Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Looks like I survived another year on this planet.
Congrats Blondie!
Also if you haven't noticed, I have not missed a day of posting all year! Now once or twice it was only a one liner but still, 6 months of steady blogging to meet my new years resolution was not all that easy sometimes.
So again, Congrats Blondie! (patting myself on the back, lol)

I'm going to mention this here (rather than in private) because you guys are all smart ;)
I joined a new HYIP yesterday but didn't fund until this morning. This new one called FundPrix is run by none other than Dominique Jenkins who did support for FarEastFunds.
Those of you who were in FEF under me know the rules for playing short term hyips and the same applies here.
Play in the 1 or 2 day plan. Don't spend too much. Don't get greedy. Keep repurchasing using your principal and cash out earnings. Never try to HAR (hit and run) else you may find yourself doing without. Oh and only 1 account per IP address is allowed so don't try to refer yourself.
That about sums it up for fair play. If I think of more, I'll be back.

Adzibiz: I'll report on that when it's been 24 hours since I joined, but so far it's looking pretty good for my first 19-1/2 hours.

** Update: exactly 24 hours since I joined with 2 ad packs and surfed (of course), my Ad Pack earnings today are exactly $10.00 Very nice :)

Aether Advance: can't forget I have be up and awake by 8 AM tomorrow for the Cycler which launches at 10 AM EST!
Tip: be there right at launch time if you can. Other than that, read the comp plan on the site and made a decision on how you want to play it. I'd give advice but no one knows how everyone else is gong to play so just go with your instinct.

AdHitProfits: revenue share took a nose dive for month end but that's been the norm for all 3 months. So don't sweat the small stuff. Instead let's look forward to July's earnings coming back up. Yep, that's the plan.

Since I'm trying hard to keep today a happy day, I'm not going to mention the frustration with Click Paid and their stupid 'daily limit reached' message!
Nor am I going to mention that my URL in the AdClickXpress TE is still not approved! Now what is the point of trying to promote in a TE if your site is never seen? Only one word comes to mind... (long pause)... but I shouldn't say it in public.

** Update: got a w/d request to go through in Click Paid just now, about 12:15 PM MST. Now if I actually get paid, will be even better.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


In Thursdays post, when I wrote about revenue share copy cats, I mentioned that one of the recent ones was doing well.
Checking into it again today it's still doing well so I decided to finally join.

Adzibiz: launched on June 21st so is only 8 days young today.
Same deal as AHP where you have to surf a required number of ads per day to receive the revenue share earnings each half hour.
I joined just 45 minutes ago, bought a couple of ad packs, surfed and have earned .44 cents already.
They accept EgoPay, Payza, STP, OKPay and PM.
I personally went with STP since it's my favorite :)
Anyway, I've been reading some good things about them and doing my own investigating, it seems like this one could go hand-in-hand very nicely with AHP for awhile. At least I hope so.
Give a holler if you have questions but I'm still working my way around the site now. Just remember if you join, Don't Forget To Surf!

Aether Advance: Updates and Cycler Launch:

Hello everyone! It's been a very busy week for both Aether Advance and our management. We have been keeping a close eye on other programs, and have strategically placed a portion of Aether Advance's funds in three so far. We are now successfully in profit in all three, which is very exciting! We will continue to look in to other profitable ventures as time goes on.

The Advance Cycler launches in less than 48 hours from now. As a reminder, it will open up for purchases at 10 AM EST on Monday July 1st. You will only be able to use your line balance to purchase positions in the cycler, so be sure to transfer daily earnings to your line balance if you have not already. You can transfer up to $50 to your line balance from your cash balance.

We have also decided to extend the transfer feature indefinitely. This way when you cycle, you will be able to transfer some of the earnings to your line balance from your cash balance if you choose to do so. For now there will still be a $50 cap in place, but this may change in the future.

For those of you who are confused as to how the cycler works, it is explained fairly clearly in the Compensation Plan page. You can purchase into any line, so those of you with large line balances will have to formulate your own personal strategy to use.

That's all for now. Get ready for Monday, it will surely be an exciting time!
- Aether Advance Management

ClickPaid: "Daily Limit Reached!" Am about to scream!!

AdClickXpress: my submitted URL in the TE remains 'waiting' and my 2 support tickets remained unanswered. Need I say more? :(

Oh yeah, the Rican Programs are supposed to be back on July 1st also. So Monday might be a busy day here.
With the Cycler in AA launching and then catching up on RAF and ismAI could be fun. Stay Tuned :)

Forgot to mention tomorrow (my subject line).
Well no big deal I guess but I'll tell you tomorrow.
Cheers :) 

Friday, June 28, 2013


I gotta get my act together today.
Seems I miss too much when I take a break.

Aether Advance: just moved money from my cash balance over to my line balance and got this cute little note:
Awesome! you made a transfer of $50.00 from your available balance to your Line balance. Happy Cycling!
Now I'm as ready for the July 1st Cycler as I'll ever be.

Ad Hit Profits: their new PPC (pay per click) opened today and am seeing several members trying it out. This PPC is for advertisers and you only pay for customers who actually click on and open your site. Plus the PPC will add to our daily revenue share. Excellent :)
Yesterday's rev share was a gentle 2.8% and if you listen to the call from last night, Charles explains that quite well.

NEO Mutual: received my weekly pay out from NEO today!
Such a nice steady no nonsense site. It's been a pleasure.

Click Paid: sure wish I could say the same for CP right now. Been trying for a withdraw all morning and no go. Damn daily limit reached! Argh. I'll keep you posted.

AdClickXpress: no change since yesterday.
- My 2 support tickets from 6/22 remain unanswered.
- My URL in the TE from 6/22 (originally 6/19) remains 'waiting' for approval.
Perhaps they should be spending more time attending to the site and the members than doing their own promoting.
Example: you get an email from Fred Mann saying how wonderful the site is and everything is working perfectly.
Then you read blondie's lounge that tells you what's going on with her own account and the delays she's seeing. Who are you more prone to believe?

Now I like to share good opportunities as much as the next guy but I don't believe is fibbing either. Am glad at this point I only purchased a small number of Ad Packs and have only a handful of referrals who did the same. Would sure hate to see someone join under me with a large amount of money at this time.
Maybe the future will be brighter here but as of now, please be careful if you're thinking about joining and/or adding fresh funds.

It's still really hot here today. Can you tell? LOL

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indulging In Vitamin Water

I think I'm just dehydrated and it's making me sick.
So yesterday and today am drinking as much water as I can get down. It's so flippin hot in here, I feel like a roast pig :(

Investment-Tracker Discussion Forum: Rev Share Reminder:

Hi Guys
Just a quick reminder to those who have not reached the min 30 points will not earn any rev share. Please make sure you read the rules regarding the 30 points to qualify for rev share.
Admin I-T

Thanks Kevan and remember folks, this is a monthly revenue share so get posting if you are an upgraded member.

Aether Advance: don't forget about their contest if you're a supporter of AA. I haven't picked my numbers yet but will soon. See Monday's post for the contest details.
Good Luck to you all!
CYCLER coming on July 1st! Be there if you can!

AdHitProfits: revenue share has dropped quite a bit lately and one can only guess as to why.
More members = less % for each.
Competition = money being spent elsewhere.
But of the recent competition, I have been reading that only one of them still seems worth your while. Some of the copy cats have already died off and another newer one is stuck.
But still yesterday's AHP Rev Share was 2.9%. Not too bad.

Now there was a Webinar today that I missed. Dang.
But read this:

From Skype Room


1. Pay ONLY For Banner Exposures That Convert To Click Throughs
$0.25 CPC (Cost Per Click)
$0.50 CPC (Geo-Targeted)
Compare with Facebook's Ad Suggested Bid: $0.43–$5.53 USD

2. Banner Viewed by 100's of 1000's of People Until Amount of Purchased Clicks Are Reached

3. Monitor Number of Impressions Viewed and Clicks Received per Campaign.

Income Opportunities..........Making Money From Home.........Business Opportunities

Someone Purchased A $55 Banner On One Of These Forums and Received 30 Clicks.
That translates into $1.83 per click !! This Means Advertisers Save BIG Money!! Minimum Purchase is $10 for 125x125 Banners and 468x60 Banners !
Minimum Purchase is $25 for 728x90 Banners! (Now more accessible to YOU at lower price!)


But I forgot it's THURSDAY and there is the weekly webinar tonight. If I can't make it, it should be posted in our member area tomorrow.

** OK, just after 6 PM my time and the call just ended. It was excellent! They should have their PPC (pay per click) ready to start tomorrow.
There are 31,785 members!
They have paid out over 9 million dollars so far!
So hearing all of that, rather than cashing out my $45 I decided to purchase once again and see where it takes me.
Cheers :)

NEO Mutual: it's Thursday so I just requested my weekly cash out.

Click Paid: just did my surfing and it was smooth.
Almost time to take a little out for myself also.
Remember guys, don't compound forever! Get yourself into profit first then play with that. And that applies to everything here, not just CP.

AdClickXpress: you would think, with Frederick Mann himself and Carl Pearson sending out advertising emails about ACX that the site would actually be responsive.
I submitted 2 support tickets on the 22nd and they're still OPEN. Tried to submit another one today but I can't because I reached my limit, LOL
For wanting to be newest and greatest advertising site around... my Ad from 9 days ago is still "pending". Also asked them about a 125x125 banner but no response. So what are they doing? Can anyone guess?
Well, I'm just glad I only put a little play money in here to start, but I would like to get what I paid for. And that is my ADVERTISING!

(see how bitchy I get when I don't feel good, hehe)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Not feeling well today.
Hope to be back later.
Bye for now :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon

While watching this video, noticed something that looked really familiar. Check out the picture at 2:35 on the timer. "Welcome to Golden". That would be Golden, Colorado which is just a hop, skip and a jump from where I live. Cute little mountain town for sure.

I'm having a hard time getting motivated today. There are a few things on my mind which I really can't talk about. So I'll be back in a bit with some updates... I think.

Despite all my whining about Click Paid yesterday, I repurchased more Click Packs and requested a payment. They've been good to me/us so far, so I shouldn't complain about the fees for doing business with them.
* Update: 00:35 server time. Got Paid!

AdHitProfits: I actually stayed online later than usual last night because my revenue share earnings were getting close to that magic $45 mark and I didn't want to waste a night of the money just sitting there. So as soon at it hit $45, I repurchased another ad pack. Cool :)
So as of May 23rd when I joined, I now have 4 ad packs expired (completed) and 8 currently running. Still out-of-pocket $49 but that's OK, I'm pretty sure this one will outlast the others.
A Big Thank You to those who have used my link to join.
Much appreciated!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Spent Way Too Much At The Grocery Store...

So I don't feel like talking today, but I guess I should.
Actually, I'll let Yodaman do the talking instead.

Aether Advance: New Contest Update:

Happy Monday everyone!

As of writing this message, we now have a total of 1,140 members. Many of which are highly anticipating the launch of the Advance Cycler, which is just one week away! There has been over $1,000 transferred from Cash to Line balances since opening the transfer feature, which is fantastic. There will be much excitement next Monday, you don't want to miss it!

We've decided to hold a special contest in spite of the upcoming cycler launch. The contest is simple; guess how many cycler positions, in total, will be purchased during the first hour after it launches. Your entry into the contest will only be counted if you post your entry on any of the big four forums: MoneyMakerGroup*, TalkGold, DreamTeamMoney, or Investment-Tracker*.

(*those two forums are listed here on my side bar if you need to get registered.)

All of the links to the Aether Advance threads can be found on our website, in the upper right or at the bottom of the page.
Just include your Aether Advance username, and the number of positions you think will be purchased during the first hour after the cycler launches in your post.

The three members who have the closest guesses will receive:
First Place: $75; $50 Cash Balance + $25 Line Balance
Second Place: $35; $25 Cash Balance + $10 Line Balance
Third Place: $20; $15 Cash Balance + $5 Line Balance

Winners of the contest will be announced next Monday within a few hours after the Advance Cycler launches. Only members who have made a purchase will be qualified to win.

That's about all for now. Keep up the great work, post your entries to the contest, and prepare yourself for the Advance Cycler launch next Monday!
- Aether Advance Management

AdHitProfits: had a little glitch this afternoon and the 1/2 hour rev share earnings weren't calculating. But it's fixed now and running good :)

Another thing that gave me a crappy feeling today (besides the grocery store bill)... was notified from a friend that Click Paid raised their EgoPay withdraw fee to 9%! NINE PERCENT!
Well that just sucks! I've been using EP cause it had the lowest fee at 2%. So WTF are they thinking? That we won't use it cause it's too high now?
Well, they may be right. Maybe I'll just continue cashing out via STP even though the fee is a mighty 8% for that one. Damn :(
PS, kind of sucks up your profit, doesn't it?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun Day

Every day is a sunny day here but sometimes the sun gets blocked from all the smoke hovering over our mountains. Noticed how dirty my car was the other day. It's ash particles from the mountain fires. So sad.

Aether Advance: saw this note posted in the forum today and decided to share it here with you all. Yes the note is from Yodaman, our Admin :)

Things have been looking great here so far. thumbup(1).gif I'm thrilled you guys are loving it too!

There's only 8 more days until the cycler launches. If you want to have enough in your line balance by the launch, $1 minimum, you will need to deposit $43 or more today (if you don't want to utilize the cash balance to line balance transfer feature). A $43 spend today will give you just over $1 in your line balance by July 1st. 

Ill be processing payments, support tickets, etc. in just a few hours. I hope everyone has a nice day of relaxation!

Ad Hit Profits: since it's the 23rd and I first joined AHP on the 23rd of May, decided to do a cash out today. My first one and... it was paid instantly! YaY!
Our daily rev share earning was a little lower yesterday, 3. something, but I believe it's already higher than that for today. So no worries. 

Click Paid: No problems today. Just tried and...
Your Withdraw Request of $39.69 (+ $0.81 fee) to EgoPay account was requested successfully!
So that was at 9:05 AM MST which would be 17:05 Server time.
Thanks CP. Nice doing business with you.

Update: 23:57 Server Time... PAID!!

AdClickXpress: a few things that bug me so far...
- they don't have a 125x125 banner so I couldn't put them on my side bar even if I wanted to.
- had a URL pending in the TE since the 19th. Finally gave up today, deleted it and added it again. Not sure why one of my URL's was approved almost instantly while the other was just left hanging.
- can't find the server time on the site so when do I surf?*

*Figured it out. It's 4:00 PM my time, 6 PM EST just like Click Paid. And in ACX you can also surf more than the required daily and store them as your reserve.

OK, that's all for now.
I need to get outside before it gets too hot.
Later :))

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's The Weekend - What's Up?

Investment-Tracker Discussion Forum:
Hey I Won a Contest!
Well not totally. Had to share with another but still, woohooo!
Thanks Kev!

Hi Guys
Here is the final standings

Joint 1st twentytwenty $40.00
Joint 1st blondie $40.00
Joint 2nd BrainyNetwork $20.00
Joint 2nd Capoon $20.00
3rd munnymachine $10.00
4th sermikojan $10.00

No other members qualified.
Please PM me your Egopay or STP info for payment.


For those who don't recall, that was the $150 Referral Contest.
I would like to thank the members who joined I-T under me and I would like to Congratulate all the Winners!

Yes I am up early today. Woke up at 5:30 and said OMG, it's my watering day! lol True. With the drought we have here, we can only water own lawns two days per week and at certain times, very early and/or very late. So I decided to get a head start on it since it's going to be hot again and no rain :(

Ad Hit Profits: as you can see we received a 10% revenue share yesterday. That's awesome!
Now you may notice the rate has dropped a little over the past week which can be expected in a revenue share. And the fact that other revenue share programs are popping up will also affect our daily rate. Now I'm not trying to be a cheerleader but I doubt those new programs will last as long as AHP has already. Just my 2 cents.

Click Paid: was able to grab an Ego Pay withdraw request first time I tried last night. Last night for me was after surfing, after their server day change. So maybe it's loosening up bit? One could only hope eh?
And to add: just received that payment to Ego and it's only 2:15 PM my time. Now that's good! Thanks CP :)

Was just sitting here eating a Pop Tart and reading some emails from Profit Clicking. Seems I'm on their VIP list but not sure how I got there.
Anyway if you didn't read yesterday's blog post, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a couple of Ad Packs in Ad Click Xpress.
Now I know some of you are shaking your head at me assuming I've lost my mind, but you know... JBP helped me out a whole lot. PC not so much but was thinking last night "Third Time's a Charm".

I really can't predict what's going to happen at ACX any more than you can. But I'm also not one to hold a grudge for life because of something not working out the way I wanted it to.

With that said, I'm not suggesting you join or buy ad packs. You all can make your own decisions about that. I'm just curious more than anything about how ACX will pan out. And of course, I'll share that here with you as we merrily roll along, lol

Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer 2013

And again our temp will be in the 90's here today.

Beware of Spam from those trying to hack into your Perfect Money or EgoPay accounts.
Getting them re: PM was bad enough but now they're starting to send emails claiming to be from EP that your account is blocked.
BullCrap! My account is fine. Just remember don't ever click on links in those stupid emails!

Aether Advance: smooth sailing there and getting anxious for the cycler which will open on July 1st. Don't worry, I'll remind you.

Ad Hit Profits: had a 7.6% revenue share yesterday which is still quite good. I listened to the call last night for the first time and made some notes in yesterday's post. Had enough again this morning to repurchase another Ad Pack, so I did. They seem to expire really fast so am buying new ones as soon as I have enough funds. Will cash out before too long though.

Neo Mutual: paid this morning. Thanks Admin.

Click Paid: paid today from CP also. Thanks Admin.

Ad Click Xpress: need to put my thinking cap on. BRB

Got a comment here on Wednesday that said:
Would you please teach me how to move my profit shift PC funds to ACX too. How about all our commission funds from the basic system? I invest $1000 and never got a penny out. I try but no success. Are we ever going to get at list our seed money back like in my case the $1000? Anyone know?

When you log into ACX and migrate your old PC account, you should have funds in your Wallet under PC Basic. The funds shown are a combined total of what you had in Wallet, Ad Pack, Panel and Referral Comm's from PC Basic.
Unfortunately that cannot be withdrawn but you can use it to purchase Advertising and/or use a portion of it to purchase new Ad Packs.

Now there was an interesting note in their update and I would suggest you read them all when you have time. You can find them in your Message Center.

And don’t forget everyone - any earnings you
never got from Profit Clicking will be made
available to you in ACX - it just might
take a few months, as to be expected.

I have no idea what that means. Do you?

Anyway... they are giving everyone who Migrates their account the $10 Ad Pack loan so if you want to see how it's working, you can do it for free.

Now if you decide to purchase an Ad Pack, you can use 10% of your old Basic funds to do that. Meaning, you need to put $9 worth of fresh pay processor funds in your wallet first, then you can use $1 of your basic towards your $10 purchase.

Also we're waiting on the Premium System transfer to ACX. Now I had quite a bit of funds in Premium when it got 'stuck', so what are the chances of getting anything out? Slim to none? Sorry ACX, just being honest.

The Newsletters are telling us to encourage referrals to get involved, spend money, play the game etc. I am doing no such thing at this time. I am watching the program to see how it goes and will report to you as I see fit. But I am definitely not suggesting anyone spend money that they cannot afford to lose.

A good friend wrote to me this morning and said something like "Too bad this isn't brand new with no history, it would probably take off like crazy."
Well, on Wednesday I did say:
"As much as I'd like to feel excited about this program and spend with confidence... I just can't. They've got way too much baggage and it's holding people back from joining, spending and promoting.
Guess I'll just have to wait and see how these few first weeks go. 
Make It or Break It, right?"

So after I wrote the above and being the dare devil that I am, I will admit that today I purchased 2 new Ad Packs. Yeah I know I'm a little bit crazy but I do like to try things out so that I can honestly report to others what is going on. Besides, I'm sure you'd rather hear from me about how it's going than newsletters that may leave out some important details, if you get my drift.
OK then, wish me luck. I wish you luck also if you already did the same. And as always, stay tuned for updates.
Cheers :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Ad Hit Profits:
I really like this graph. I hope the guy who created it doesn't mind that I show it here. Well, I just copied it from a public forum so it should be OK.

As for me, I have my auto-repurchase turned on so once again while I was sleeping I repurchased another Ad Pack. At 2:15 AM to be exact. Nice :)

So that's a total of 8 ad packs I currently have running, 2 have already expired. Now remember I only started with one on May 23rd, then added another on June 11th so am only out of pocket $90 at this time. Have not withdrawn yet but will before too long. Might give it an entire month to grow. Just watching the numbers in the meantime.

Listening to the call tonight, stats are:
26,841 Members
$7,372,541.77 paid out already via pay processors.
AdHitProfits LLC - they are a registered company in the State of Utah, USA.
Alexa Traffic Rankings: just above 1000 (very good)
AHP is not a ponzi. It's a Revenue Share program. Only what comes in - goes out, so of course daily revenue share earnings will vary.

So tonight was the first time I've listened to one of the Admin's calls. I like this guy. Sounds real, ya know? Gives me a good feeling about him and the program.

Aether Advance: got paid today from AA :)

NEO Mutual: requested my weekly cash out :)

Click Paid: got an STP withdraw request done yesterday after my surfing which I'm sure will be paid soon also.

Had every intention to write about Ad Click Xpress but not sure if I can get to it today. Seems the day just got away from me.
Received a comment in yesterday's blog post that I need to reply to and might just do it here, tomorrow. Nothing much is going to change overnight anyway, right?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


As you can see we earned 10.8% yesterday for our Revenue Share. Not to shabby I'd say.
Checking my stats, looks like I'm only about 4 dollars away from another ad pack maturing at 125% (bought on June 11th).
Last night my account balance was at $32 something when I wanted to log out for the night but didn't want to miss anything. So from your dashboard you can set your earnings to Auto-Repurchase, which I did. Then at 4:45 AM my time (yes I was sleeping), the system re-purchased for me when I hit $46. (there is a $1 fee for using that tool.) Excellent!

Thanks to the people who joined me here. I didn't know there was anyone left out there who wasn't already a member. Another reason why I didn't share it with you earlier. Figured I was the last one to join, LOL

Aether Advance: paying each evening like clockwork.
Just requested a small withdraw but am still saving some of my cash balance to transfer to line balance, to get ready for the cycler on July 1st.

Click Paid: working fine and paying fine.
Just wish they'd do away with that 'daily limit reached' blockage we sometimes get. Reminds me of another program (cough) where it eventually became impossible to withdraw.

Ad Click Xpress... formerly PC... formerly JBP...
They have a news and update listing in your dashboard. Might want to read their latest update from June 19th. I'd post it here but it's way too long.

Don't forget to get your old PC account moved over / migrated to ACX. Just log in with your PC username and password:

Once you're logged in you can look around the site and decide what to do next, if anything. Since I have a LOT of money stuck in my old PC Basic Balance, I decided today to spend some of it to purchase advertising. Just plain old advertising in the Traffic Exchange where we do NOT get any earnings... just traffic.

Now to become an Affiliate of ACX and earn the daily 2% M-F and 1% S-S, you need to purchase Ad Packs.* Yes they cost $10 just like before AND if you have funds in your Old PC Basic Balance, you can use 10% of those funds towards your new purchase.
No, I have not done that myself, am just telling you what I know.
* Don't think that's live yet but should be soon.

The PC Premium Profit Shift is underway.
Oh great :( more funds on paper will be disappearing.

As much as I'd like to feel excited about this program and spend with confidence... I just can't. They've got way too much baggage and it's holding people back from joining, spending and promoting.
Guess I'll just have to wait and see how these few first weeks go. Make It or Break It, right?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story

Ad Hit Profits: here is something of interest:

Showing 16.2% return on our Ad Listing / Revenue Share for yesterday.
That's fantastic and if you check the previous days returns you'll see why I finally decided to share the information here.
PS, had enough in my earnings balance to make another re-purchase this morning.
PPS, have not made a withdraw yet. Am trying to build my account for now. This is not something I normally do but in this case, I think it'll be worth it.

** 11:30 my time / 1:30 PM EST: Hold Off on Surfing. There seems to be a glitch right now. I'm sure Admin is aware of it and it will be fixed soon.
Glitch: Loading website
              Please wait...

Posted on 18 Jun 2013 01:40 PM
We are aware of the current issue with the timer and some members having trouble viewing ads. This is currently being addressed. I will provide an update when I have official statement from Charles.
No need to submit tickets on this issue we are well aware of it.

** 2:30 my time / 4:30 PM EST: Surfing is Fixed!

Aether Advance: been letting my "cash balance" grow so that I can transfer some of it to the "line balance" before the Cycler launches on July 1st.
Update about that was posted here yesterday.

Click Paid: another smooth surf day over at CP and was paid my w/d request from last night already! Less than 24 hours! Woot Woot!
PS, of course I am repurchasing too. Not just cashing out :)

Profit Clicking: I'm sure you all received the message about the Migration from PC over to Ad Click Xpress and I also hope you were able to do the migration of your own account without any problems.
I must admit their new site looks a lot cleaner and simpler than the old one. Let's just hope they don't muck it up with too much information like last time.

If you missed their email, here's the link to log in:
Just accept the new ACX terms and
conditions and get started today!

Note: The Profit Clicking Premium System will
be migrated to ACX also, within the next
few days, but only after a ProfitShift
has taken place - read about ProfitShifts
in the PC Member Area.

Oh great. Another profit shift. Didn't we just have one?

Earnings on Ad Packs will be the same 2% & 1%

Note that all Basic System Balances in
Profit Clicking have been credited back to
the wallets - that decision was made to
help members understand the migration

So looking at my Wallet... my basic funds do show in "PC Basic Balance". But what does that mean? Can I withdraw it? Can I use it to buy ad packs in ACX? What will happen to the money I have sitting there?

Well, I've read through their email 3 or 4 times and if that information is there, I missed it.
There are rumors of course about that "Basic Balance" but I won't share that here. I am not a rumor monger and would rather report facts than rumors.
So once things are settled and make sense, I'll update about it again.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Something Old, Something New...

Something Old: AdHitProfits
Something New: adding it to my side banner bar.

After receiving numerous emails saying stuff like "I'm an avid reader of your blog and can't believe you're not in AdHitProfits!"... I decided to fess up and add their banner to my side bar.

Why would I do that now and not when I joined?
Well when I joined, the program was already old in my opinion. It opened the first week of April and I didn't join until May 23rd. Six weeks is a long time in this business and I didn't want anyone else to risk their money by sharing it with you here.

So going against my own better judgement and being curious about it, I took my sponsor's advice and decided to try it out.

- On May 23rd I joined with one Ad Listing for $45 (plus fees).
- By June 6th, I had $45 in my account so I re-purchased another.
- By June 11th I was feeling good about my decision so I purchased another Ad Listing from pay processor funds AND another re-purchase as well (since once again I was over $45).
- June 13th, had enough for another re-purchase.
- June 14th, again a re-purchase.
Which brings me to this morning where once again my balance was over $45 so I re-purchased :)

Now except for 1 referral that I coaxed into joining on June 14th, those earnings were all based on the Revenue Share which pays every 1/2 hour. Pretty weird set-up but it seems to be working for them (and us).

Not being a cheerleader or part of the forum group that seems to think this program will last forever... we all know it won't. Honestly I didn't know what to think about it when I first joined. And still don't. All I know is it's working so far as written and making a lot of people a lot of money.

With that said, most of you are already in it so I don't need to share details here. But for those who may not be a member yet, there's just one thing I do daily to keep my account active and earning, and that is Surf!

Yep, you must surf 10 sites within each 24 hour period.
Meaning if you surf today at 10 AM, you better get that surfing done again before 10 AM the next day. You CAN surf as often as you like and once you surf those 10 sites, the timer on the site resets for another 24 hours.
If the timer runs out your earning will stop until you surf.
My sponsor told me he surfs twice a day, AM and PM just to be sure he doesn't miss out on any of the profit share. Remember they are distributed every 1/2 hour, so you really do need to keep an eye on that.

Alright, I think I've said enough.
If you're not a member and have questions about it, feel free to drop me an email or catch me on skype (if you're one of my buddies). You all know I'll be honest about it and not try to push it to you like there's no tomorrow.

Which reminds me of something funny. Well, not funny but...
there was a forum member who was questioning the program and maybe bad mouthing it a little bit. Then another member told him to go drink a bottle of bleach. What? WTF is wrong with these people?!?
So needless to say, I've stayed on the sidelines there and do a little reading but no posting. Seems those who try to 'keep it real' aren't all that welcome in the thread. So anything I have to say, I'll just say it here.
Cheers :)

Aether Advance: Updates - Two Weeks Old!
Two weeks ago from today Aether Advance launched. In the past two weeks, we have broken the 1,000 member mark (currently 1,074), have had more than 400 plans purchased totaling over $50,000 in deposits, and have processed over 200 withdrawals so far!
The launch of the Advance Cycler is just two weeks away. Up until June 30th, you can make a cash balance to line balance transfer of up to $50.00. This is to help everyone be prepared to participate in the launch of the cycler, which many are looking forward to!
Sometime today a referral commission history page will be added to your back office so you can keep a better track of who your commissions are coming from. Referral commissions pay you 7% of purchases made by your direct downline, and 3% of purchases made by your 2nd level referrals. It pays to promote!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!
- Aether Advance Management

Good update Yodaman and yes, we are looking forward to the cycler!

Gold Alliance Fund: hope you all read my post here yesterday and requested a withdraw from your account.
I've since removed their banner from my side bar.
The Admin there has done an excellent job but sometimes we just know when things aren't quite right and need to let it go. Kapish?

After spending a fun afternoon eating, drinking and playing Croquet with the kids, it always take me a couple of hours to unwind before I can get to sleep. So last night I decided to check some stuff here on the net.

Logged into Click Paid, saw that I had enough to withdraw. Tried to get one via Ego Pay, got 'daily limit reached'. Hmmm
Waited an hour, tried again, no go.

Now you would think with Frederick Mann himself and Carl Pearson sending email's to their personal downline that CP might be getting enough attention so that the limit reached message goes away. But it hasn't.

Still searching for that open window to withdraw today. Will let you know if I can catch it.

Later in the day: @ Brian, it worked! 5:47 PM my time. Thanks!
Your Withdraw Request of $40.67 (+ $0.83 fee) to EgoPay account was requested successfully!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.
Yep, you guessed it. That is a picture from my Son's facebook page. So much better than something store bought.
(no offense Hallmark) lol

Aether Advance: 1000th Member Bonus Awarded!!!

Just a quick message to congratulate the winner of our 1000th member bonus, margol! You have received a $20 Cash Balance and $5 Line Balance bonus, congrats! The next winner will be member #1,500, or the next member who has made a deposit following member #1,500.
Also, after many requests, we have decided to create a referral commission history page that should be added this coming week.
That's it for now, talk to you again soon!
- Aether Advance Management

Gold Alliance Fund:
Good day,
This is a courtesy email to let you know that if your account was affected by the withdrawal "bug" it has been corrected now and we kindly ask that you place a withdrawal within the next 24 hours.

If you have one of the cashouts which were processed but never arrived in your payment processor then please reply to this email with the details so it may be corrected.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support.
Kind Regards,
GAF CEO and Staff

Back to me: don't wait on that.
Get your withdrawals in ASAP.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

JBP / PC / now ACX

Did you all get the email below from Profit Clicking?
I am not redirected to the new site yet but I did see it posted in a forum so I would guess it's in the works.
Comments? Not from me at this time.
It either starts working or it doesn't.
Just wanted to be sure you got the news.


WOW!! Time certainly has flown since our
last update, and Profit Clicking is now in the
state of transition we previously announced.
This paradigm shift will produce positive
outcomes like spectacular upgrades in benefits
and services to the entire membership. We
know that you, and your referrals, are anxious
for the inside information and updates, and
how it will affect your Profit Clicking business,
that only our VIPs receive before the general

Rest assured, your VIP status is honored here
with the first of many VIP updates:

As advised by Fredrick Mann, Profit Clicking (PC)
was to be acquired by a new entity, with new
management. The acquisition of Profit Clicking
by the group, AD CLICK XPRESS has taken place,
meaning big changes in the works.

The new company, AD CLICK XPRESS (ACX), has
retained Fredrick Mann as a Corporate Consultant,
to assure members the transition will be as smooth
as possible. ACX has agreed, per Frederick's direction,
to honor the Profit Clicking member accounts, and
all accounts will be transitioned, with their wallets,
to the new company system. ACX will use the FM
"indefinitely sustainable" patented system.

The "basic" system wallet balance, "ad pack" balance
and "panel" balance situation has been reversed, and
the new system will reflect all correct balances.

The Premium Program will be integrated into ACX
shortly after it launches - stay tuned for more
information about that.

ACX is providing a far superior system to the PC
system. We've gone to great lengths to make ACX
as compliant as possible in as many jurisdictions
as possible.

We are aware of the anticipation for new information
that you, and your referrals, have. We can also
answer your number #1 question right now:

"When withdrawals will resume?"

ACX assures us the withdrawal/deposit portals
will be open almost immediately. There are some
IT issues involved in getting the processors
connected to the new system and the IT team is
working around the clock to get those issues
resolved in a timely manner.

Your benefits as a VIP will be outlined in detail in
the next week. Until then, let's look forward to
our future growth together.

Finally, expect to be redirected to the new site
within the next 24-48 hours.

Feel free to contact us anytime through the help
desk, by choosing "VIP Group".



I suppose that's it for today.
Will try to get more time here tomorrow.
Cheers and Aloha! lol