Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been a Rough Two Days

Don't know if it's the web, my ISP, the weekend, a worm or bug, or just my computer. But I've had an awful time getting a connection strong enough to open websites and do my surfing ... not to mention trying to get into forums :(

So excuse my lack of updates. Took this page about 5 minutes to load after several time outs.

FYI, I did complete my first 10 days at Profit Party and promptly received payment. AND there is a New Plan added for those who prefer "Daily Payouts". You should check it out :)

Also got a pmt. from PAC for a completed surf package.

So that's all for now.
I best get this posted before I get booted again.
Have a good Sunday and I'll be back later if I can.


Just stole this from Hermit Jim's Valentines Day post.
You should take a minute and take a peek.
OMG ... where's the kleenex?



HermitJim said...

Bummer about your Internet access, Darlin'...I'm just gonna have to buy you some decent cable access, I guess! Maybe for Christmas?

Hang in there!

blondie said...

Awwww ;)
Thats a sweet thought Jim but not to worry. I still need a new computer first. Long story but I'd like 2 computers with High Speed, which can't be done right now.
Plus I'm going with DSL, not cable. I don't like our cable company here.
Thanks for dropping by.

Randy said...


Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I know the feeling. Sure hope everything gets well soon.

Have a great Sunday!


blondie said...

Hi Randy,
Seems to be something on the net, I just haven't figured out what it is yet :(
Hope to be back 100% soon.