Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back To Work Tuesday & Pay Day

I love working & playing on the net, don't you? 

--- JBP/JSS-Tripler: while I was sleeping last night, the Tripler sent me the $112 that I requested yesterday, and Today sent me another $15 for my promotional efforts. Gotta love those fast paying programs, ya know? LOL 
Yesterday's JSS-Tripler purchases set a new record! JSS-Tripler membership is now 5,958 -- growing at over 100 new members a day.
JBP sponsor payments yesterday came within $10 of the all-time record. Our growth is largely due to the efforts of our promoters. Thank you! Please keep up the good work.

Also received a personal Thank You from Carl Pearson and Fred Mann for refunding the duplicate payment I received :) You're welcome. You know, and I know that honesty is the best policy. 

--- Surfing at GBC while I write this and am surprised at one of the programs I see going by. Why would you want to promote something that is dying? Doesn't seem fair to newbies. Well that's just my opinion and to each his own I suppose. 

--- McFads: noticed an overpayment in my account balance. Wrote to Matthew and he adjusted it quickly. I then bought a new 9x15, did my surfing for the day, cashed out and am a happy camper. Thanks Matt :) I do believe honest members should be treated fairly. Too bad other Admins don't feel that way. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: noticed some new referrals who joined and used Alert Pay. To show my appreciation and confidence, I just bought 5 more ad packs via AP myself. Thanks guys! I think you're going to really like the Admin, Kent. I sure do. 
PS, was PAID while I was writing this post!! Nice :) 

--- Yes I keep poking if you've noticed. As long as my good name is being slandered over at Ad2Million, I'll keep my thoughts out in the open. What would YOU do if it were you? 

--- TAB: sheesh. I'm waiting for a written update from them. Someone said that they skyped with one of the Admins and were told they're opening a NEW program soon. Why would they do that when the first one isn't even working yet?? Well, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Best do some cash outs if you have money in TAB. I just don't know what to think at this point and I don't fall for BS very easily. 

--- Speaking of BS, some joker is writing to me about joining ad2million. I told him to go do his homework and not to bother me with it. He's just a spammer anyway and not worth my time. 
OMG Wait! I just figured it out. 
So Carrie is using MY LINKS for HER Personal Gain! That's just WRONG! Somebody write to her before I do. Please!!!!! 

--- I am NOT joining AdProfit2Share. So everyone please stop promoting it to me. I would probably make a few bucks, but doubt any followers would. So am not interested. Thanks anyway.  

--- Hey I got new pictures but having trouble trying to figure out how to load them in this Win7 thing. Hmmm 
Well, wish me luck and have a great day!! 
- Much later in the day: I did it I did it! Will post tomorrow. 
Night :) 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

--- Happy Memorial Day for those who celebrate it :) 

--- JBP/JSS-Tripler: I returned the duplicate payment I received yesterday and got a nice Thank You from the staff there: 
Thank you.  I'll forward to admin to let them know.
We really appreciate your honesty.

Great to be with a program that appreciates it's promoters and does not stoop to name calling or deleting them when they ask questions or have problems and are trying to help their downline. 

--- GBC: received my regular Sunday profit share from Gord. My account balance continues growing. Yippee! 

--- McFads: waiting on a completed ad pack to 'expire' before requesting my withdraw and making my new spend. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: has added Alert Pay as one of their pay processors! Pretty sure that should bring in a whole new crowd. Thanks Kent for listening and acting on the members requests :) 

--- TAB: am going there now to figure out what to do next. lol 
OK, in the member area of TAB, there is a link to create your account at HitCrawler.net. Do that first. 
- I registered as an Advertiser only (for now). 
- Domain name: used my blog address. For those without a blog or website, not sure what to fill in there. I'll have to check on that. 
- From there on it was pretty straight forward. 
- Then I went back to the "Ad Claim Form" at TAB and filled all that out. 
Guess that's it for now. Let's hope this is all real, LOL 

--- I just had the best laugh reading the posts in MMG for that ad2m program. I swear I had nothing to do with any of those posts. But reading them was quite enjoyable today :) 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

TAB Update and more of course :)

- When logging into TAB (TextAdBrokers) today, I see there is an "Ad Claim Form" to be filled out in the Member Area. It does give instructions on what we need to do, so I'll go do my thing there now and be back later. 
PS, they still haven't created a small banner for us to use. If this turns out to be legit (lol) and keeps churning out the bucks, I'll be bugging them again for a banner that will fit on my side bar. 

- Got Side Tracked: Came back to update here, then I noticed an Alert Pay payment. Checked to see what it was and it turned out to be duplicate payment from the JSS-Tripler. Well, as much as I could use the extra money, I'm searching now for their "Contact Support" button so that I can report it and find out how they want it returned. More to follow :) 
PS, bought 5 more Tripler positions today ... from profit!  

--- McFads: had another small 12x12 finish up today, but it's still showing 'active' in my account. So I'll go ahead and surf for the day and check again tomorrow to see if there's any progress. 

--- ad2million: my friends tell I'm still the center of attention in the ad2m news update. They also tell me their expected payments are getting pushed farther and farther away from the original pay date. Don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out what's happening there. 
Go ahead Carrie... keep me in the spotlight. My updates will get juicier as time goes on.  

--- GlobalSurfPro: got paid today from Kent at GSP. Poor guy, he's got a problem with an idiot posting crap about him too. Well this idiot thinks that someone else is running the site and talking crap over the place. BTW, this the SAME idiot that said I was the Admin of Ad2M. What a jack ass eh?   


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Thinkin ...

- Please don't post comments in blog posts that are almost a month old. If you have me bookmarked, make sure it ends in .com and nothing after that, else you won't see any new posts from me which make it hard for you to keep up. Thanks :) 

- Was busy all day yesterday with the flowers and the grass and all that fun outdoor stuff. Looks pretty darn good today, even though I'm beat. 

- I've decided enough is enough. It's been a week since Carrie at Ad2Million decided to play games and try to slander me. So I've asked her to remove my name completely from the site. Now, whether it gets done or not will tell you something about her nature. I've done nothing wrong and I can prove it. Besides, don't you think showing nothing about me would be smarter than what she wrote?, especially since 1) it made no sense and 2) people know me a lot better than they'll ever know her. 

- Checked my totals at JBP-JSS Tripler today and realized I've made more in less than 2 months than I did in another cycler during it's first 4 months. And I got into JBP later than some, so am quite happy about all that! Thanks for paying for my flowers Fred, Carl and members. They look great! LOL 

- McFads: received a small RC payment today. Tomorrow my next non-surf will expire and I am prepared for the 50% purchase rule. Have been surfing again too, just to get back into the groove. 

- GlobalSurfPro: I used STP in that one and STP has been offline for a while. Noticed it's coming back slowly so I'll probably receive the payment I requested once it's all back to normal. Remember this is brand New IF you're into surfing. If not well, wait for the next one, LOL 

- Going to see the baby tonight. I hear that 'ah-oh' is her word of the week. Wonder if my camera will work on this laptop? I'll try it, IF I can get her to sit still for a picture. 
Later :) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Surf in Town

--- For you surf fans out there, I joined GlobalSurfPro last night after getting a heads-up of it's opening from a good Monitor friend of mine. He tells me the Admin is a lifetime member of the MMG forum so am hoping to see him pop in there to post. 
To get right to the point, the details are: 
- 3 Plans - all are manual surf 
- Surf 15 pages on a 15 second timer 
- 2.9% x 40 days - min upgrade $10, cashout daily
- 2.9% x 45 days - min upgrade $50, cashout at expiry 
- 2.9% x 50 days - min upgrade $100, cashout at expiry 
- Up to 5% referral commission 
- Advertise 1-7 sites 
- Pay Processors are STP, LR and PM
- Get 100 credits for joining 
- Cashout 3 times a week 
So there you have it. Simple and straight forward.  
Officially Opened TODAY. Was in soft launch yesterday for testing. 
Was a little confused when I saw the 'wallet' in my member area, so I went right into "Upgrade" to buy my spots. Worked like a charm. 
I personally went with Plan 1 (the daily cashout) even though I used STP and the fees are higher than the others. I don't plan to cashout that often and I had more STP sitting around than LR. 
OK then, take a peek if you're interested and I'll BBL.

Oh one more thing, I was having a problem viewing certain parts of the back office and mentioned it in the MMG forum. Next thing I know, the Admin is writing to my gmail wanting to help me figure out what's wrong. Wow, what a nice guy! Now that's what I call good Customer Service, and I didn't even have to ask!

--- JSS / JustBeenPaid sent me a $15 Sponsor Payment for my referrals upgrading their JBP Membership for 3 months. 

Thanks Guys! Appreciate ever one of you!
Also received an RC notice of my referrals referral buying 48 positions in the Tripler. So you see, even if you don't have a lot to start with ... if you can grab a referral or two and they 'do their thing' ... it's pretty awesome! 
PS, payouts are still happening in 24-36 hours :) 

--- McFads: getting back into the groove of surfing there, even though I don't "have to" yet. Once my current 12x12's expire, I will need to upgrade into a different plan, ALL of which require surfing now. So might as well chalk up a few more 'credits' and get back into the habit... while struttin my stuff of course. (stuff = advertising :) 

OK am otta here. Need to go buy some plants/flowers for my front yard. It's looking kind of drab and needs some of that summertime color. 
Have a great day! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Believe It Or Not

--- Seeing all the paid posts for TextAdBrokers yesterday in the forum, decided to give it a try myself. Much to my surprise, I DID receive a payment from them. And today, my account is growing again. So is it really back in action and safe now? Geez I sure hope so. This could be fun :) 
PS: Current Members: please stay within your comfort zone with spends, just in case. No link of mine shown here today. Just reporting on progress for now. 

--- Hey I just wanna say Thanks for all the nice notes I received regarding that utter nonsense that happened over the weekend. Most tell me the 'member area note' made no sense to them anyway. Well of course it didn't since it was all fabricated. Duh. 

--- Dropped a note to Carl Pearson the other day to tell him how much I was enjoying JBP and JSS-Tripler. He responded really fast, was happy to hear from me and thought that I should do fantastic! Well I AM lovin it, that's for sure! Can't beat those 'next day pay days' that we're currently enjoying. Thumbs Up!

--- I surfed at McFads yesterday just to see if I could on this new laptop. Had no problem even with my slow connection. So when I make my next purchase into the 9% x 15 days, I can handle it all by myself.  

--- Here's something fun and interesting, Thanks to Kathleen

This really is interesting. Be sure to read the whole thing. Enjoy!!!! I'll let you know if I receive my bags of money.

Calendar for July 2011












Money bags

This year, July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So, forward this to your friends and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. The one who does not forward.....will be without money.

Kinda interesting - read on!!!

This year we're going to experience four unusual dates.

1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11 and that's not all...

Take the last two digits of the year in which you were born - now add the age you will be this year,

The results will be 111 for everyone in whole world. This is the year of the Money!!!

The proverb goes that if you send this to eight good friends money will appear in next four days as it is explained in Chinese FENGSHUI.

Those who don't continue the chain won't receive.......

Its a mystery, but its worth a try. Good luck. 

Sometimes when the Cats are sleeping and I can't vacuum cause it'll wake them up ... I find ways to humor myself, LOL 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprise Surprize ... TAB is Back

--- Was shocked (to say the least) this morning when the first thing I do is read Blog Comments. Had 2 notes that TAB was back in action, and a nice note from my Sponsor also telling me the News.
So I read the email that TAB sent to me and was just now able to log into the site. I kept getting the countdown clock, but after a clearing of my cache and cookies, all is good.
Remember it's www.textadbrokers.com for current members.
Well, let's see where it goes from here :)

--- JSS-Tripler: bought 5 more positions in the Tripler yesterday, along with 3 positions in the Matrix, and had a sweet $90 payout sent to me today. Not sure how long perfect can last, but I must say this has been perfect so far! Special Thanks to everyone who's joined me in this!

--- McFads: Matthew got my account straightened out yesterday and promptly sent me a payment of over $70 after I upgraded for another round in the non-surf portion of the program. Thanks Matt! Always a pleasure doing business with you. 
UPDATE from McFads: 
I will be removing the 12x12 non surf plan we are having to many issues with it not maturing on time those who have a 12x12 will still earn until they expire .I will be adding another plan 9x15=135% to replace the 12x12 you will have to surf to earn so please surf daily and can cashout daily I will keep everyone updated as I get info from my Tech Guy

the 9x15 plan has been added you may now upgrade this way please remember to surf and it pays daily as well

--- Received a note this morning from a long time reader (and follower) of mine who honored me by saying that My blog, Gord's blog and a few others inspired her to start her own. I took a peek at it and was quite impressed. Her name is Nina Redza from Malaysia and it sure looks like she's got a good handle on everything in this crazy business we do. 
I've just now added her blog to my side bar along with the others to make it easy to find in the future. 
Now remember Nina, these things take time. I recall blogging for a month or two and finally had to ask "is anyone out there?" Was happy to get my first few comments to my blog and since then, it's been fantastic! Good Luck to You and all your endeavors! 


Monday, May 23, 2011

Back To Work :)

Checking on my programs this morning, which unfortunately I neglected the last few days, and I couldn't be happier!

--- Missed seeing the note from JSS that told me my JSS-Matrix position was FULL and I made a fast $60.00 from it! Whoo Hooo! Decided to buy 3 more Matrix positions with that money and hope to see them getting filled up also.

As far as the JSS-Tripler goes, saw some nice cash sitting in my account balance. Will purchase more positions with that and cash out a little in the process. Gotta keep the ball rollin, ya know?

One month ago, JSS-Tripler membership reached 2,440. Today, the number is 5,094. So membership has more than doubled in a month.

--- brb, replying to some very nice emails

--- Headache: TextAdBrokers: had to ask my sponsor what was going on with it since I just don't have the energy to check myself, LOL. And he said: 

Still all on hold ... I checked out Hits Crawler and went through the motions of buying an Ad.. when you register you get a free $10 although that was the promotion on TAB as well.
Anyway..can't do anything with that and you have add with PayPal (no Alertpay) to get an Ad going.
So... that's where it stopped.
Until Tab updates again about Alertpay and stuff...nothin' happening there.
I suppose some who do know what's going on will get ads going there in the Hit Crawler and commit with PayPal but....  that's not what I enlisted for.

And I agree with that. Besides, PayPal is so picky about who they support and who they won't. I'm not going there either. 
So we wait :( Unless you've given up on it, and I don't blame you. I only bought the one position so I'll wait it out and see what happens next.

--- Chivalry is Not Dead! My friend Gord deleted an account he had in a program that tried to slander me. My Knight In Shining Boxers! hehehe

--- Speaking of that, received my Sunday profit share in GrandBankClub yesterday as always. Thanks ;)

--- Will update on McFads after my support ticket is answered. My older positions did expire, but there was a small problem.

--- A little birdie told me that new program, that I mentioned a couple of months ago ... is back on track and getting closer and closer. Please Stay Tuned !!

--- Gotta go. A storm is coming in and there's a Squirrel in the tree waving. Seriously! He's looking into my room and stretching his arm out. Looks like he's trying to get my attention. Later :) 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Will The Real Hacker Please Stand Up?

Well after reading this morning that I'm a Hacker, I couldn't help but laugh. 
For those of you who are members in Ad2Million, I'm sure you can't miss the latest headlines. 

So let me think about this for minute ... 
- Carrie asked me to Launch ad2million for her. 
- I did that, and it took off very well. 
- I purchased and repurchased and cashed out. 
- Answered questions right and left from members in my blog comments, emails and in the Forum (for almost 9 months) who didn't understand how it worked or what to do next. 
- Brought in over 300 members and had over 300 positions. 

Hang on ... am drawing a blank now. 
Ummm Nope. That's about covers all of it. 

Is that how you're playing the game too? 
Does that warrant being called a hacker? 
I think not, and if ad2m were a real business, I might actually be angry about it. LOL 

So by being removed from the program, well, let's think about that too. 
She gets to keep the RC from 300+ members. 
She doesn't need to pay any of my pending withdrawals (that I had worked very hard for). 
And she's got a list of some very good promoters (who had signed under me).  
Now ... see the subject line again.  

I've been blogging for over 3-1/2 years now. I was here before ad2million started and I'll be here after ad2m bites the dust.

Of course I make money online. That's what I do. But I have never in my life hacked anything or anyone. 

Now if Carrie feels the need to blame others for her programs problems rather than listening to members with an open ear, so be it. But this nonsense of calling me a hacker is just ridiculous. 

I honestly don't have any more time to waste on this. I have more important things to do than react to such silliness. 
Although, it might help a LOT with my Alexa Ratings, LOL 

I'll be back to regular real work here tomorrow. 
Have a great evening :) 

Reminder about comments here: am sure ad2m admin and staff are reading my blog. Be careful what you post so you don't end up being a hacker too. hahaha 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kicked Out of Ad2Million !!!

Grab your coffee, soda pop, beer or wine, (hint: long post). 

You know, sometimes when I speak, I don’t just speak for myself. I get a lot of emails and blog comments. Also read a lot of what folks are saying in the forums. And I DO listen to them and care about their concerns because we’re all members of the same program.

So was it wrong for me to voice my opinion, here in my blog, about wanting to understand HOW the new strategy in Ad2million was going to affect all of us? Would we all be treated the same? Would some have to ‘buy back’ more than others? What exactly is the script looking at when deciding each person’s fate?

Well Carrie at Ad2million didn’t like me asking those questions and voicing my opinion. Remember, it’s not just for myself, it’s for everyone. And I felt the need to speak out for all members wanting to know how their account was going to work!

Going back in time, she’s the one who asked me to Launch this program back in August. Which after 4 days of going through the site, making sure all the pieces of the script were working properly … I did. We launched! And we had a very good launch too. I did a long write up about it in my blog, I got several of my friends involved (who also marketed) and I started the thread for it over at the MMG forum. Then it took off like gang busters!

Now I care about these people. I care about ALL the members in this program. So when I see something NOT working the way we were told it would be done, I speak out and question why?

Changes are fine in any program if it’s going to help the program and the members enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time. But I also like to UNDERSTAND what those changes ARE and HOW they’re going to affect EACH MEMBER! Is that too much to ask? For me? For you? For 22 thousand members?

Well apparently Carrie thought so. She didn’t like me asking how the script determines what? Perhaps I caught her in a fib? Perhaps she was trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes? Or maybe she wants everyone to be a little puppet and do as told. Don’t ask questions, just do what I say. Well forget that! If I want to ask questions I will. And I did. And she got pee'd off and DELETED MY ACCOUNT!

Now let me tell you HOW that happened.

On Tues, her new strategy was out there. But it wasn't working as written. So I wrote a blog post on Wed. about it. Published it, then a thunderstorm came through so I had to shut down for a couple of hours. When I returned, I had several emails from Carrie. She didn’t like what I wrote and asked me to CHANGE my post. Now I normally wouldn’t do this, but considering it was her, I did.

The next day, Thursday, I changed it again because she STILL didn't like it. Late Wed is when I found the missing piece to the puzzle, and Thursday's post (thanks to another member) made it more clear. An additional paragraph to the ‘rules’ which if I had seen sooner, I would have known. Oh OK. Now it makes more sense. So I published that in my blog as well saying that I understand it more now and all is good.

Thursday evening, she starts ragging on me again. Why? So I asked, did you even READ my blog post today and notice how much I changed my Wed post?? Hello?

Next thing I know, I can’t log into the site. Password Incorrect. OK, that’s weird, so I asked for my password to be sent to my email. It came and I see that it was changed. Not by me. So I logged in and changed the password myself. After that, I can’t get to the site AT ALL. So I put it to bed. Next day it loads BUT my email address is invalid. So that’s when I got to the point of saying out loud “you witch, you deleted my account!!!”.

Before I say more, go read my Wed post. I cleaned it up pretty good. Then read my Thurs post and tell me if you think that was worth deleting me over.

Now her reasoning (according to the email she sent me) was 1) she didn’t like the smiley face I put in after I said I got paid from the Tripler, and 2) well I dunno. What do YOU make of this: “I can not tell you what to do with your blog. But, you get paid or NOT at ad2million has so much to do with your blog.”

Now how you figure that? I don’t work for her. She didn’t pay me to Launch the program. No one paid me to promote it. No one paid me to go to the forum every day to see how things are going there. No one paid me to answer all the support type questions I get in my email or blog comments.

Speaking of Forums, be careful what you write there. I noticed her 'support staff' lurking the other night. And I also know there are members expecting thousands of dollars in payments who I’m sure wouldn’t want their account deleted either for ‘speaking out’.

Which brings me to payments. I had a $295 payment due Yesterday. Good timing for her to DELETE my account, wouldn’t you say? Hahaha

Well you know what? I’m not a fking puppet and I’m not going to kiss her ass. I already bent over backwards to fix my Wed post for her. Guess that wasn’t good enough OR she had already decided to ditch me and just needed a reason why.

Why else would she do that? Ummm I have well over 300 referrals. Maybe she wanted to keep the RC for herself rather than giving it to the one who worked for it for almost 9 months.

Speaking of ‘working’, a long time ago I asked to be her support person. She replied something like ‘you are the only one I would consider when needed’. Then she hired “Don”. What does that tell ya? Perhaps she’s got something to hide? Well I dunno, just thinking out loud.

So anyone who joined Ad2Million under blondie or blondie23 (yes I had 2 accounts, both signed under ad2m, but that’s a story for another day) you can now report to Carrie as she is your upline sponsor.

Now, I’m not trying to bash the program. I’m really not. I know for a fact there are members who have purchased and done NOTHING but RE-purchase figuring that was the best way to get ahead and make a few bucks. But now that it comes time to start withdrawing that money … first there is a delay in payments. Then more delays. Then new RULES around it. Hell I waited 7 weeks for that $295 to come. And now that it was finally due, she decided to DELETE my account.

So again, I’m not bashing the program. I’m questioning how it's being run. She had so many suggestions from so many members trying to help with the longevity of it. But she listened to none! How can anyone be that stubborn and hard headed? You CANNOT continue to tell people that they are making 2% per day when very little or nothing is coming in. Why didn’t she set our positions to expire (maybe after 300%)? Why didn’t she start the monthly Membership fee as some suggested? Why didn’t she lower the % of what you can earn daily? Why didn’t she lower the RC’s she’s handing out? And last, WHY did she allow BIG Promoters to Join, put in small funds, get a LOT of referrals, then cash out ONLY for all the coming months (until now)???

The mandatory “Rule” should have been in force a long time ago, OR something else maybe not so drastic (as listed above). I couldn’t tell you how many times members have sent her a ‘suggestion’, but always the same response, ‘We’re doing Great! No changes are needed’. So I hope it's not too late for the 30-50% or MORE buy back rule??? Well again, I dunno.

I hope everyone who is playing this “GAME” treated it as a game and did get into profit quickly. I’m quite sure the folks I brought in near the very start have done well here. I have done well myself. But even for this program, as much as I trusted it, I still did NOT spend more than I could afford to lose and I DID get into profit quickly. Always gotta be careful with that ‘seed money’, big or small. Ya know?

Well I doubt that this blog post will have any effect on the program. I hope it doesn’t. I hope you all do well and it lasts a long time, I really do.

I just needed to share how I got shi* on after doing so much to support the program and especially its members. And if I ever see Carrie (or Chung) coming back with that script again … ohhhh I’ll let you know. That’s for sure.

Have a great day, OK!
I will have a wonderful day myself :)

PS, don't post any comments here. Especially if your gmail is the same as your username you-know-where, just to be on the safe side. I'm already kicked out so I don't give a rats ass. But I don't want to see anyone else getting shi* on who doesn't deserve it. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sit Tight ...

--- I'm getting a lot of questions about the JSS-Tripler program. So let me take a few minutes to write up the steps on logging in and purchasing Tripler positions. Give a holler if you need help, OK?

--- Anyone notice Ad2million's banner is gone from my site?? 
Story coming soon.

--- Got a long letter from TAB - TextAdBrokers about what's been happening. You should have received it to your Alert Pay email if you also joined and bought in. Guess I should go read it now. (Sry I just got home from a grocery store / cat food run).

Gord, you're a sweetheart. Was just sitting here thinking "what should I write about TAB?, then I read your blog post. So knowing that you don't mind one bit, I'm going to borrow it. I just haven't had enough time today to think about much. Thanks :) 

"Well... I almost fell off my office chair. I also received an update
from TextAdBrokers and apparently their hosting gave them the
boot for going against their terms. I've seen this before so I know
the headache that can cause. Lost data is the biggest issue and 
they expect to recover that. Meanwhile, they suggest registering
on their HitCrawler site. I'll have to look at that again before adding
any more information about it. Presently there are many complaints
gone into Alertpay where members want their funds back and
that could hamper the whole operation if Alertpay decides to act.

On TAB's defense they did communicate with Alertpay and explain 
their technical issues and now it's wait to see how that all plays out 
over the next few days and probably into next week where it's a holiday
weekend here in Canada where Alertpay is based.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Morning :)

Woke up to see Snow covered mountains today. It rained hard here yesterday, had some hail too. And me like a dummy, forgot my gutter was plugged. So I asked the higher up for 15 minutes of no rain so I could get outside and unplug that gutter before it totally flooded around the house. Well believe it not, I got my wish. It stopped raining long enough to get the ladder and do my thing. By the way, that was real hard on me. I am afraid of heights and I had to climb up 6 ladder steps, twice, cause I forgot the gadget to unplug the gutter the first time. Geez :(   

--- Purchasing another 5 spot in JSS-Tripler today. I'm spacing them out so that when they start 'maturing', I won't be stuck buying too many at once in order to keep the same cash flow coming in. 

--- I'm gonna borrow a post I just read in the MMG forum for Ad2Million
"It makes sense to me now as well !!
So depending on your AP purchase and repurchasing habits, prior to the mandatory requirements, the automated system will adjust your AP purchase and repurchasing requirements now. So, we will revert to 20% and 30% once we've purchased and repurchased to an acceptable level. Sounds fair and have no problem with it.

Yep agreed. Thanks Allan for saying it so clearly :) 
I logged in today and was asked to re-purchase 6 more positions. And that's fine. I had the funds available and I don't mind helping with the program. Also received a nice RC today, Thanks to my downline!  
Your direct referral has spent $ 370.00 and
you have received a direct commission of 
$ 37.00!

--- Was surprised to see an AP payment from GrandBankClub today for one of my 40 board k-game spots moving through the game. Thanks Gord for the $25 buckaroos! 

--- Waiting on McFads to "mature" my non-surf plan so I can make a new spend and request a payout. But I'll be patient as Matt checks it out. 

--- I was asked by an Admin to promote his Surf Site today. I checked it out and noticed that he's been banned from the forum for "multiple usernames". Well that didn't sit well with me, LOL. Ummmm I think I'll pass. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SNAFU plus a little more info re: ad2m

You do know what that is right? 
Situation Normal All F'd Up. lol 

Ad2million: after posting the rules yesterday, I was hoping all accounts would be treated the same so that we really would know what was going to happen after we receive a payment. If I had KNOWN there would be an addition to what I posted yesterday, I wouldn't have lost it this morning.

But you know, a program of this magnitude should not be a guessing game. We've got thousands of members in it now who would All like to know "how to earn money?". And what do you tell them? 'Follow the Instructions'.

Don't get me wrong. I love this program BUT I'd like to know what's going to happen after I receive a payment. That's only fair.
PS, of course I'll still "go with the flow", just wish I understood it.
PPS, if you read my blog earlier, just chalk it up as one of Blondie's PMS moments, LOL 

***Just got back online after a thunderstorm. 
Besides the information I posted yesterday, which I thought was very clear and right to the point ... let me add this today (from Carrie) and perhaps it will make more sense: (then I can chill out a little) lol 

"NOTE: If you have never re-purchased or re-purchased very few positions prior to our mandatory requirement coming into effect then your percentage requirement may be higher than the 30% mentioned in Part One. EXAMPLE ...A member has made several withdrawals over time from the system but has neglected to purchase any or very few new positions in order to balance the withdrawals. For these members the percentage will be higher until such time as the system gets back in balance. Make sense? Our automated script determines the correct percentage for each members account.

Keep the program simple. Just follow the instructions that appear on your account screen and you WILL MAKE MONEY.

The above is ALL NECESSARY in order for this program to remain strong and function smoothly over the long haul.



--- Moving on to things I understand more ... JSS-Tripler paid me a $5 sponsor payment last night and my withdraw request of $43.50 this morning. Now that's what I'm talkin about :) YaY and Thank You! 

--- Waiting for my Ad-Packs to expire in McFads today. Once they do, I'll request the payment. Purchase new at least 50% of my 'pending'. Then I should be paid within the written time frame. Thanks Matt (ahead of time). 

--- Well lookie here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/showpost.php?p=4349134&postcount=67
Top Sponsor with over 200 referrals has sent out a SCAM warning about TAB/TextAdBrokers. I could add one more RED FLAG to his list, but I won't (roll eyes). At least he gives instructions for contacting Alert Pay to file a dispute, if you choose to do so. 
Me? I'm just gonna hang out and see what happens. I knew the risk of the $25 going in and I didn't overspend my budget. So I'll continue to update if I see anything happening, or not. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clarification of the Ad2M New Strategy

A reader of my blog asked specifically about his account in Ad2Million, and received the below as a response. Didn't answer his question but maybe it'll give us a better idea of how this is going to play out. (Thanks Bill for sending that). Looks like a generic response written up for those who ask: 

Total 50% Re-Purchase Requirements.

A. There are 2 Parts involved for each Withdrawal Request.

1. The First is the Mandatory position purchase through AlertPay which amounts to 30% of the total withdrawal PAID to the member. You will always have available funds in your AlertPay account to purchase the required positions as you will not be requested to purchase new positions until AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN PAID on your withdrawal request by ad2million admin. This 30% structure is all automated. If you fail to complete this simple AlertPay task your account positions will cease to cycle until such time as you complete the purchase request. Trust that this is clear.

2. The Second Part involves the member making additional position purchases internally using your account balance. An indicator will appear that reads WITHDRAWAL BUTTON DISABLED. This feature is also automated and requests that the member purchase the remaining 20% from their account balance which runs the total on both withdrawal parts to the required 50% number. If you dont have ample funds in your account balance to make this purchase DO NOT WORRY as your positions will still continue to cycle and your account balance will continue to grow. When your balance is large enough you can then purchase the requested positions. Your WITHDRAWAL BUTTON will appear again allowing you to make further withdrawal requests.

The above is ALL NECESSARY in order for this program to remain strong and function smoothly over the long haul.

So I'll report when my next payment comes through because this is obviously not working with those percentages yet. Hang on, grabbing a comment... 
Just got paid again a few hours ago. I was asked to purchase 50% of my AlertPay cash out and 1 ad position from my cash balance. The funny thing is, I purchased 6 ad positions using my cash balance a few hours before I got paid. So, it meant that my earlier purchase did not count towards the 2nd mandatory requirement.
Thanks for the update Roberto :) 

--- Is TAB/TextAdBrokers gonna be a bust? A scam from the get go?? You know I don't use that word loosely but things are NOT looking good from where I sit. Of course the TOP Promoter is still telling folks to wait and see what happens. Well sure he is. He's made tons already just from RC and doesn't want to look bad. I did make a few dollars between the 'income' they gave and a little RC, and with most of that I bought another position. Duh. 
But as they say... It's not over till the Fat Lady Sings and I don't hear her singing yet. So maybe all this wait time WILL turn out OK? If not, I apologize for telling you about it and certainly wouldn't have if I didn't think it was real. 

--- McFads: tomorrow I believe will be when my next 12x12 expires. So I'll wait for that to happen, then request the payout, then go back in purchase a new ad pack for 50% or more of my pending payout. That's the way to do it with the new 50/50 Rule. 

--- JSS-Tripler: just requested another payment from them. As I mentioned before, I am reeeeeealy enjoying this one! 

--- To the bone heads sending SPAM to my Alert email, STOP wasting your time. I don't even open your stupid ad's. I just click Report Spam, that fast! If somebody wants to talk to me, they know how. If they have to be sneaky about it, they're probably promoting a SCAM anyway. Idiots! 

--- Hey it's Raining! Yippee!!! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

What Triggers It?

--- Trying to figure out what triggers the mandatory RE-purchase message in Ad2Million. Not sure if it's payouts and/or a new payout request. Am working on getting clarification now. 
I did re-purchase yesterday and am not required to do so today. But someone else said they were required to on both days. So that's why I need to know. 
*Update: I just requested a payment and nothing changed. So perhaps only when you're PAID do these rules go into effect??? 
**One last thing: had a record breaking day with RC notices today. So what does that mean? A lot of members are doing what needs to be done to continue playing. I don't blame em. It's been a great program so far so why turn back now? ;) 

--- JSS-Tripler cycled about an hour later than the norm. All is good. And PS: I hope this lasts a really long time. It has been a blessing to me so far. Thanks to Fred, Carl and All members :) 

--- Am seeing a lot more payout posts from McFads since Matt brought LR back into the picture. Now don't forget about the new 50/50 Rule since you will need to buy a new ad pack with at least 50% of your pending payout, in order for it to be paid. 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

--- Changes at both Ad2million and McFads today.

--- Carrie should be updating the 'news' sometime today about the Ad2million new rule which started last night after I signed off. From what I've seen, it's not really a new idea and not a big deal like some are making it out to be. But I would like to understand when this new 're-purchase' requirement will be needed. Daily? Weekly? When you get to a certain amount? 

OK, here it is: 
News update 05/15/11 - Second part of Mandatory Best strategy; Alertpay 15-digit reference number required
Second part of Mandatory Best strategy - RE-PURCHASE:We have implemented the second part of mandatory best strategy. After your withdraw is paid, you are required to re-purchase 20% of your available balance. Your withdraw button will not be available till you have re-purchase the required units. If you have NEVER re-purchase, your requirement will be higer than 20%.
First part of Mandatory Best strategy - new purchase :We have implemented the first part of mandatory best strategy on 4/14/11. After your withdraw is paid, you are required to buy back 30% of your paid amount. Your positions will not cycle and your next withdrawal will will not be processed till you have purchased the required new purchase units . If you have NEVER buy back, your requirement will be higer than 30%.

The requirement info will be displayed on the next line of your available balance on your Account overview. 
Important: To continue to have your positions cycle and get paid, you must purchase at least the required positions via Alertpay. 

I like this a lot better, don't you? So we're still putting back 50% of our earnings, BUT it's only 30% NEW and 20% RE-purchase. Fine by me :) 

--- Matthew at McFads also placed a 50/50 rule for our pending 'ad-pack' withdrawals. Well that's ok too since I've been purchasing at each cash-out anyway. The only thing now is I need to do it ahead of time rather than after the fact. So yes, if you have a $100 pending, you need to make a new spend of $50 before you will get paid. Simple? 
PS, Liberty Reserve has been added back. 

--- TAB / TextAdBrokers: nothing going on so no point in speculating. Except when I checked, the clock was running in the negatives again. Ahhhh