blondie said...

Thanks Mike,
Not sure if I'm going that far with it yet. Did you happen to read the post in the MMG forum today?
Not sure what to think about that.