Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday & New CIF Chat Room

Just bought another Ad Pack at PremiumAdsClub. See yesterday's post. They're giving a 10% bonus on ad packs purchased today.


Hey! I see ProfitParty is back up. Glad it survived the problems it had yesterday. I just tried again to make a purchase through AlertPay, but it's still timing out. It's an AP problem. I'll try again later on. Buying through StrictPay or LR should be fine.
Plus Billy (the Admin) just sent a really nice email to members. I hope you all got it. He sounds very sincere. I like that.


I haven't seen my squirrel for two days. And I just bought a new bag of peanuts.


I agree with js, there is a very good post over at Gord's blog today. Hey Gord ... don't worry, be happy :)


Hey this is very cool :) The CIF Forum just opened a new chat room where you can visit with your friends and colleagues while you're checking out your favorite program updates. The only catch is you must be a CIF Member to Post in it. So go get registered right now and come visit us !!
And whatever you do ... do not spam it! That will cause my little foot to kick you right in the behind! haha So have a fun chat and enjoy the new room!
Shout - Our Live Chat, Guide Line on use...



Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Thanks for the comment in your article. When I got the news that night, I went from OH NO!, OH Geez! A bit of silent cursing and then silence. OK..time to move on.
Nothing I can do about program, I'll make it up.


blondie said...

So much for our strategy eh Gord?
Well, just cause it didn't work this time, doesn't mean it won't work again.
And yeah .. we'll make it up.
Later :))